Worry song 

When would I stop worrying?

I worry about everything
I worry about sleeping

I worry about waking

I worry about walking

I worry about travelling 
I even worry about God

I worry about the work he wants me to do

I worry about what he does not want me to do

I worry about the people who like me

I worry about those who don’t 

I worry about talking

I worry about keeping silence

I worry that I will be worrying 
I worry about action

I worry about inaction

I worry about what I do not have

I worry about what I may not have
I worry about the government 

I worry about the criminals

I worry about what I am feeling in my body

I worry about what I am not feeling in my body 

I worry that I am worried

I worry because I look to myself 

Because I look to others

Because I lose sight of God

Who is more than any other
Why do I worry when I can do nothing by worrying

Why don’t I cast my cares on the one who cares for me

More than I can know?
Worry is the default 

Trust needs training 

Am I enrolled in the school of trust

Or I am wallowing in the mire of worry?
Somebody said: in God I trust 

Maybe I should say that Daily

Like a daily dose to cure me of my worry syndrome 

Because the worry heart is a sick heart

The sign of a broken heart
And what did Jesus say?

He says he comes to heal the broken heart

My heart is broken 

It is suffering from a trust-in-God deficit 

Hence worry comes before trust 
My heart is broken 

It’s running error codes

The software is infected with worry virus

I need another installation 

I need the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ 

To be my software 
My heart is broken 

It’s out of tune with the will and word of God

So they say I need my mind renewed 

To be in line with the will of God

The perfect will

The good will

The acceptable will

The worry-less will 

Trust song

fashion-662837_640Even if he slays me
Yet I will trust him
He carried my sin
On the crossed beam

My eyes look unto
The lamb of Calvary
He is my go-to
Feeding me more than cutlery

My expectation is from him
Even in the midst of the sea
He is closer than a brother to me
Giving me his peace

Inwardly I look to him
For me he comes through
He is on my team
Preparing me a good table

I am protected on every side
He is my formidable defense
Even if sometimes I think he hides
To my enemy, he is rock of offence

I should learn to see him everywhere
He is for me anytime
There is nothing for me to beware
As in his hands he holds my time

Lifting song

person-864804_640You lifted me
You lifted me
You lifted me e e
You lifted me

Halleluyah ah ah

From miry clay
You lifted me
You lifted me e e
You lifted me

Halleluyah ah ah

Forever more
You lifted me
With eternal la ah aif
You lifted me

From disease
You lifted me
From sickne e e ess
You lifted me

Halleluyah ah ah

OH I have a new beginning
You lifted me
I new sta a art
You lifted me

Church song


I don’t want to go to church
All they preach is materialism
But there is nothing wrong with materials

It is just that I have deeper needs than that
My name is Jesus
And all I want to do is the will of the father

I have food to eat that makes me happy
I have food to eat that deeply satisfies me
It is doing the assignment Father gives me

They tell me that I should seek first the kingdom of God
And all things will be added to me
But I hear that once in two years

Sad, sad place to go, church
But they say do not forsake
The assembling together

But when we assemble together the agenda is earthly-minded
Morning, afternoon and evening
It is a bread and butter agenda

The agenda of God,
Which will give me reward in heaven
They teach me not

They say
God will not allow me to heaven
If I am not materially full here on earth

I don’t want to go to church
Because what they offer me is a dose of selfishness
Mixed with the dough of love of self

They say that Jesus did not say
That I should love others more than myself
But that I should love others as myself

But is that the focus?
Don’t I love myself enough?
But I am being asked to love myself the more

We cannot see to carry the cross
When the bible is read
with the glasses of self-love?

I am unhappy as I go to church
The bride of Christ is in the rat race
Not to win the heavenly race

No time to adore her king
No time to listen to his heart beat, love as he does
And run with his mission for impacting lives around

At best we have a di-vision
Love of the world mixed with love of God
What we get is a lukewarm mix.

The fire of devotion to God is not enhanced
Rather the water of worldliness is poured
I leave there angry, burdened and bothered