The Holy Spirit is the third Elijah

elijahMalachi 4:5: Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:

There are three “Elijahs” that the bible recognises. There is Elijah the Tishbite (1Kings 17-19), there is Elijah in the form of John the Baptist and there is Elijah who Jesus said will come after John the Baptist (Matthew 17:1-13, 11:1-15, Luke 1:10-17, 3:3-14, Acts 3:21, 3:19, Mark 9:11-13).

Elijah the Tishbite

He epitomises the power ministry, causing a nation to confess: the Lord, He is God.

The nation of Israel had bent away from God in their spiritual allegiance; Elijah held the whole nation of Israel hostage for three and a half years, holding the rain, causing unprecedented drought. When that caught their attention, he called the nation to contrast between Baal, a foreign god and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He said to that nation: the God who answers by fire should be recognised as God.

At the end of the day the whole people worshipped God saying the Lord, he is God, because Elijah was able to get fire to come down from heaven when the hundred of prophets of the other gods could get the slightest response from their deities.

Elijah was single-mindedly focused on the glory of God. He has no social life to talk of. His assignment did not warrant such pleasure, neither did he have any children, based in the record of the bible, and he probably did not live for long. He was still agile, walking several kilometers in a day when chariots of fire came down from heaven to take up him to heaven (2Kings 2:1-15).

Elijah in John the Baptist

According to the prophetic word to his (John the Baptist) father Zachariah the priest, he will go forth in the spirit and power of Elijah before the Lord Jesus, preparing his way.

Interestingly we did not see John call down fire, but he called people in Israel to repentance, as the first Elijah did. He did not have much of a social life also. He was isolated in the wilderness for a long time, with mere frugal existence and clothes made of Carmel’s hair (Mark 1:1-6). Not the most comfortable of clothing, I can assure you. He lived in harsh environmental condition of the wilderness and was in fasting often (Matthew 9:14).

There was a special circumstance surrounding his birth and he was full of the Holy Spirit from birth. He had a special commission from God to reveal Jesus to the nation of Israel (John 1:29-34) (and he did) just as Elijah the Tishbite revealed the true God to Israel in his time. John called people to repentance just as Elijah the Tishbite did.

Jesus took the John, James and Peter to a mount, and Moses and Elijah appeared and spoke to Him; the voice of God also confirmed Jesus as the Son of God, to be heard more that Moses and Elijah. It was a special occasion and it left a strong impression of how special Jesus is on them. It was clear to them that Jesus was the man Israel was waiting for, the Messiah.

So they asked about what some bible interpreters said: that Elijah will come again before the Messiah, in a reference to the focus verse. Jesus agreed with those interpreters.

But note what Jesus said. He said: Elijah has come and he is coming, referring to two more Elijahs after the first, making three.

Jesus said Elijah the 2nd had come and was treated him anyhow, with disdain, with disrespect. As at this time, John the Baptist had been beheaded (Matthew 14:1-12). The scribes and Pharisees, who decoded that Elijah was coming before the Christ did not recognise the Elijah in John the Baptist, nor recognise the Christ.

Jezebel the wife of Ahab the king of Israel threatened to kill Elijah because of his prophetic ministry, while the second Elijah in John the Baptist was imprisoned and had his head removed for speaking out against the sins of the political leadership of his time.

Elijah the third

When Jesus answered the question of James and John and Peter about the coming Elijah, He said though Elijah has come (in John the Baptist), Elijah is coming and he will restore all things.

Who is this Elijah? I believe the Holy Spirit is Elijah the third.

The force of the Holy Spirit is the force of restoration. From the focus verse, the mission of the John the second Elijah is to foster repentance; while it was Jesus who gives the further definition of the purpose of the still coming Elijah (yet to come as at the time he was making that statement), which is restoration of all things. However, the Holy Spirit’s ministry also calls to repentance (John 16:7-9). So the three Elijahs are similar on that point. The three of them are also prophetic.

There is no activity of God that is not by the Holy Spirit. Even the mark of Elijah that was on John the Baptist is the Holy Spirit. His father prophesied that he would go before the Lord as the forerunner in the Spirit and power of Elijah. John was Elijah undercover. (The Holy Spirit is more undercover as Elijah the 3rd than that because you can’t even see him. He is in us as Christians.)

It was the Spirit with which he operated that marked him apart, that showed he fulfilled that prophecy that Elijah will come.

At the time Jesus answered the question of Peter, James and John, the Elijah the third, the Holy Spirit had not come. But He came on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1). Jesus told the disciples before he ascended to heaven that they will receive power after the Holy Spirit has come upon them (Acts 1:8). The Holy Spirit is the spirit and power of Elijah.

The Holy Spirit had come and is still coming because God said through Joel: I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh in the last days. These are days in which the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is taking place. It started on the day of Pentecost (Joel 2:28-29).

On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came upon the people in the upper room as fire from heaven in the shape of tongues. Does that not remind you of Elijah the first bringing down fire from heaven? No other person is remarkably associated with fire coming down from heaven in the bible.

That the Holy Spirit is a person was not lost on the New Testament Christians. He is more real that any physical being. Peter rebuked Ananias for lying not only to him but to the Holy Spirit also (Acts 5:1-3). In another place, James a leader of the church in Jerusalem sent a letter to the Antioch church, telling them the resolution the church eldership. Part of the letter read: it seems good to us and to the Holy Spirit (Acts 15:28). In another place Peter said that the Holy Spirit is a special witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ (Acts 5:32).

The Spirit of Elijah is always prophetic. Elijah the first is a prophet, of Elijah the second, Jesus said that he is more than a prophet. Elijah the third is higher still; he makes all operation of the gifts of prophecy possible.

Paul says that everyone can desire to prophecy (1Corinthians 14:1), it means everyone can be prophetic. For Elijah the 1st, it was one person who was prophetic; he was a one-man prophetic army. John, before the manifestation of Jesus, was a one man prophetic army. But now the potential army is every Christian by the operation of the Holy Spirit, who is Elijah the third.


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  1. I think you are absolutely right. Except for one thing. There is too much confusion between people of varying faiths who proclaim they have the Spirit. God is NOT the author of confusion. His house is a house of ORDER.

    I say the Spirit Himself in the flesh must come to earth as Jesus did, in order to COMPLETELY dispel the confusion and Restore the TRUTH as it has been altered by man THINKING he is in procession of the Holy Spirit. It’s the ONLY way the path can be prepared for the Lord’s Return.

    Individuals have only PORTIONS of the Spirit. The Spirit Himself is a Spirit of God WITHOUT MEASURE. So if INDIVIDUALS had to organize themselves into one cohesive group made up of people with one heart and one mind, they would have to see the REAL EXAMPLE before them in the form of a man, or Angel….The Holy Spirit Himself. Good intentioned individuals could never pull this off without seeing the PRIME EXAMPLE of Perfection & Holiness to IMULATE.


  2. Concerning the times ahead in which we are to prepare to meet the Lord as He descends from on High….The Lord in Isaiah, says that we must take the Spirit for our Guide.

    It is true that He guides each of us WITHIN. But I would suggest once again, that each person processes a different MEASURE of the Spirit that would cause confusion if we were left alone to wander as a herd of well intended sheep, each having a different vision of the path we must follow.

    A GUIDE in the sense of NEEDING a guide, in this instance, would mean a VISIBLE INDIVIDUAL ( Third Elijah ) who would Lead from the FRONT, as did John the Baptist….Where we all could see Him and immulate His Walk. This is the Most Effective Way to learn what we must to be prepared to meet our Lord.

    We must learn to walk in Perfect Righteousness, or Parrish at His Coming in Full Glory. It has Always been the role of the Holy Spirit to LEAD us unto Christ. There would be NO BETTER TIME to do this, than as we approach the Second Coming of Our Saviour.


  3. the Most Holy Spirit IS NOT THE THIRD ELIJAH, the Most Holy Spirit is the 3rd person of the God-Head, He is God the Holy Spirit, invincible even to angels. Of the Most Holy Spirit, our Lord Jesus specifically said to His apostles & disciples to tarry in the city of Jerusalem until they be endued with power from on high (Luke 24:49), referring to the Pentecost which ushered in the 7th dispensation (the dispensation of the Most Holy Spirit), & of the 3rd Elijah, He said he will come first and restore all things, turning the hearts of the fathers (fathers here does not refer to earthly but spiritual fathers starting from Adam, Abraham, Jacob, etc) most of whom we’ve blackmailed or spoken ill of, correcting mis-interpreted messages due to apostacy, setting again the alter of God the prophets of baal threw down. The prophets of baal in this sense are preachers that are never chosen of God, Prophet Elijah the 3rd will be the Prophet of this 7th dispensation who will usher in the 8th dispensation, the 1000 reign of our Lord Jesus. This prophecy is fulfilled before us today, listen to Prophet Jude Obinna Alexander of the Ark Of Jesus Ministries Int’l, or


    1. There is no Spirit from God that is not the Holy Spirit. Paul said: no one can say Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit. Regardless of the specific detail of the manifestation of the Spirit of Elijah, that Spirit has to glorify Jesus, or else you can be sure, it is a counterfeit. So I am correct that the third Elijah is the Holy Spirit. But be careful about inputting obscure interpretation on the word of the bible. Whatever your prophet tells you, may not be correct.


  4. If you say the Most Holy Spirit is the third Elijah then you are saying that God the father is the third Elijah. You are also saying that God the Son is the third Elijah. You know why? Because God the father, God the Son and God the Most Holy Spirit are co-equal and co-eternal. These three are the different characteristics or appearances of ONE GOD. God the father is like water in liquid form. He never leaves his throne – his presence is allover the Great White Throne and in his presence are Cherubim and Seraphim in constant worship in the presence of God the Father. When God the father wants to go somewhere to be seen, he proceeds as God the Son. God the Son is the express image of the invisible God. God the Son is the visibility of God the Father and in this state, he has limited presence like water in block or rocky form. Now if God wants to appear in a million places to do a million things at the same time, he proceeds as God the Most Holy Spirit- this is like water in gasseous form – he feels more spaces. They are all the same and one God. This is the society of Godhead. So, God the Most Holy Spirit IS NOT the third Elijah.

    Also our Supreme Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is not the son of God. He is God the Son. When he was reffered to in the Bible as the son of God, it was in his acting capacity as the 2nd and last Adam. He was wearing the shoes of the 1st Adam. He is the God of Adam. Even though our Supreme Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was born through Blessed Virgin Mary, he was neither made nor begotten. He is the God of Blessed Virgin Mary. It is Adam that is the son of God and Adam was qualified to answer the son of God after his resurrection and transfiguration – this is when he was born again. We can also qualify to be called sons of God when we become born again (meaning when we transfigure at the end of our spiritual journey). Before transfiguration, no man is born again. Unfortunately, preachers are telling us that we are born again once we confess Jesus as our Lord and Saviour yet we struggle every day with sin. Fall today, rise tomorrow.

    For you to understand the ministry of Elijah and for you to understand who the third Elijah is, I invite you to read the articles (about 30) in the blog called the third Elijah :

    I recommend highly the following:

    (1) Unlocking Bible Codes – Similitude & Adumbrations.

    (2) The Restitution of All Things

    (3) Kingdom Authority

    (4) The Night Time of Apostacy – three years and a half.

    (5) Born Again Anaemia & the Resurrection of the Damned

    (6) Redeeming the Blasphemed.

    (7) The Gospel of the Kingdom is a Treasure.

    (8) Rapture, The Anti -Christ & the Mark of the Beast – the true correct perspective.

    (9) Dispensations

    (10) The Seven Angels of the Seven Churches and many more.

    In conclusion, the third Elijah is the Prophet of the Word – the Prophet of Yeshua – the interpreter of the LOGOS – He is the one that will usher in the 2nd coming of our Supreme Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ the way the second Elijah, John the Baptist ushered in his 1st coming. The third Elijah is the 7th and last Angel of the Church. The third Elijah is the Voice of the Last Angel or the Voice of the Last Trump and when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God will finish (Rev 10:7). That Prophet is Here and that Voice is already sounding. He is Prophet Obinna Jude Alexander.

    …The Ark is Here Again!!!


    1. Your Prophet Obinna is a messenger of Satan and if you are not careful, you will perish with him.

      He is deceived and deceiving others. You defined the Holy Spirit as the multiplicity of the expression of God, which makes him different from God the Father and God the Son. So if I try to shed more light on the person of the Holy Spirit in his peculiarity as God, different from the Father and the Son why then should you accuse me of saying they are all the third Elijah, when you have said they are different, and that is what I am trying to explain. If you give yourself the liberty to explain who the Holy Spirit is, why do you think I should not?

      I know why. You see yourself as the spokesman of you false prophet Obinna. If you goggle third Elijah, you will discover that your prophet Elijah is not the first person to be so deceived by the devil, to take on a title that is not his. I was also deceived to think I was the third Elijah. Your prophet Obinna does not have the monopoly of that deception. Even today, many like him are deceived, and many will soon be deceived. But you are in bad company here, the company of the deceived.

      If you are not so blinded from truth because of your anti-biblical and extra-biblical notions, you will begin to see the Holy Spirit in a new light and experience him in your life as third Elijah.


  5. I did not say the Most Holy Spirit is different from God the Father or different from God the Son. They are the same and one God but different appearances.

    I thought you were a seeker of the truth! Calling someone a messenger of Satan is a strong accusation and you must have proof.

    Why do you claim Prophet Obinna Jude Alexander is a messenger Satan? Is it because he is telling the world that Jacob is not a thief? That Samson is not a womanizer? That Adam is not a weakling and that Great Prophet Elijah is not a coward?? These spiritual fathers have been blasphemed by ignorant preachers because they don’t understand the plan of salvation, similitude and adumbrations?

    Is he a messenger of Satan because he is correcting errors in the Bible introduced by Lucifer and his cohorts (ie Gen 6:6-7)? Correcting errors in the Bible introduced by those that transcribed and translated events in the Bible (ie Psalm 108:9 correcting Psalm 60:8)? Breaking down codes God used to preserve the plan of salvation as revealed to him by the Most Holy Spirit??? (Hosea 12:10) KJV. See link :

    Is he a messenger of Satan because he has shown the entire world the plan of salvation? : Is it because he has shown that Adam was not deceived? That Eden is a heavens world and has never been on earth because the tree of life is still intact in Eden (Rev 22:14)??

    You don’t believe he is the third Elijah because in your estimation he is a black man from Nigeria and for daring to claim such, he is automatically a messenger of Satan? If he was from Israel would you still feel this way about him?? Hear me: Israel has gone spiritual. Not all born a Jew by genealogy is regarded an Israelite by God but anyone anywhere in the world who worships the God of Abraham. This is what the story of Jacob is all about and those who see things only from the surface have been calling him a thief, a trickster and a fraud. Of course you would not call a Jew who today claims he is the third Elijah, a satanist even though you don’t think he is the third Elijah because you believe the third Elijah is the Holy Spirit. Is the Holy Spirit the Prophet spoken of in Acts 3:21-23 and Malachi 4:4-6??

    Again, I invite you to read

    (1) Dispensations:

    (2) Redeeming the Blasphemed:

    (3) The Restitution of All things:

    (4) The Rapture, the Anti-Christ & the Mark of the Beast – the true Message:

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    (8) The Kingdom Authority – the Word, the Law and the Prophets:

    (9) The Night Time of Apostacy – The three years and a half:

    (10) The gospel of the kingdom is a treasure:

    A true prophet is known by his fruits. These revelations from these articles on the blog are the fruits from Prophet Obinna.

    If all these teachings from these articles that have never been on earth before are what make him a messenger of Satan, then I wonder if in deed you are not the one serving Satan.

    Don’t worry. In six years time, the world will know who Prophet Obinna is.

    …The Ark is Here Again!!!


    1. in six years your prophet will not be on the face of the earth. When any man claim exclusivity of truth, when there has been Christians for centuries and you don’t know all they have taught and you claim what your prophet is saying is new, that is the confirmation test that you and him are deluded and moving on dangerous ground. You preach another gospel and there is a curse on you.


  6. I agree in part with Kayode Crown. Our Father in Heaven & Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are three distinct individuals who constitute Three males of the same ORDER of God. They are of one mind & spirit but distinctly individual male Gods working under a common Covenant to bring about the salvation of mankind.

    This interpretation is very plainly laid out in the New Testament. As far as your interpretation causing you to go to hell, I would not go so far as to think that. Our Father will surely clear this up as He sends his final Elijah to establish the truth which has been lost through apostasy and misconceptions of men, whether intentional or unintentional.

    We have a tendency to bicker like children fighting over interpretations which God Himself is quite capable of righting when the time comes for that to take place, sometime before the return of our Saviour. Isn’t that part of what “Elijah” is to do when he is sent, according to the Jews ?

    I agree and disagree with Kayode when it comes to our personal possession of the Holy Spirit empowering God’s Children to prepare the way of our Saviour. Elijah & John the Baptist had to PERSONALLY appear before the people of their respective generations in order to set things right which had become distorted through apostasy. Why would God Our Father do anything LESS than this the final and third time around?

    Why WOULDN’T the Holy Spirit makes his appearance in the FLESH, like Our Saviour did, and still enter the HEARTS & MINDS of God’s Children as their EXEMPLAR TO FOLLOW & LEAD us to the presence of Our Saviour at His next Coming ? His PHYSICAL manifestation would RESOLVE any differences of opinions, would it NOT ?

    Is he NOT the “Angel of the Lord’s Presence” sent to PREAPRE THE WAY ? Is he NOT the “Mighty Angel of God” who is “MORE” than a Prophet ? Was he NOT the Angel who lead Moses through the desert on the first Exodus ? Is he NOT to be that very same Angel who leads us on the “Second Exodus”, according to Isaiah ?

    All previous manifestations of the Holy Spirit have INCREMENTALLY GROWN from the Old Testament to the New Testament. Is it not time to INCREASE that manifestation in this FINAL Testament of God Our Father and the two God’s He Works with, in order to COMPLETELY open our eyes to the realities of Heaven and what their Works of Salvation consist of on this Earth ? Is the Holy Spirit INCAPABLE of manifesting himself as a Man/Angel of God Presence to “GUIDE” us to Our Saviour’s Return ?

    Jesus Christ functioned as BOTH an anti mortal SPIRIT & eventually He appeared in the FLESH. Is NOT the Holy Spirit CAPABLE of doing the SAME if it where NECESSARY to CLEAR UP ALL DISPUTES over what CONSTITUTES “Preparing the Way” for the Second Coming ?

    I’ve never understood why men are always so behind or OFF the “Power Curve” when it comes to simple logic. It’s always we are either shooting SHORT of God’s Mark, or WAY BEYOND it. The TRUTH always seems to be somewhere INBETWEEN those two extremes devised by men.

    WHATEVER the argument may be between two varying views, is there NOT a BETTER WAY to solve this, than for the Holy Spirit HIMSELF to come before us in the FLESH as Elijah & John the Baptist did, and say….”LOOK PEOPLE”….I am HERE to TESTIFY of the TRUTH & the Coming of Our Saviour…GET READY”!

    Yet there will STILL be those who do not believe what they SEE OR HEAR, just as it was with Elijah & John the Baptist. I would say MOST will REJECT that Truth as it STARES & SPEAKS to us IN THE FACE….So says Isaiah….So it was with Elijah & John. There will ALWAYS be those who reject GOD’S TRUTH in favor of their OWN relative & short sighted truth.


  7. By the way…The Scriptures are REPLETE with veiled & not so veiled references of the Holy Spirit eventually making His Presence known in the Flesh….Just as Christ did. Elijah & John the Baptist are Arch typical TYPES for the Holy Spirit who is a TESTIFIER /FORERUNNER/ MESSENGER of Our Father & Brother in Heaven.

    Does not God in the scriptures wake us up INCREMENTALLY one small step at a time…”Line upon line, precept upon precept” until our AWAKENING is COMPLETE ?

    Our Generation is to be the COMPLETELY AWAKENED Generation in which it becomes the Generation of the “RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS” past, which where revealed INCREMENTALLY over the past 6 dispensations of time & lost and distorted through apostasy.

    You can only “Restore” what has been LOST. As Isaiah puts it ( paraphrasing )….To know the “Past”, is to COLLECTIVELY come to know the “Future”. IOW….We are given access to the “RESTORATION” of “All Things” past.

    Who BRINGS that Knowledge & Complete Restoration ? Like Kayode says….It’s the Holy Spirit who has ALWAYS been the Revealer of God’s Truth. But I would add to that….It’s the “Angel of God’s Presence” SENT to Prepare the Way….The FORERUNNER of the Second Coming.

    When THIS “Elijah” comes we will SEE His Spirit in the Flesh….Just as man did with Jesus Christ appearing as both a Spirit and then a Man possessing that Same Spirit. His BODY was the TEMPLE of His Spirit….Just as it WILL BE for the Holy Spirit when it comes TIME for HIS EARTHLY ( Fleshy ) Mission.

    When sent to the Original Apostles as a “Spirit”, they experienced a PORTION of the Holy Spirit. The part they could FEEL but NOT SEE, other than manifestations of Fire ect….

    Joel tells us that this SAME manifestation will occur again in the Last Days as the coming of the “Former Rain” ( Holy Spirit’s manifestation in the SPRIRT ) to be supplemented by the “Latter Rain”….That SAME SPIRT, only now in the FLESH. Otherwise, why would God mention TWO manifestations of the SAME SPIRIT ?…One NOT seen and one SEEN….Yet BOTH constitute the SAME SPIRIT/MAN, just as JEHOVAH was the SPIRIT manifestation of the EARTHLY Jesus Christ. The same man using wo different names, like Avraham being given the name Abraham, Sariah being given the name Sarah, Jacob being given the name Israel, all to signify the SAME PERSONS functioning under DIFFERENT ROLES and given New Names to IDENTIFY those New Roles.

    All things are first manifested SPIRITUALLY before they are manifested PHYSICALLY. Same People functioning under Different Circumstances defining NEW ROLES.


  8. I have a personal belief that the Holy Spirit is already here in the flesh and just waiting for God’s Orders to reveal himself, just as Elijah and John the Baptist were secretly awaiting their marching orders from God & “Suddenly Appearing” to begin their Work.

    I believe he will do this during this current Shimitah Year, Sept. 2014-Sept. 2015, which is followed by the Final Hebrew Jubilee Year that commemorates the RELEASE of God’s Children from the restraints of Babylon and are Gathered to Zion by Christ’s Forerunner, Best Friend, and Best Man, to the Lord’s Wedding Feast, to be PREPARED by His BEST MAN PRIOR to the Lord’s Wedding & Reception.

    The Holy Spirit made FLESH is the Best Man to Our Saviour & OTHER Son of Our Father sent to PREPARE THE WAY.

    I believe the DAY for the Spirit’s Physical Revelation will be on the Day of Pentecost in 2015. His Ascention to Heaven to receive His Orders from Our Father to BEGIN this “Great & Marvelous Work & a Wonder”, would be May 15th, 2015, & return 10 days later and begin His Work as the Final and Third Elijah. Just my guess…. We’ll See…


  9. I’ll bet the Holy Spirit ( Man ) has been long conversing in the flesh with God Our Father and Our Brother Jesus Christ, just as John conversed with and was instructed by an Angel prior to His Mission, as also inferred of Elijah.

    He must be bitting at the bit to get this Work of God started, just as Elijah & John must have been doing the same thing when preparing to be RELEASED from their confinement and anonymity, while observing the DEGENERATION of the World and God’s People, who may THINK they have the answers, but MUST be INSTRUCTED by a “Man Sent from God”.

    And just as Elijah and John were accepted by those who could “HEAR” that Spirit of God, MOST of God’s Children will REJECT that Same Spirit in the Flesh, as were Elijah & John. Opinions of MAN seem to be of more value than the TRUTH of God.

    There really are no mysteries for those who understand the REPETITIVE PATTERNS of God’s Revelations.

    I wonder by what EARTHLY name the Spirit goes by while awaiting His “New Name” to be given to Him ?

    He is probably that same man mentioned of in Revelation who “Overcomes” and is given a “New Name” and partakes of the “Hidden Manna” of God and PASSES this information on to those who BELIEVE in His Message & Instructions from God in order to PREPARE us for the Lord’s Return….Just as John did for the First Coming of Our Saviour.

    When comparing this Coming Man of God to John and His Anonymity before his being revealed by God, I’m reminded of a song which talks about God being among us like a “Man on the bust just trying to find his way home”. A Man like “One of Us”. But a Man who TRULY KNOWS GOD….Just as John knew the Angel who instructed Him before being Called on His Mission.

    A TYPE of instruction that TRANSENDS the opinions of men, which as GOOD as they may SEEM….Fall SHORT of the REALITY of God and HIS Plan.


  10. God’s TRUTH seems to always exist somewhere BETWEEN the opinions of differing men, who shoot their arrows SHORT, or BEYOND God’s True Mark….As Johnathan did when signaling David with His Arrows.

    Johnathan & David UNDERSTOOD the True Mark. Johnathan being a TYPE for the Holy Spirit and David being a Type for the Lord. They were Best Friends & KNEW what was on the OTHER’S HEART & MIND, without having to EXPLAIN that to each other.

    They were Alter Egos of the SAME SPIRIT of Our Father….1+1=2.

    Two Brothers of the Same Spirit but different personalities, like Moses and Aaron & David & Johnathan.

    The Two Brothers, ( Christ & the Holy Spirit ), equal the ESSENCE of Our Father & are 3 in One Spirit of God, but distinctly 3 individual Gods in COVENANT and as One God in PURPOSE….Like a MARRIAGE of Husband and Wife & their Children.

    When the Revelations of God are COMPLETE, Inference suggests that the Holy Spirit is a Male Type for Our Mother in Heaven who ANONIMOUSLY SUPPORTS the efforts of Our Father & Jesus Christ. Like Jacob identified with the knowledge of His Mother Rebecca, given to Her by the Lord, in Her understanding of WHO was to represent Issac, Her Husband & Jacob’s Father.

    Common Sense reveals there is MORE to all this than what we have YET TO SEE with our EYES, but can FEEL within Our Hearts. This is a REDUNDANT PATTERN throughout the scriptures. Are we READY TO SEE MORE ? Most will choose NOT TO SEE. THAT is a redundant pattern as well.

    “More Blessed are those who have NOT Seen, yet BELIEVE”. They will be the ones in the end who SEE God’s Truth for ALL It’s Glory ! We have PARENTS in HEAVEN, as the Pattern on Earth SUGGESTS we do.

    Men ALWAYS represent the FEMININE by their LAST NAME. The Feminine Aspect of the God Head which is REVERED MOST by Our Father & REPRESENTED by His OTHER Son, the YET NAMED Holy Spirit….Just as Our Mother and Our Father’s Wife, is YET KNOWN by Her First Name and has received the Last Name of Her Husband, as Represented by Her Anonymous Son the Holy Spirit, Our Father’s OTHER Son who is YET to be NAMED in the Flesh.

    Why do men COMPLICATE some thing VERY SIMPLE and was established in Pattern in the VERY FIRST STORY of Adam & Eve & Their Children.

    It is Satan who wants us to THINK that God ONLY consists of Our Father and IMPEDES our Understanding of Our ETERNAL POTENTIAL. A Potential that will be REJECTED by those who adhere to the teachings of Men & Satan, as opposed to the Teachings of God….God as in Our PARENTS, which the God Head REPRESETNS in NAME & FUNCTION.

    Husbands who revere themselves ABOVE their wives in the IMPORTANCE of the COLLECIVE Goals of God to establish Eternal FAMILIES, are going to NEVER KNOW the GREATEST SECRET & GLORY of Our Father…HIS BELOVED WIFE and OUR MOTHER, who is the GREATEST in Our Father’s Eyes.

    You want to know this Secret in PERSON ? Then we had better LISTEN to the next & FINAL “Man sent by God”.

    Did the people of the New Testament come to know MORE than those of the Old Testament when it came to a Knowledge of God ? Do we THINK this “PATTERN” is no longer in effect when it comes to the “RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS” from the VERY BEGINNING, where it BEGAN with a Man & A Wife and Their Children ?

    Have we FORGOTTEN THIS ? Has Satan DISTORTED & REMOVED this Truth from Our Religious Vocabulary and we need to be REMINDED of this by a “Man Sent from God”?

    Satan first removed the knowledge of Our Mother. Now he is working on removing a knowledge of Jesus Christ from Our Day.

    What do YOU think ?

    Families are FOREVER…Only if we become AWARE of this and ENTER into THAT Covenant with Our God….Our Heavenly PARENTS who are REPRESENTED by their Two Chief Sons.

    Our Mother in Heaven is GREATER & MORE CHERISHED by Our Father, than to have to suffer the indignities foisted upon Our Father in Heaven and Our Brother Jesus Christ, by disobedient Children who would SLANDER Her Name if given the chance by Our Father who WON’T PERMIT that !

    As a TYPE for Our Mother in Heaven, why do you think the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is something that buys us BIG REGRET when the Holy Spirit eventually presents himself in the Flesh and we DENY Him ? Yet Our Father & Brother say we can do this to them and still be forgiven.

    When THESE Revelations come forth….Mess with Mom ( Represented by Her Son the Holy Spirit ) and we are TOAST ! Just the way it SHOULD BE on Earth and USED to be.

    She & He are the WITNESSES to Our Father & Brother Jesus Christ. We can deny the Father & the Son but CAN NOT deny the WITNESSES to them and still be forgiven of Our Sins. It is by the Law of Witnesses that the truth is ESTABLISHED and can not then be denied and evade the CONSEQUENCES of that Poor Choice. But it IS a choice we will soon have the opportunity to make.


    1. You have made a lot of efforts to present your view and I thank you for that. When I made the effort in that piece to show that the Holy Spirit is the third Elijah, soon after a reader opposed me, saying that a human being is the third Elijah, a certain prophet who is now known on the earth, and he mentioned the name of the individual. I clearly showed that was a false doctrine and he went silent. What you have presented is another variant of that.

      Your imagination was let loosed. You are obviously appalled at the varying interpretation people have come up with about the truth of the bible, and have decided that in this confusion, God definitely has a plan to resolve the issues, and that is the physical manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

      But that is where your logic begins to fall apart and you shot yourself in the leg by saying when that happens some people will not believe.

      I am afraid that you have departed from the scriptures to something else. You need to calm down and restrict yourself to what is revealed or else you create ideas in your mind contrary to the truth of God. In your bid to fill the gap in the words of the scriptures (I doubt your commitment to the bible because you kept referring to an apostasy), you entered into falsehood.

      Eve entered into falsehood because she allowed herself to consider things beyond what God has explicitly stated. She agreed with the devil that things could not have been as simple as what God has said, that there must be some hidden truth somewhere.

      That is exactly what you are doing. You are obviously a man who is disillusioned, but very cerebral, you still retain some semblance of devotion to Christ, but it has now extended to a devotion to your imagination since you are not satisfied to remain in the confine of the revealed truth.

      There are 66 book in the bible, how many times have you read through them?

      Which church do you attend or in your disillusionment you think that all of them are apostate? Who are your favourite bible teachers, or you think none is good enough and we must all wait for the Holy Spirit in the flesh?

      You are so far off the mark I do not even know where to begin with you. Let me make comments on some of your statements

      You asked, “His (Holy Spirit) PHYSICAL manifestation would RESOLVE any differences of opinions, would it NOT?”

      Here you obviously showed how irked you are about the differences of opinion that seems to exist in the world or the church. It is interesting I do not remember you mentioning the church even once. You mentioned Israel but not the church, which I think you now think is in a state of apostasy, reading between the lines in your writing.

      You are in error if you think everyone else is in error.

      Where do you leave what Paul said that “we know in part and we understand in part?” What if what you call difference of opinion are shades of the same truth, since God is marked by multifaceted wisdom?
      Your obviously think linearly and therefore think that on this earth we will see the Holy Spirit, who will present perfect knowledge to us, but that is reserved for heaven, at the end of this age.

      Like many before you, you have fallen into the trap of date-picking, but since you have covered you tracked by saying: “I guess,” you will be able to save face when 2015 passes and your famed revelation of Holy Spirit did not come to pass.

      It will not come to pass, and I am not guessing. I tell you it will absolutely not happen. I do not know how to put it in a stronger way. Put your imagination under check, it has already led you into erroneous conclusions.

      You said, “Is NOT the Holy Spirit CAPABLE of doing the SAME if it where NECESSARY to CLEAR UP ALL DISPUTES over what CONSTITUTES “Preparing the Way” for the Second Coming?”

      You once again show an overreaction to differences in interpretation. You are definitely not comfortable with them hence your overreaction. You need to calm down, and let certain things be.

      You said, “WHATEVER the argument may be between two varying views, is there NOT a BETTER WAY to solve this, than for the Holy Spirit HIMSELF to come before us in the FLESH as Elijah & John the Baptist did, and say….”LOOK PEOPLE”….I am HERE to TESTIFY of the TRUTH & the Coming of Our Saviour…GET READY”!”

      You are wrong, God is not interested in settling disputes. Do you know the length Jesus went to get himself misunderstood? When certain people decided to be his disciples, Jesus started saying that they needed to become cannibals, eating his flesh and drinking his blood before they are be accepted by God. They all left.

      After you said the Holy Spirit will like to say: “look, I am here to testify of the truth and commission saviour get ready” you also said people will not believe, cancelling things out. So God will have made an empty effort?


      So why would God make the effort to present a “one” that will be cancelled by another “one”? I know you think the coming of the Holy Spirit in your own image of him and according to the way you want it will clear all doubt, but note that no one expected the Messiah more than the Pharisees and they still missed him. Be careful.

      You said, “Yet there will STILL be those who do not believe what they SEE OR HEAR, just as it was with Elijah & John the Baptist. I would say MOST will REJECT that Truth as it STARES & SPEAKS to us IN THE FACE….So says Isaiah….So it was with Elijah & John. There will ALWAYS be those who reject GOD’S TRUTH in favor of their OWN relative & short sighted truth”
      You are that person. You have judged yourself. You have rejected the plain truth of the bible for your imagination. How sad.

      Jesus mentioned a parable of a rich man who went to hell, while a poor man, Lazarus, went to Abraham’s bosom. When the man asked Abraham to send Lazarus to his brothers for them to SEE OR HEAR about the dangers of their ways to not come to the wrong place in the afterlife, did Abraham jump at the suggestion?

      Abraham did not believe it will work. He said they have the men of God among then and they should listen to them. You are deceived if you think that there is any other vehicle of truth other than the human beings who are already on earth.

      You obviously do not believe the Holy Spirit is on the earth, since you hold a firm belief in a phantom apostasy. But he is, and he dwells inside people helping them to communicate truth based on the scriptures. Read the bible for goodness sake and fix your imagination on what is written there and not what is written on your imagination.

      Back to the reply of Abraham to the rich man which is reflective of divine thought. The Holy Spirit manifesting will not make a difference contrary to your proposition and as you also seemed to suggest that, so why do you think God will invest himself in such enterprise?

      “If they do not believe the prophets they will not believe even if someone comes from the dead,” said Abraham. If people will not believe why would God waste his time?

      You are wrong to say some people did not believe in the time of Elijah. What happened when fire came down on the sacrifice on mouth Carmel? You are wrong to say all did not believe John the Baptist. All Israel came to be baptised by him, expect the Pharisees, who just like Jezebel did not believe in Elijah, did not believe in John.

      This shows the dearth of your knowledge of scriptures and your over-dependence on your imagination to lead you to truth. Error does not have any other name but error. You are in error. Zac, if you do not fully understand something, say so or ask question.

      You said, “Does not God in the scriptures wake us up INCREMENTALLY one small step at a time…”Line upon line, precept upon precept” until our AWAKENING is COMPLETE?”

      The awakening will be complete but not on this earth. It will be complete when we have a new body, not when your imaginary Holy Spirit steps on the earth. If you cannot speak, limiting yourself to the bible, which I do not think you affirm as being the correct conveyance of the thoughts of God, then you open yourself to Satan’s ideas.

      You cannot generate ideas yourself, you may think you do. It is either the ideas are from God, which means they line up with scriptures or they are from Satan and they do not line up with scriptures.

      Jesus told the Pharisees “the desires of your father the devil you will do.” What was their offence? They used their tradition to sidestep the words of scriptures.

      What you are doing now is similar, if not worse, you use your imagination to sidestep the scriptures, making a god your imagination or whatever false teaching you have exposed yourself to. Repent.

      You said, “John conversed with and was instructed by an Angel prior to His Mission.”
      This is a clear example or your errant imagination. Nothing more need to be said. While what you say is a possibility, you should learn to be silent on matters the bible (the 66books of the cannon) is silent about.

      You said: “He is probably that same man mentioned of in Revelation who “Overcomes” and is given a “New Name” and partakes of the “Hidden Manna” of God.””

      Why do you make murky what is clear in the bible? Jesus wrote to a church and says those who overcome will have certain rewards. What does the Holy Spirit need to overcome, since he is God?

      Be careful! And repent!


  11. The truth has been spoken. May God bless you to show you the error of your way. May your false judgment of that truth be unmistakably shown to you by God.


  12. By the way…I’ve studied all the Bible Books hundreds of times. The Old testament is my favorite. For the spiritually apt who can discern patterns, all of what is spelled out a little more clearly in the New Testament, is already contained in the Old.

    I suspect many more scriptures to come forth such as the Dead Sea Scrolls have and prove themselves to be just as useful and shed more light upon the Gospel message and plan. The cannon of scripture, as you well know, rejected the Book of Enoch, which the Teacher of Righteousness & the Essenes deemed very valuable. So why do you consider the Bible an end all authority ? Many of the original books were rejected by Men but not God & the Prophets who wrote them.

    It reminds me of the statement made by Isaiah when he said…”A Bible, a Bible, we have a Bible and need no more”. I believe Isaiah was criticizing us for this attitude. You certainly have a dose of this.

    I love the Bible but it’s obvious it is incomplete and has been tampered with here and there. Wouldn’t you think God would eventually help us to recapture these things as a part of the “Restoration of ALL things” ?

    The eggs, ( Books of the Prophets ), contained in the basket of the Gospel, have been partially removed for various reasons by those who canonized the Scriptures. Who authorized this ? God ? If not, then do you suppose those rejected eggs may need to be replaced so that further light can be shed upon the Gospel ?

    Your unbending faith in God is admirable. Your unbending devotion to a partial picture of the Gospel contained only in the Bible is short sighted & incomplete. Like I said…I love and appreciate the Bible for the truths it reveals. But by what we all know of the historical account of the WAY in which it was canonized, only a fool would insist that it is all there in the Bible.

    If any one needs a cerebral spell check, I would say it was you. By the way…..I seriously don’t think God is going to judge speculations and opinions we make as harshly as you do. I’m willing to except any change in my speculative paradigm if I’m convinced of something different. I have changed my mind on a number of things I once thought was true.

    I think this is the WAY in which we discover truth more clearly as we MATURE, ( line upon line, precept upon precept, until we reach the truth as God knows it ). Your approach to an unbending stance regarding other peoples speculations and opinions , not suggesting you have to accept them, but judging people for those opinions the way you do, seems to place YOURSELF in the category of needing to BE CAREFUL how you judge others. Your stiff necked approach will leave YOU little wiggle room when it comes to having to account for your OWN miscalculations and having judged others very harshly for their own.


    1. Zac, you seem very arrogant and very proud of having studied the Bible “hundreds of times.” Those who love the Word study it continuously, meditating on it day and night. As for the “spiritually apt who can discern”…that is not you, for you don’t even believe the Bible is perfect and complete.
      I’d say you’re ripe for the powerful delusion that is coming. If someone comes along, say the Antichrist, and tells you that there is a new revelation from God, something that the Church has missed, will you believe it? And what will determine the choice you make to believe or to not believe?
      No, the God who created the universe, and moves in the hearts of men, good and evil men, determining the course of history, is perfectly capable of making sure His Word is exactly the way He intended it to be! It is a sure foundation, a Rock through the storm, a Lamp and a Light in darkness.


  13. When I state something as being true, it is according to my best understanding of things but by no means is something formed in Gospel Concrete. I’m willing to make adjustments when necessary when I discover a higher or more accurate truth.

    A lot of what is say is speculative, but it does not necessarily contradict what is already contained in scripture….Maybe I’ve just interpreted a few things with a little more thought on a given subject. Does it make EITHER of us wrong ? I say no, if it does not contradict scripture on EITHER part.

    Yet there is ALWAYS a DEEPER understanding of these things that conforms to consistent patterns by which God reveals these things, like peeling away at the many layers of an onion until you reach the central Truth at it’s core. Yet every layer is made of the same truthful SUBSTANCE.

    We are all on a different level of understanding these things….Thus the need for an Elijah like Prophet to CLARIFY these things to EVERYONES satisfaction on a level all can relate to, yet still leave room for individual progression that may exceed another’s ability to understand these things more FULLY.

    But the way you JUDGE one’s opinions, which we are all entitled to, is exactly WHY God says we shouldn’t judge in THAT MANNER. Not that we shouldn’t make ANY judgments on these matters for ourselves, but rather to not judge in that PARTICULAR VINDICTIVE manner. It’s a very telling sign of arrogance and self limitation. I don’t think God would do it that way, so why would you ?


  14. Moses and Aaron are a type of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Aaron was the mouthpiece, the one who spoke for Moses. The Rod of Aaron was in the Ark, along with the Manna and the Tablets. The Rod of Aaron is was opened the Veil, so to speak. Some will be offended a what I am going to say, but that is because it is holy ground, and they haven’t removed their shoes. The Ark is a picture of the male sex organ. The two Tablets of the Testimony, represent the testicles ( they have the same root word). The Rod of Aaron, the Penis, and the Manna, the sperm. When the Ark entered the Most Holy Place of the Bride, the Temple, the Veil (hymen) was torn, and the Bride was impregnated with the Seed. The Veil is also part of Jesus Body, because we are in Him and He is in us. We are one, therefore the Temple represents both the Christ and His Bride. There is layer upon layer of symbolism, but I’ll get to my point.
    Moses and Aaron are a type of the Spirit and the Word. Moses and Aaron led the children of Israel out of Egypt. The Two Spies led Rahab and her family out of Jericho. (The word “spies,” is “a fuller” which means “one who washed dirty garments by treading them under water.”) The Two Angels led Lot and his family out of Sodom. The Two Witnesses will lead the Church out of Babylon.
    The Ten Virgins have their Lamps and their Oil. The Lamps (the Candlesticks) represent the Word which is a Lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. The Oil (the Olive Trees) represents the Holy Spirit which give illumination. The Foolish Virgins will have the Word, but will not have the Holy Spirit. I John 5 tells us that Jesus came by water and blood and that the Spirit testifies to this truth. The Holy Spirit and the Word (Jesus who came by water and blood). Whoever has this testimony has eternal life.
    The Two Tablets of the Testimony are the Two Witnesses. But the Two Tablets are also the Word, and the Seed and the Spirt. Layer upon layer. Jesus is the Word. The Word is the Seed. The Seed is the Spirit. All are one and all testify. The Priests of the Old Covenant carried the Ark of the Covenant, four on each corner. The Priests of the New Covenant carry the Ark, in their hearts, with its four chambers. The four chambers of the heart and the twenty four ribs of the human Temple are the Four Living Creatures and the Twenty Four Elders. Between these are the lungs which breath in the Spirit.
    So the Two Witnesses represent those who have the Testimony in their hearts. The Church, Jew and Gentile.
    “The Testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”
    In the Old Testament, Elijah built an Altar of Twelve Stones. On this Altar he place a sacrificial animal. He poured Water over the Stones, and Fire fell from Heaven, consuming the sacrifice and the Fire also licked up the water like tongues of fire. This is a picture of Pentecost, where the Living Stones offer themselves as Burnt Offerings, or Living Sacrifices. There was a former Pentecost, the Early Rain, where the Fire fell on Twelve Men in the “Jerusalem which is below.” There will be a future Pentecost, the Latter Rain, where the Fire will fall on 144,000 men (which I believe is a symbolic number and will include women also) in the “Jerusalem which is above.” Elijah represent Christ who pours out His Spirit on all flesh. In this way the Church will overcome the False Prophet (the prophets of Baal)…through the Spirit and the blood. “And they overcame by the blood and the word of their testimony. And they love not their live unto death.”
    Gideon was threshing wheat in a winepress, a picture of the Harvest at the end of the age. The first angel reaped the earth and the second angel gather the grapes and threw them into the winepress. Gideon asked for a sign which would tell him that he could win the battle against the Midianites. The first time the Fleece was wet and the ground was dry. For the Spirit had not yet been given. Jesus had to die first. The second time the Fleece was dry and the ground was wet. Jesus had poured out His Spirit on all flesh, which is formed from the dust of the earth. God chose 300 men who would lick up water like a dog, like tongues of fire. And at the Last Trump, the Clay Vessel were broken, being changed from mortality to immortality, revealing the glory of the Spirit within them. They Battle was won when the Clay Vessel offered themselves as Living Sacrifices, and their souls were poured out like water under the Altar, filling the trench that Elijah had dug. “They overcame by the Blood and the Word,” and “they follow the Lamb wherever He goes” (Rev 14).
    The martyrs under the Altar who had offered themselves, cried out for vengeance. They are told to wait a little while until the full 144,000 has been killed. And the 144,000 are Sealed, protected from the Beast that comes out of the Abyss for a time, times and half a time. But after three and a half days, just prior to the sound of the seventh and Last Trump, “they come to life and stand on their feet.” And on the morning of the Third Day the Mountain was covered with a cloud and at voice like a Trumpet waxing long and loud, God came down and Moses went up.


  15. I have a friend in campus brainwashed by all this stuff about there being a prophet on earth from Nigeria calling himself the third Elijah. The prophet has made him believe that everything he is saying is correct but I object that because you cannot omit the bible and add your personal imaginations using the word of God so that you can cause tension. Am personally mad at how people are taking advantage of the holy Scriptures to have a bigger congregation in church. God is watching you all !!! I need help with my friend please email me Kayode at


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