“I have done just as you have commanded me”

Ezekiel 9:11: And, behold, the man clothed with linen, which had the inkhorn by his side, reported the matter, saying, I have done as thou hast commanded me.

You can’t be wrong doing what God commands you. But we must pursue a deep knowledge of God, and our priority should be to know him. Paul said: that I may know him and the power of his resurrection, being made conformable to his death (Philippians 3:10).

Saul did not do exactly what God commanded him and he lost the kingdom (1Samuel 15), Adam and Eve did not do just as it is commanded them and they lost of paradise (Genesis 3), two sons of Aaron did not do “just” as it was commanded them. Offering strange fire before God, they were destroyed (Leviticus 10:1-2).

In the first miracle that Jesus did, manifesting his glory to his disciples, it would not have been possible if the words of Jesus were not obeyed in the specific ways that he gave it to some servants (John 2:1-11).

It was at a marriage event, and the wine was finished and imminent shame and disgrace was to come on the organizers. But the mother of Jesus asked him to help, giving instruction to the servants that whatever he instructs them to do they should.

Jesus said that they should fetch water to fill containers, and afterwards take a cup of it to the Master of ceremony.

Following those specific instructions, just as he gave them, in that specific sequence, the miracle of turning water into wine happened. The conclusion was that, the miraculous wine was better.

Peter and his group had toiled all night without any result, and then Jesus showed up in the situation, telling them to the deep (Luke 5:1-7). In obedience and against the dictate of their experience, they did and the result was a net-breaking catch of fishes. Peter obeyed the word of Jesus just as he said it, and he got a momentary miracle that was greater than was possible with his own effort.

What God is interested in is obedience. He told Noah that he found him faithful in his generation. He was obedient to God’s instruction to build an ark; preparatory for a coming deluge, for the preservation of souls even when there had not been rain on earth till that time (Genesis 6:7-22).

Imagine the mountain of effort, the amount of resources; mental, and logistics demands for executing such a project. He built something that on the surface was a mere a waste of time. But he did it in obedience.

When Peter obeyed Christ to launch another attempt into the water for fishing, he was already washing his nets, mentally and physical he was calling it quits. Then Jesus said that it’s not over until success happens, because he is involved.

When Paul was arrested by Christ, his orientation before then was totally different to what it became after the encounter (Acts 9:1-22, 26:19). He was radically opposed of Christ, he was very intent on destroying the church, but when Jesus told him what he planned for him, and he embraced Him wholeheartedly.

Many people don’t want to be told what to do, but God as our father wants to do that. No matter how old you are on earth chronologically, we are still children of God. We are all servants of God; we take our orders from him. And God does not take kindly to those who don’t want to obey his orders.

Adam and Eve did not obey the order not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; they were punished for it. In contrast to that Jesus was commitment to obeying God even to the death on the cross (Philippians 2:8).

At the start of his ministry he was driven by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil (Luke 4:1-14). It wasn’t the most appealing of situation for him. To be driven means to not really go willingly; but being aware that that is the will of God, you go anyway.

He went without food for forty days in obedience to the Holy Spirit. He was committed to the word of God, going through the temptations of the devil, and he was rewarded with power.

The commandment of God comes with specifications, don’t just be focused on the generality of it, but be focused on the specifics also. God severely warned Moses that in constructing the temple of God in the wilderness, he should be mindful of the details that he has been shown (Exodus 25:9, 40).

The tabernacle and the equipment have almost endless details. The details also included the specific names of people who will take part in the construction and the making of the various parts of the tabernacle (Exodus 35:30-35).

However, Moses was once faulted for not obeying a specific instruction of God. God told him to speak to the rock and bring out water for the people, when they cried out in thirst, but he did something else (Numbers 20:7-12).

Maybe he got carried away with the emotion of the moment, or he was presumptions about his relationship with God, temporarily forgetting who calls the shots. His disobedience caused him to lose out on getting to the Promised Land.

He deprived God of glory in that situation through his disobedience, and God deprived him of the glory of entering into the Promised Land, which was supposed to be the crowning achievement of his ministry.

Paul says that the one who stands should be careful lest he falls (1Corinthians 10:12). Moses fell short of the possibilities that God has for him. Moses struck the rock against the instruction of God that he should only speak to it. He could not later-on say to God: “I have done just as you commanded me.”

Many people claim to be doing the will of God, but not just as it was commanded, not realising that the change they want is keyed to total obedience. We need to examine ourselves. Not a self condemning examination, but a self discovery examination in this aspect of total obedience.



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