Do not be afraid


Genesis 46:3: And he said, I am God, the God of thy father: fear not to go down into Egypt; for I will there make of thee a great nation:

Of Jesus, it was said that the reason for his incarnation was to destroy the one who has the power of death, the devil, and free those who all their lifetime have been in bondage to the fear of death (Hebrews 2:13-15). Fear is bondage.  That is why God repeatedly tells us in the bible: do not be afraid.

The bible says that the fear of man brings a snare (Proverbs 29:25). Also writing to Timothy of the need to express his spiritual gift, he told him that spirit of fear will stifle it, and he points his attention to the anti-Spirit-of-fear provisions of God which is the Spirit of love, of power and of sound mind (2Timothy 1:6-7).

Spirit of love

The Spirit of love is anti-spirit of fear. John said that perfect love casts out fear (1John 4:18). Adam and Eve were reveling in the love of God, but when they turned their back against the Lord through disobedience, they immediately entered into bondage to fear, as the record of scriptures showed (Genesis 3).

To be filled with all the fullness of God, Paul said that we need to understand the height, length, breath, and depth of the love of God (Ephesians 3:14-21). And the fullness of God being we are emptied of fear, since there is no fear in God. (That means to be full of love is to be emptied of fear). The son of God walked the face of the earth without fear, because he reveled in the love of God for him. He walked in full reality of it.

Love is empowering. It is an anti-fear empowerment. With the love of God shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit given to us, we can relate with God without fear, and we are enabled to relate with one another optimally because of the love of God in our hearts as children of God. Paul said that we should love one another, because love is of God (1John 4:7). Jesus said that this is how people will know that we are his disciples when we love one another (John 13:35). With fear good relationship among believers is not possible.

Love gives freedom while fear gives bondage. Love gives an attachment to God while fear is a sign of separation from him. Love gives us understanding of what God is doing; love is a change agent from God, while fear is from the devil.

Love moves us in the direction of God who is love while fear causes our sense of judgment to be warped, it is sign that we are moving away from God.

The bible says that faith works through love (Galatians 5:6), what do you think happens through fear? T means faith will not work. The presence of fear will not allow faith to work, because faith does not work except when operated in love. That means nothing of God gets done in fear, because they are done by faith, and drawing near to God is by faith (Hebrews 11:6). Fear is a sign that we are drawing away from God. Faith is assurance, fear is uncertainty. Being assured of the love of God for us displaces fear.

We should never encourage inordinate fear of God. This will drive a wedge between us and God (fear will block the flow of God to us), just as it happened with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. And from that time, the relationship between God and man became faulty.  And it takes love coming from God through Jesus and received by us to reconnect us with God, and that is all that is needed.

Spirit of power

You do not fear any opposition when you have the Spirit of power. When the power of God is in manifestation, then fear is shown the exit door. The Spirit of power is the manifestation of heaven on earth.

The power of God gives a sense of invincibility. When Jesus walked the earth displaying the power of God, he was in change. You will not fearful when you are the one truly in charge. Of Jesus it was written that he was baptized with the Holy Spirit and power, and he went about doing “good”, he did not go about being afraid, because he had the Spirit of power. He was in charge because by the Spirit of power, he gives solves problems. It takes power to be able to solve problems.

With God is the ultimate power and with him is no fear at all. Fear is an emotion alien in the godhead. God can be sad, because of the errors of man, the Holy Spirit can be grieved (Ephesians 4:30), but God is not capable of being afraid, because fear is the element of uncertainty.

God’s power is so unlimited that he can have his way in anything he wants, at anytime he wants. (There can be no sense of uncertainty in him. There can be nothing bad that can happen to him, He is impregnable.)

He is only allowing the will of man to play itself out so that our ways will be obviously seen to be the way of self destruction, being the outcome of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil eaten by man in the Garden of Eden in disobedience to God. There, the devil sold self-destruction to Eve, in the name of self actualisation.

When Jesus exhibited faith in telling the wind and the storm to be calm, he rebuked the disciples for their little faith (Mark 4:35-41), since they were obviously afraid (assurance of negative thing happening) and could therefore not operate by faith (assurance of positive thing happening). The Spirit of power does not give room for a sense of helplessness, which can result into fear, because fear is the sense of having things out of control. And the Spirit of power gives the sense of being in control.

Spirit of sound mind

Confusion and fear are twins; and sound mind involves knowing who you are in God, not being confused about it. Jesus knew who he was. That was why he exhibited no fear in his life.

He was not afraid of anything bad happening to him. For example, he knew he cannot perish outside of Jerusalem (Luke 13:31-35). He understood his timing; he had a sound understanding of what God expects him to do per time. He knows he is doing the total will of God all the time. And He is assured of the backing of the Father at all times.

A sound mind is that which trusts in God. When you trust God, Jeremiah said that you will not fear in heat, because you will be like a tree planted by the river of water, with full flourishing (Jeremiah 17:5-8).

We read in the bible that God will give perfect peace to the person whose mind is stayed on him. Conversely, when trust in God is not in place, fear dominates (Isaiah 26:3). God said: fear not, I am with you, be not dismayed I am your God (Isaiah 41:10). He knows that when our thought is full of Him (on his presence, love, power and purpose), fear has no place.


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