Oil for the light, fragrant incense, grain offering and the anointing oil

source: http://kinshipchristianradio.blogspot.com
source: http://kinshipchristianradio.blogspot.com

Numbers 4:6: “And Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest shall have charge of the oil for the light, the fragrant incense, the regular grain offering, and the anointing oil, with the oversight of the whole tabernacle and all that is in it, of the sanctuary and its vessels.”

The focus verse shows that oil, which is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, is used for four different things.

Oil for the light

Light in the New Testament can stand for good deeds. Jesus said that we should let our light shine before men (Matthew 5:16); so that when they see our good works they will glorify our father in heaven. The Holy Spirit is intimately connected with the good works that we are meant to do as Christian. While Paul was admonishing the Galatian church concerning walking in the spirit, he said that will prevent them from doing “bad” works, being the works of the flesh and unbecoming of the followers of Christ (Galatian 5:14-26). He outlines the fruits of the Spirit which will mark the life of those who walk in the Spirit, saying that against such there is no law; acting based on them, you cannot do wrong. They include love, kindness, goodness, self control, etc.

The Holy Spirit lights good behaviours (good works) in us; otherwise we would express the most obscene kind of wickedness. Paul wrote that God is at work in us both to will and to do of his good pleasure (Philippians 2:13). That describes the operation of the Holy Spirit within us, to make us into the image of Jesus Christ on this earth.


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