vision and interpretation- (1)


I saw a church building and people running to it, but the doors were closed.


It has to do with the church of God globally.

The destiny of the church is to be the house of refuge (Isaiah 4:6), where people will run to but the church has closed its doors to some people, and those who are meant to be gatekeepers are shutting the door of the kingdom at people. They look at people with religious eyes and they wrongly disqualify them from the kingdom.

Certain doors are not open to certain people because the church is not equipped enough to deal with their issues. The church has not opened its arm wide enough to all people in all places because of the limited vision and limited people with servant-hearts.

When the door of the church is truly opened, then it will be the house of prayer for all nations, but now we need to redefine what a nation is there are nations within nations, cultures within culture.

The church has recognised ethnic nations but what about the technological nations, the entertainment nations, the political nations, and the other socio-cultural variations that keep evolving all the time? What about the teen nation, the children nation which also have sub-nations in various shades. The church should do more.



4 thoughts on “vision and interpretation- (1)

  1. This is a most blessed vision, I am commenting on this post because I have seen the very fruits of what you have shared here. I receive the word from the LORD about nations within nations. I was reading Psalm 2 a while back, and the LORD began to speak with me about nations. And so I completely receive this word from the LORD. It is most revealing and edifying. As for me man of God, I’ve been busy writing, writing the books of the lively oracles of the prophetic dispensation. We all have a piece to the puzzle, and I receive your piece given to you.

    May the LORD increase your anointing, and bless whatsoever your hands are approved to touch in these days.


  2. I seen the after life through the eyes of my best friend s dieting eyes being taken away by the Devil and six large black giants with pitch forks moving side to side. What did all tthat mean. Can you reviled it to me. I see it as a message God saying to me win souls for heaven .


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