blur-21653_6402Kings 17:39: but you shall fear the LORD your God, and he will deliver you out of the hand of all your enemies.”

Fearing God and getting delivered from enemies were liked in the focus verse. When God brought the children of Israel from the Egypt and situated them in the Promised Land, he allowed some nations to still be around them, and when they stopped following God, they were ravaged by those enemies and when they were faithful they experienced the support of God to overcome the enemies. These happened like clock-work.

Deliverance from the enemy was definitely liked with living by the fear of the lord. As a people, they were operating by covenant, and are to remain faithful to God and in turn he would show himself strong on their behalf. God is always striving to make a difference between those who serve him and those who do not (Malachi 3:17-18).

Not only is the deliverance of the Lord available to those who fear God, they also become instrument to wrought deliverance for others. David wrought deliverance for the whole of Israel after he killed Goliath.  While the whole army of Israel was paralysed, in fear of the enemy, David (1Samuel 17), was emboldened by the fear of the Lord, as it is written, the righteousness are as bold as lion. He charged towards Goliath with no sword or spare, and zero warfare experience, but with five pieces of stone picked from a stream and a heart full of trust in God. At the end of it all, he removed the head of Goliath, with his own sword.

Jeremiah wrote that cursed is the one who put his trust in the arm of flesh, his portion will be in the patched places of the earth and he shall not experience refreshing (Jeremiah 17:5-18).

The bible says times of refreshing comes from the presence of God (Acts 3:19). But it takes a heart that fear God in recognition of his supremacy to seek him. The fools prefer to take God for granted (Psalm 14:1-2), but those who fear Him are drawn to him because they know that is what he wants, and he has put his love in our heart for us to regain the attachment to him that Adam and Eve lost in the Garden of Eden, as they sold themselves into bondage/attachment to the enemy.

But Jesus came with a deliverance mandate to rectify that problem as a man who fears God.  The real fear of God is the fear of displeasing him, not because of any retribution but because of the attachment we have to him, the sense of neediness we have developed towards him, that sense of oneness with him.

It is not the dread of an unpredictable God, that you don’t know what will trigger his hand of anger, rather his fear causes us to pursue his knowledge vigorously so that we can know him, and by so doing foster our oneness with him, since that is what He wants.

We should not conclude that there is no God or have a God that is according to the figment of our imagination, carved in the shape of our own sentiments, sensitivity, or preferences; rather we seek to know him for who he really is. It is not whether that is acceptable to us or not, it is about our being acceptable to him.

Deliverance is to make the people free. The bible says that that God made man free, but he has succeeded in entangling himself with many things (Ecclesiastes 7:29). Paul told Timothy that as a spiritual soldier he is not to entangle himself with the affairs of this would so that he can be free to please the one who had enlisted him as a soldier (2Timothy 2:3-4).

In another place Paul said that if he seeks to please men (Galatians 1:10), and entangled by that consideration, then he would not be able to serve God. After Jesus healed Bartimaeus, he started following him; after he cast out a legion of demons from a mad man he gave him an assignment to go about telling the good news of Jesus Christ and the mercy of God (Mark 5:1-19). After Jesus casts out seven devils from the Mary Magdalene, she joined the group of those who sustained his ministry with their finances (Luke 8:1-3).

Jesus said that if a man is set free from a demon, the demon will go about in the dry places seeking for rest and when he finds none he would attempt to stage a comeback, return to his former house. If he finds out that the house has been swept clean, it goes to get more demons and the latter state of the man is worse than the first. The lesson is that those who are emptied of satanic influence of bondage should seek to be filled with God, after being from satanic bondage, we should be bound to the lord; otherwise it will be like coming from frying pan to fire (Matthew 12:43-45).

The purpose for which God delivered the children of Israel from the hold of Pharaoh was so that they can serve Him. They had to become free from serving Pharaoh to be able to serve him, Pharaoh being symbolic of Satan. He sent Moses to him saying let my people go that they might serve me in the wilderness. He needed them to be free to give him the highest level of devotion (Exodus 7:16).

When we are delivered, it doesn’t mean we cease to have any other kind of commitment, what it means is that all other commitment are means of expressing worship to God.

Paul wrote to slaves in his time, saying whatever they do in the service of their master, should be done as unto the Lord. He doesn’t want people to get disorderly in the name of freedom (Colossians 3:22-25). Slaves, though their natural condition is so constraining, are the most free if they have met with the Lord and have experienced spiritual freedom of the salvation of their souls, freed from the hold of the kingdom of darkness and translated to the hold of the kingdom of God (Colossians 1:13), from the influence of darkness to the influence of light.

When Jesus Christ healed a paralytic (John 5:14), he told him, “sin no more.” After they have been free from sickness and disease, they should not entrap themselves in sin which becomes a vehicle through which worse things will happen to them. Deliverance should be a reason for renewed commitment to God and not a reason to move from him. It is an opportunity to make our allegiance to God to strong, as that deliverance brings a new understanding of him.

The Syrian general who was freed from a debilitating disease of leprosy responded by seeking to be bound to the God of Israel (2Kings 5:17-19). Because deliverance is an expression of the mercy of God, it is meant to draw us to him in thanksgiving and love (Luke 7:47, 17:12-19).

We can either be free from sin and the bound to righteousness, or be free from righteous and bound to sin (Romans 6:16). Therefore real deliverance does not occur in isolation, there must be a corresponding bondage in the opposite direction, in two sides of a coin.



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