scenic-185234_6402Kings 19:29: “And this shall be the sign for you: this year eat what grows of itself, and in the second year what springs of the same. Then in the third year sow and reap and plant vineyards, and eat their fruit.

When God is at work, blessing is inevitable, because he comes with the resources of heaven. We are told to pray (as a way to get God to work for a cause) that the will of God be done on earth as it is in heaven.

What is the normally reality in heaven is called blessing on this earth. When we experience the reality of heaven, it makes us stand apart in this world. The psalmist said that though ten-thousand fall besides us, we would only observe it, it will not be our reality because we dwell in the secret place of the most high (Psalm 91). We and abide under the shadow of the almighty, under his wings, under his divine protection, and that is God’s blessing, it is the reality of heaven. Nothing bad happens to people in heaven, there is no limit to protection there.

The blessing of heaven is more than having a lot of money, it has to do also with the operation of the Holy Spirit, the (ultimate representative of heaven on earth now) in his fruits in our life, as he brings us to the internal disposition of the people in heaven. Paul said that the kingdom of God (the blessing associated with it) is not in meat and drink (tangibles) but in righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17). Those represent the quality of life in heaven.


Nobody struggles to be righteousness in heaven. When we go fully into the inheritance that Jesus has made ready for us, we would fully expressing the totality of the life of righteous that Jesus lived, because his seed that is in us, the seed of the word of God was what made us to be born again.

It is that seed that cannot make a practice of sin, which John wrote about (1John 3:9). He said that we cannot sin because the seed of Christ is in us. Peter said that we have been born again not of corruptible but incorruptible seed (1Peter 1:23), which is in us, giving us eternal life with the possibility of full complement of the righteous life of Jesus.

When we get to heaven we get to be like Jesus whose seed we bear in this life. That reality is effected in our spirit in this life, the bible says that we have received a spirit/an anointing from the Holy One and we know all things (1John 2:20, 27), we are equipped in every sense.

We do not know all things in our minds/soul (not yet fully equipped) because it is still in the state of repairs in this life, but in our spirit, which is derived from the Holy Spirit, we truly know all things. Our spirit is the place that connects us vitally with God who is in heaven. That is why we can pray: our father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name (Mathew 6:9). With the connection we have with him in our spirit, we become new creatures in the blessing of being able to live in righteousness.


Peace is a sign of the blessing of God.  It is a sign of our connection with God; it is sign of being at one with Him. Jesus has come with peace as a blessing. He said to the disciples: my peace a leave for you, not as the world gives (John 14:27). By bequeathing us his relationship with God (John 1:12), we also have his peace. In the midst of tribulation we are supposed to still have the peace of God.

Peace is a fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23); it is not something we try to get it is something that blossoms within us by the operation of the Spirit of God, as we cooperate with Him. It is the outcome of having experienced restoration in our relationship with God.

When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden they lost peace with God; when they heard the sound of God moving in the garden they ran away from him and would not want him to come near (Genesis 3). Because they lost peace with God, they became afraid of him.

Peace lost became paradise lost. And according to Paul it is the God of peace who will crush the devil under our feet (Romans 16:30). The sign of the Satan’s dominion was peace lost, while the sign of victory over the devil is peace gain in God. The peace of God will guard your heart in Christ Jesus; it is supposed to be an umpire, indicative of the guidance of the Holy Spirit (Philippians 4:7).


While peace is related to restoration of relationship with God, joy has to do with restoration of functioning for God, serving him. In a parable of Jesus, a master travelled and gave talents to his servants to work with, when he returned he said to those who had been faithful: welcome into the joy of your master (Matthew 25:23).

Jesus after he preached to the Samaritan woman said to his disciples who brought him food (he had been hungry for sometime) said that he has food to eat which they do not know of. He added that his food to do the will of the father (John 4:34). He has a sense of satisfaction (joy that makes you temporarily forget that you are hungry) for doing the will of God.

The writer of the book of Hebrews said that we should run the race set before us looking unto the Lord who is the author and finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2), who for the joy set before him despised the shame and is now seated on the right hand of the father. There was joy in the accomplishment of the task set for him by the father.

When the disciples had come to the mission field, and they rejoiced because they cast our devils, he cautioned them against being carried away saying that they should rather rejoice because their names are written in the book of life (Luke 10:20). They were to rejoice because of the possibility of eternal reward and not popularity on the earth.

Our joy should be linked with our eternal reality not our natural conditions or lack of it. Jesus’ joy was linked with pleasing the father in carrying out his mandate on earth. If you see yourself falling prey too much to depression, maybe there is a will of God you are not carrying out, and so your joy is not overflowing, because it is the joy flowing from the Lord that is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10).



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