The price of wisdom

bag-147782_6402Chronicles 9:9: Then she gave the king 120 talents of gold, and a very great quantity of spices, and precious stones. There were no spices such as those that the queen of Sheba gave to King Solomon.

Wisdom was the attraction point of Solomon. It made him distinct among the kings of the earth. He was a philosopher king. He earned respect among kings and through him; Israel was marked out as unique and privileged.

The queen of Sheba responded to the wisdom to Solomon, by giving him gifts. The wisdom that she could get from Solomon, determines his value. Therefore you are only as valuable, as pricy, as what you can give, what you can contribute; that defines your uniqueness.

The church as a mountain is meant to be the highest of all (the most unique), and the nations shall flow to it, saying to the people there: teach us the ways of the Lord (Isaiah 2:1-3). They will be willing to leave whatever they have and wherever they are to gain the wisdom in the House of God.

The hunger for wisdom will make you give anything for it. The hunger in that queen caused her to travel a long way to see and hear Solomon. That is the price she paid because hunger disregards distance, or cost.

Jesus told a parable concerning a man who found a pearl of great value and sold all he had to get it, which is the principle of the kingdom (Matthew 13:45-46). Your value for something is determined by what you are able to give up for it. Jesus said if we are not willing to leave all and follow him, we do not have the right valuation of him, and he will not make himself available to you (Matthew 10:37-38).

Wisdom will not just fall on your laps, you have to go get it, you have to pay a price for, and you have to lose something to gain it. If it is a height, you have to climb it, if it is a river, and you have to wade through it. You have to be able to sieve through junks to get to it, because the devil will want to throw in his pseudo-wisdom at you to distract you from true wisdom.

When Jesus healed the eyes of the man born blind (John 9), the Pharisees wanted him to not disregard Jesus (wisdom [1Corinthians 1:24]), but he was adamant. The Pharisees’ years of religion could not deliver healing to him, but a onetime encounter with Jesus changed his life forever; reversing the congenital disease he had which affected his eyes, with his wisdom from above. His eyes were opened.

Wisdom is having open eyes, to see what you could not see before. And meeting Jesus gives you open eyes, gives you a divine view of things, which is the right view. Jesus said he has come so that those who are blind will see.

The man who was healed was opposed by the religious people, who felt that he had to come to them for the right view of Jesus. They put pressure on him to reject Jesus (wisdom), if not (if he did not accept their wrong wisdom, wrong view of Jesus) they would reject him.

The price he had to pay for accepting Jesus (the right wisdom) was to get thrown him out of the temple, he was ostracised. He had to choose between what works and what does not, from his own judgement and experience. He refused to reject Jesus in order to be accepted by those who claimed they were custodians of the right wisdom. That is why seeking the acceptance of man will disqualify you from gaining the right wisdom.

The wisdom of God works, it is not just a fad that fades with time, it is derived from the fact that he made us and he knows what works for us, we were made as a result of his word, our abilities come from him.

The wisdom of God changes you, it does not leave you the way you are (meeting Jesus [wisdom] caused the eyes of the blind man to open, blind from birth), and it makes you function like the one who is described as the wisdom of God- Jesus. The experience of that blind man shows we are not wise until we meet Jesus.

To gain wisdom you have to give up some things. You cannot hold on to your past life and want to move on with God. The man that does not want change has rejected the wisdom of God. The wisdom of God manifested in Jesus it was a call to change. He said that we should come to him (Matthew 11:28-30); he said blessed are the poor in the spirit for they shall see God, which was a rebuke to the self-sufficient individuals (Matthew 5:3).  Jesus said we should learn of him. If we are not learning, we are not growing.

James gave the difference between the wisdom (way of doing things) that comes from God and demonic wisdom (James 3:13-18); and you cannot embrace the two at the same time. The wisdom of God is not to be appraised casually; it needs to be approached with a single minded devotion at the expense of anything that distracts from it.

If you will not read the bible, they you have rejected wisdom. But not all who read the bible do so with the right attitude. The right attitude says: I want it to be part of me. The bible is not just as a means of getting information. It is not for competition, but for transformation. The wisdom you claim to have that has not transformed you is no wisdom.

So another price of the right wisdom is to reject what is not wisdom. The wisdom that rejects the centrality of Christ is no wisdom, it is deception. The devil has his own version of wisdom that he peddles, so to gain the right wisdom and not be deceived we need to resist the devil (James 4:7).

In the Garden of Eden, Eve was shown the wrong wisdom. The devil said to Eve: if you will disobey God that will be wisdom (Genesis 3). How wrong! He told Jesus: if you will bow down to me (Luke 4:6-8), it means wisdom. How wrong! Jesus said we should only bow to the only wise God (Romans 16:27).

Jesus said if anyone will follow me, he should deny himself take up your cross and follow him and the result will be everlasting life (Matthew 16:24-25). Jesus makes the demand of devotion, the demand of dedication from his followers.  He said no one having laid his hands on the plough and looks back is worthy of him (Luke 9:61-62), the wisdom of God.

To reject the wisdom of God is to embrace foolishness, no matter how it is painted. There is a price of foolishness which you will pay if you feel that you cannot pay the price of wisdom.

Solomon said that the labour of fools leads only to weariness because they don’t know the way (Ecclesiastes 10:10, 15), the way of wisdom; the foolish paid the price in wasted time. Secondly, the foolish expends more energy than is necessary, just like when you expend more energy because the knife was not been sharpened. Wisdom sharpens you, makes you effective.

The wisdom of God therefore helps you to get result, without unnecessary expenditure of energy and waste of time. Operating by the wisdom of God, within three years Jesus achieved so much; operating by the wisdom of God, within a few decades of ministry, Paul had the record that he had turned the world upside down (Acts 17:6). But both had to pay the price of being rejection before they walk in that level of wisdom.

Summarily, the price of wisdom is REJECTION. The devil and other people want to pressure you to their wisdom and away from the wisdom of God, you have to reject them, and be ready to suffer rejection from people. And the other price of wisdom is DEDICATION.  You have to give up things for the sake of gaining wisdom.


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