The mockers

friends-204324_640Nehemiah 2:19: But when Sanballat the Horonite and Tobiah the Ammonite servant and Geshem the Arab heard of it, they jeered at us and despised us and said, “What is this thing that you are doing? Are you rebelling against the king?”

Have you met the mockers? Whao! They can cramp your style, rain on your parade and generally make you feel that you are nothing, that you have done thing and will do nothing, as if they are God.

Nehemiah embarked on the work of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem, but the mockers can’t help but air their view. They said Nehemiah was a joke.

What should you do about the mockers? Ignore them, and once they show their colour and you were thinking of carrying them along before, cut them loose. If they don’t have anything positive to say they might as well shut their trap.

While Jesus was on the cross, there were mockers busy mocking him (Matthew 27:38-47, Luke 23:35-43). While he was busy fulfilling the will of God in that place of weakness, the bullies on the ground thought they could have their say, as God was having his way with Jesus on the cross. They thought that was the end of him. They were commentators of the present, blind to the future and the glorious plan of God for the object of their mockery. That is your story also.

Even the two thieves crucified with Jesus mocked him, until one of them had a change of heart, seeing how Jesus did not reply their mockery in like manner. With that lack of interest in defending himself, that thief on the right side of Jesus saw something, he saw a man that was more than a man, he saw a man who was no ordinary man, and it suddenly occurred to him, in the midst of his musing, this is the Messiah and he became a convert calling on Jesus to remember him in His kingdom. He was converted from a mocker to a believer, because he saw Jesus differently. People mock because they are short-sighted, or they suffer from inferiority complex. They can’t stand that you are acting as it you presume to be better than them.

The Pharisees wanted to mock the miraculous acts of Jesus. They said that he cast out devils by the prince of demons Beelzebub (Matthew 10:25, 12:24), casting aspersions on him. And Jesus Christ prepared his disciples, telling them that they will face even more mockery than he did. He said to them: if they called the master of the house Beelzebub, what will they call his servants?

Mockers wait for your time of pain to rub it in. They want to have their say, they seek for recognition through mockery, and they seek to ride on your pain to a place of prominence in your life.

They cannot live without you, and they can’t stand you living independent of them, of their input. So they try to pull you down, to maintain a false sense of relevance, to gain the attention they seriously crave. Tune off their rants and listen to what God has to say and their distraction tactics will fail.

There’ll be mockers before you hit your glory plain. Both Nehemiah and Jesus were mocked before their glory plain. No one will have the mouth to mock Jesus when they see him come the second time in his glory (but they did when he was in pain on the cross).

After the Nehemiah rallied the people to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem and it was completed, the mockers “checked out of town to look for another victim of their mocking escapades.” They will soon leave you alone when they see what the power of God has achieved in your life. But now that you are still “in process,” they can’t but open their mouth and rant, but that is an opportunity to focus on God and his determined outcome for you. That is the time to exercise and strengthen you prayer and faith muscles, as Nehemiah did. That is the time to grow fast spiritually and not be discouraged because of the mockers.

David’s mockers were his brothers. They won’t give him a breathing space (1Samuel 17). They had the worst remarks to make about him even without provocation; they directed scathing remarks at him. But what happened to the mockers when he removed Goliath’s head and become the toast of the nation? They were nowhere to be found. He became more prominent than his mockers and they had to give up.

When you are making progress, doing new things then there will be mockers, and if you are not doing anything there will also been mockers. There is no escaping them; they have appointed themselves as commentators. Micah said: don’t laugh at me my enemies because when I fall because I will also rise again, when I lie in the darkness, the light of God will shine on me (Micah 7:8).

David wrote that even though he walks though the valley of the shadow of death he fears no evil because God is with him and his rod and staff, they comfort him. So, rather than focus on the mockers in his difficult time (walking through the valley of the shadow of death), he focused on the Lord (Psalm 23:4-6). At the end he said that the Lord prepared a table before him in the presence of his enemies/mockers.

Those who mock you will soon come and bow before you. And those who say “where is your God” would soon come to church with you when they see the unmistakable hand of God working in your life and through you. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

Joseph’s brothers also mocked him. They said: we would not see how his dreams will come to pass when we kill him. But many years later, they bowed to him trying to get him to not revenge the wickedness they did to him when he was young, selling him into slavery and almost killing him before that (Genesis 37, 50:14-21).

His was a classic case of God preparing a table before a man in the presence of his enemies. His brothers were his enemies who sought to kill him because of his dreams. They mocked him: here comes the dreamer and they despised him. Because the mockers cannot see beyond their noses, the best they can do is to chuckle when you tell them your God-given dreams.

When Jesus told Nicodemus that except a man is born again (John 3), he cannot see the kingdom of God, in almost a mocking tone, he replied Jesus: how possible is that, can someone who is old go back to the womb of his mother and be born again?

Jesus said that if he tells him earthly things how would he believe when he does not believe things on earth, showing that Nicodemus problem was unbelief.

People tend to mock what they don’t understand, and you cannot believe what you don’t understand. The mockers presume that you are in a position of weakness and not of strength. They presume that they can dictate to you, that you don’t know what they are doing. They see themselves as being in a position of strength, so they mock.

Mockery is psychological warfare and a manifestation of rejection. You must recognise it as such when it is directed at you and not succumb to it, not allowing it to demoralise you, or change our stance on the truth. Job’s wife mocked his commitment to God despite the disasters that befell him (Job 2:9), but he was steadfast. Mockers want to shake you away from your confident stance on truth. Some specialise in mocking your spiritual beliefs. Don’t yield to them.


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