The tongue as pen

filler-150980_640Psalm 45:1: My heart overflows with a pleasing theme; I address my verses to the king; my tongue is like the pen of a ready scribe.

The tongue has a pointed end, and so does the pen. In the focus verse, the writer was very clear about the fact that the tongue is the pen of the tablet of the heart.

Paul agrees, saying that the life of the Corinthian Christians is the epistles written by the Spirit of God not on tablets of stone but on the heart of men (2Corinthians 3). Through the preaching of Paul overtime, the lives of the believers have changed through Paul’s use of his tongues, applying the Holy Spirit to their hearts.

The tongue in its use is like the encoding of software. The hearers are supposed to run (like software would) with what is written in their heart. God told Habakkuk, write the vision; make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it (Habakkuk 2:1-2). God, who looked to the age of software, used the word “run” deliberately in that verse. That means the words is supposed to give direction, define pursuit, and define the “application” of ourselves.

The words of God to Adam after he created him defined what he should want (Genesis 1:26-28, 2:7; 3), how he should live, how he should apply himself, and use his time. He would not desire to eat the fruits of the trees in the garden if God did not say he has given them to him as food. He would just be moving aimlessly in the garden if God did not say that he should keep and tend the garden. The word of God defined how he runs.

God’s word encoded Adam to desire the right things, what God wants him to desire. He would not know how to live if not for the word of God. God told them that they were to dominate the world, and he did.

God told him to name the animals. When that word came to him, he “ran” with the word, the “vision” by truly naming them all. They were told to procreate and replenish the earth, which made them begin to think in a sexual way about the opposite sex in a God-ordained way.

However, along the line the devil through his words put some virus in the codes, when Adam and Eve allowed him to, as they embraced his words and acted on his suggestions. Therefore, the heart of man showed destructive tendencies, with cigarettes, alcohol and other hard drugs forming the wrong self-destructive desires within him.

There was also the malfunction of sexual desire; a big area, an unruly force which can hold in bondage. A major part of the law that God delivered to the nation of Israel was about regulating sexual interaction, desire and identity.

Sexual interaction with relatives was banned, with animal and same sex was also banned (Leviticus 18), and having sexual confusion, in which a man decided that he wants to assume the identity of a woman and vice versa was also banned on the pain of death. When, in the bible, you read that a man must not wear what is meant to a woman and vice versa (Deuteronomy 22:5), what many translate that into is “not wearing trousers for women.”

That interpretation ignored the deeper issues that God wants to address, (similar to what Paul said about the effeminate [1Corinthinans 6:9]), that they will not enter the kingdom. It missed the intention of God for the law, which is preventing people from insulting God choice of the gender you should have; which means, God made you physical of a gender but you want to pass for another gender, and not in jest, as an identity preference. You should be content with what you have inclusive of your gender.

It is better to take the time to write on the hearts of man than wrote on wall. The power to make impression resides with the tongue. Nothing reveals who you are like your words; it is a reflection of the content of your heart.

Even God is known by his words. There is no encounter with God that is apart from his word. When he chose to manifest on the earth, the bible says the Word became flesh and dwelled among us as Jesus Christ (John 1:14).

To stir men aright, the tool is the word. To create the world, the tool was the word (John 1:1-3). Paul wanted us to watch what we say; saying let your word be seasoned with salt, ministering grace to the hearers (Ephesians 4:29, 5:3-4, Colossians 4:6). Words can wound or heal. The bible says that the mouth of the wise heals the hearers (Proverbs 12:18).

Watch your tongue because the bible says that we shall be filled with the fruits of your lips (Proverbs 18:20). Your mouth should be the gate of heaven, not the gate of hell. It can be a channel of death or life, a channel of cursing or blessing. We need to yield ourselves, and notably your mouths, as instruments of righteousness.

James expressed the serious challenge of taming the mouth (James 3). Its small size belies it potent effect, it is contrasts with how difficult it is to have it tamed. That means we need help in taming it, so that only its positive powers are at work in our lives. We need to Holy Spirit. We need to master how we speak to others. We cannot go about running people down with our mouth and want to win friends and influence people!

One of the major assignments of Jesus in the lives of the disciples was to deliver the words of God to them, show them His counsel. Nearing his death he gave report to God about the way he had used his tongues. He said that he had faithfully delivered his word to them (John 17:6-8).

Earlier he said to the people: “my doctrine is not mine, but what I hear I declare. I made the use of my mouth to serve the purpose of God (John 7:16-18).” But we must commit our tongue to be used in God’s purpose, as instruments for God to display himself on the earth, writing his thoughts on men’s hearts.



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