God is judge

sign-36417_640Psalm 75:7: but God is the judge: He puts down one and exalts another. (NASB)

The book of Psalm is full of revelation of who God is. David, the sweet psalmist of Israel and the one whose name is on most of the psalms, spend his life pursuing God. He could not get enough of Him. Barely had he settled in Jerusalem that he sought to bring the ark of God there (2Samuel 6). He could not stand for there to be any distance between him and God. The presence of God was his natural habitat. And when God was introducing David he said: he is a man after my own heart (Acts 13:22).

He experienced God as judge. God set Saul down and elevated David to be king of Israel. He was the judge in that, he was the decider. Your case is not decided until God has a final say. You may face a setback, but it is a set up for you stand out.

You begin to experience God as the judge, the decider, from the time you were born. The bible says that God determined the time of our birth and the bounds of our habitation, the location, where we would be staying (Acts 17:26). He determined the family, the locality and the country and the times in which we are born. So the idea that you are a mistake is actually an insult to God, it states that God was somehow surprised by your presence on earth. Far from it! He planned for you.

He planned the habitation of the first parents, Adam and Eve. And to show you that he was not ignorant that they will disobey him and will be set on the path of death and destruction, the bible says that Jesus was the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world (Revelation 13:8). So the sacrifice of Jesus was designed as part of the plans of God as this world was just starting.

God was in charge of everything. Even in the decision Adam made to pull away from him in disobedience, he was still in the driver’s seat of turning that wrong decision around for the good of humanity in Jesus Christ. The movement of humanity before Jesus, was to prepare/lay the stage for his incarnation, becoming the sacrificial Lamb and the birth of the church, while afterwards it has been to prepare/lay the stage for the second coming of Jesus to take over in the millennial reign. You think the stage is being laid for the anti-Christ. Not really. It is being laid for the millennial reign (Revelation 20:1-7).

God is Judge. His is the final decision, and he sees the end from the beginning, declaring beforehand things that are yet to happen, saying, I will do my will and perform all my counsel (Isaiah 46:9-10).

God is the judge and he has decided that when you believe in Jesus and call upon his name you will be saved (Romans 10:13-14).  The best decision you can make is to find out what God has decided for you, his purpose, and walk in it, and then you are sure that he will not be resisting you. You don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of God’s power, moving against the tide of his will. You might get swallowed up. Paul said we are called to know the will of God, which is good, acceptable and perfect (Romans 12:1-2), and because of which God is the judge. That is why the accuracy of our sense of judgement is determined by how our wills matches God’s. What God decides, he effects and backs by his grace, which we can flow in once we align with his will.

Jesus said of himself: the stone the builders rejected that has become the chief stone (Matthew 21:42), adding that this is the work of the lord it is marvellous in our eyes. God decided that Jesus is the real deal and even if the high priest and the people in charge of the house/the temple/the religion that they call his wanted him dead and eventually killed him, Jesus is it.

It doesn’t matter if Saul wanted David death and caused him to run away from Israel, God is the judge, he decided to give the throne to David and that is how it is going to be, no matter how long it takes.

God has the final say; he is the one whose opinion is the most important. It doesn’t matter whose opinion about you is not favourable, what is important is what the Lord says. Jesus said that we should not be afraid of mere mortals whose power over us is limited only to this world (and that is also limited to what God permits), but we should hold God in the highest esteem in our opinion because truly his power is relevant in this world and even in the one to come (Matthew 10:28).

Though we cannot see God, by faith we get to know what he wants and what he doesn’t, from the pages of the bible, which helps us to appraise his judgement about things. The book codes the revelation of the wisdom and ways of God, his dealings with the men, with the nation of Israel being the centrepiece.

A judge decides issues based on the law and there are three levels of law that the ultimate judge uses.

The law of the mind

The law of the will of God

The law of the blood of Jesus

The law of our mind/human conscience (requires love)

This is the legal signature in each man. It is the awareness of a higher law outside of us, but to which we should hold ourselves and by which we should be measured, because we use it to measure others. It is in appeal to this law that Jesus said love your neighbour as yourself (Matthew 22:39). It seems intuitive. That is the law of neighbourliness, the law of the conscience, the law of love. But over the years the sand of corruption and sin and negative emotions has covered the law of our mind. The 10 commandments (especially those dealing with human relationship) expose this law, but the corruption of our will still makes us unable to do them.

The law of the mind is the law of human relationship. Human relationships go awry, if the law of the mind is ignored. The law of the mind is self judgment. It is what is common to every man. Paul said that he delights to do the commandment of God based on the law of his mind. In another place, he said that in his conscience, he does not think he has any fault, but he acknowledges that there is a higher law than that, discussed next.

The law of the will of God (requires obedience/allegiance)

That is the law that determines relationship between man and God. The law of the will of God is the elevated law of the conscience, which is beyond relationship with other men, but flows into relationship with God after recognising him as the supreme on, aided by the Holy Spirit.

It takes the Holy Spirit to know the will of God and to walk in it. God, we are told is at work in us, both to will and to do of his good pleasure (Philippians 2:13). That is descriptive of the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. The Holy Spirit manifests the will of God to us (1Corinthians 2), in that way he serves as the conscience department of our spirit, beyond the mind. That means without a renewed spirit, without being born again, we cannot really walk in the will of God.

The law of the blood of Jesus (requires faith)

Whether the law of the conscience or the law of the will of God, the highest law is the law of the blood of Jesus; we may not be perfect when it comes to the above two laws but we can be perfect in the law of the blood of Jesus, which only requires faith. It is the law of justification, where the judge see you only in the light of the representative sacrifice for the sins of humanity, Jesus, and declared you innocent because someone has paid the prize for your sins.

David declares the blessedness of the man whose sins are ignored by God (Romans 4:3-6, Psalm 32:1) and that can only happen based on the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus, the man who was perfect in the first two laws, by identifying with his blood, we get to imbibe his righteousness. His blood cleanses us and we are as white as snow (Psalm 51:7). Therefore there is no more condemnation for us (Romans 8:1). We are discharged and acquitted, said the Judge, with the evidence of the blood of Jesus before him, we stand innocent of every accusation.

The law helps us to fully walk in the truth of the other two laws because it causes inner transformation in us, setting up the stage through the word and the Spirit for us to become like Jesus in all things. With this law we are pre-qualified to draw close to God and his transforming light can change us, change our appetite, and direction.


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