holy oil

oil-159855_640Psalm 89:20: I have found David my servant; with my holy oil have I anointed him:

God’s holy oil is the oil of appointment; it marked David out as appointed by God to be leader in Israel, with divine sanction for his rule, as a king under God. It is the mark of divine support, the mark of the supernatural hand of God, his presence and the infusion of his energy.

God’s holy oil is the symbol of the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:38). The oil causes the face to shine (Psalm 104:15), to reflect more light; therefore the anointing causes us to reflect the glory and the power of God in our lives.

David had oil poured on him thrice (1Samuel 16:13, 2Samuel 2:4, 5:3). The first was for preparation came to help determine the direction of his life. It takes the Holy Spirit for us to truly have a direction for our lives, to move with a divine sense of purpose, on a God-determined direction, yielded to God’s purpose. It also shows that one foundational expression of the Holy Spirit is to prepare us for dominion. Though God anointed David to be king through Samuel, he did not become king until much later. There is something much later that will happen to you for good because you are yielded to the Holy Spirit now. Things may not be shaping out now, as it was with David when he was running from King Saul in the wilderness (even after he was anointed to be king), but eventually you will stand on your high places of dominion, of kingship, as David eventually did.

David fully understood the role of the Holy Spirit in his life, praying to God at a time: do not take your Holy Spirit away from me (Psalm 51:11).

Being anointed as king as a young boy in the presence of his brothers, he began to develop an unusual love for the nation of Israel; he began to share the love of God for the people. It was with that passion that he confronted Goliath, couldn’t stand anyone standing against Israel (1Samuel 17). He was sure that for Goliath to threaten Israel, he was merely digging his own grave.

The oil helped David to gain God’s perspective. The presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives should change our perspective, into that of heaven, because he (the Holy Spirit) comes from heaven. Otherwise we would continually be at loggerheads with God. The oil of the Holy Spirit impresses on David the divine guarantee that he would be able to defeat Goliath, and he express an uncommon boldness in dealing with his threat.

When the disciples received the infusion of the Holy Spirit from heaven, they got infused with boldness, they stopped feeling intimidated, they could go about the assignment that Jesus gave them, which is: go into the world an preach the gospel to all creature (Mark 16:15). Jesus told them: you shall receive power after the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you shall be witnesses to me to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). That takes boldness and the Holy Spirit supplies that by subsuming your personality to his.

After the first dose of oil poured on the head of David he was thrust into national limelight, immediately the people started expressing preference for him, and the bible recorded that he behaved himself wisely. The Holy Spirit on him made that possible, as he is called the Spirit of wisdom.

There are seven dimensions of the spirit that was said to be on Jesus, which is the spirit of the Lord, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord. Wisdom, knowledge, counsel and understanding (Isaiah 11:1-2), four out of the seven expressions of the spirit of God has to do with mental acuity. No wonder David produced so many psalms, and was able to successfully prosecute wars, lead his men, and administer the vast expanse of the land of Israel when the time came to do that.

The first oil on the head of David stands for the preparation for dominion. The second marks the beginning of dominion (anointed to rule over Hebron), and the third the fulfilment of dominion (anointed to rule over the whole land), it means that to move from one level of spiritual impact to the next we need a renewed experience of the Holy Spirit. To move from the promise to experience of dominion and increasing levels of it, we need him.

The oil of the Holy Spirit, came upon the church in Acts 2, and started the dominion walk of the church which had the mandate to dominate to the ends of the earth, from Judea

The first expression of the Holy Spirit coming up in the church started the Jerusalem takeover. The power of God was manifesting in the lives of the apostles, and the church was being formed, threatening to dislodge Judaism; many priests were joining the church, under the leadership of the apostles (Acts 6:7).

In the thirteenth chapter of Acts, in a special manifestation of the Holy Spirit, giving direction, Paul and Barnabas set forth to reach the gentiles, this is the ends of the earth phase of the Jesus’ mandate. Everything was about the Holy Spirit (Acts 13:1-3).

It was the persecution ravaging the church in Jerusalem that caused Philip to go to Samaria and the whole nation as one man yielded to his words (Acts 8). Before then Philip had the testimony that he was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Without the operation of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the disciples, there cannot be the push of the gospel. The gospel is not just a set of words; it is the manifestation of Christ himself, who came to bring heaven down to the earth. It is giving witness to the resurrection of Jesus, with signs and wonders. And the apostles were careful to note that the Holy Spirit was their co-witness (Acts 5:32). He does not take the back seat, but drives the whole process as long as the disciples cooperated with him.


3 thoughts on “holy oil

  1. So much to glean from your posts! It always comes down to our dependence and reliance on Christ. With Him we can do nothing. No matter how big a problem is, God is bigger. No matter how strong the enemy, our God is stronger! No matter what we need, God can amply provide! 🙂


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