Between knowledge and love

The unity of the body of Christ will never be established based on knowledge because we all see in part and we understand in part. It is going to be established in love.

Knowledge puffs up and love builds up. Knowledge in its pure essence is about establishing difference, while love is about establishing connection.

Knowledge is self-focused, while love is others-focused. The knowledgeable can stand alone, but the lover cannot, he exists in the context of community. Love is about helping others, knowledge is about castigating others, providing a feeling of superiority.

Knowledge isolated from love will only damage. Love thinks of how to bring together, knowledge looks for how to separate.

Knowledge is good, but love is greater, it has eternal relevance. The bad tree in the Garden of Eden is the tree of knowledge. If your pursuit and expression of knowledge is not in the context of love, you are a “kwashiorkored” Christian, with head so big but body so thin. You can be deceived in knowledge, you can get it wrong; but not in love, because God is love.

When a Christian body can isolates itself, claiming to be the only repository of true knowledge while all others are apostate, it is a “kwashiorkored” community at best and a deluded company at worst.


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