Can you spare a moment to pray for someone?

Someone contacted me with a prayer point. Please pray all manners of prayer for the person. Like/comment if you will spare at least a minute to pray. Thanks.

[Please pray and agree with me that myself (…) and son (…) will be reunited soon!  We have been estranged for 16 months and I still cry every single day.
I suffer with Bipolar Depression, which has unfairly caused so many of the problems & issues between us.  I raised my son alone for 18 years. Some awful things have happened between us.  He left and told me he hopes I die, I am not even allowed to contact my son at all.  I had 2 hospitalizations for suicide attempts.
I desperately need God to intervene in this situation, which otherwise looks hopeless & impossible.  I need God to give us a second chance.  Please pray that God touches (my son’s) heart RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE with forgiveness, love and only good memories between us, and he forgives me!
It is hard for me to even function, much less pray effectively.
Thank you so much for your help!

(name withheld)]


2 thoughts on “Can you spare a moment to pray for someone?

  1. I truly do understand completely how your Illness effect ed your relationship with your son because the people we love most we hurt the most. But free yourself from that conviction give it to the cross that Jesus forgave all us diners. And witness to yr son the love of GOD’s mercury . And don’t relieve the past memories let them go. God has filled you with Love you want to share with him in yr heart.Good luck. I have already witness this type of blessing. GB


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