If the clouds are full…

cloud-8075_640Ecclesiastes 11:3: If the clouds are full of rain, they empty themselves on the earth, and if a tree falls to the south or to the north, in the place where the tree falls, there it will lie.

When the cloud gets full, there is no need to beg it to rain, it will rain. There are issues that will yield themselves easily to you because it is time. When the fruit is ripe, you do not need to pull too hard for it to drop in your hands; so when you know your times and season, things will be easy for you. The frustration, problems comes when you try to make a go at something before its time.

When Moses wanted to start the deliverance of the children of Israeli before the time (Acts 7:21-36), it backfired and he became disillusioned, so much that when God was ready forty years later, he was not ready. There are prices to pay for going before time.

Moses was not ready, but he thought he was. But when God was ready to get the job done, Moses started flowing in the miraculous so much that there was no doubt if God was with him or not. And it was only a matter of time before Pharaoh’s neck was broken. Moses learnt that things do not work on his own timetable but God’s, and that makes all the difference.

When you are in haste then there will be a problem, there will be unwarranted stress and struggle, and there will be attempts to explain things to people, for there is nothing like an idea whose time has come.

At the age of twelve, it was not time for Jesus to start his ministry (Luke 2:41-52). He waited behind in the temple at the time of a feast asking and answering questions from the big men there, getting his parents worried, as they wondered for days where he was. He had to explain to his parents: don’t you know that I have to go about my father’s business?

But when the time came for his full manifestation, he did not have to explain. He declared, reading from the book of Isaiah that the Spirit of the Lord is upon him, after the Holy Spirit came mightily upon him to do the work of service, empowering him for things supernatural (Luke 3:21-23, 4:13-23).

So when John sent people to him asking: are you the one (Messiah) or shall we look for another? He did not have to make a long explanation in defense of himself. He said: the miracles that I did explain who I am (Matthew 11:1-6). His cloud was full of rain and everyone who gets in contact with him was wet with the power of God.

The time to get the cloud full of water is the time of preparation. There is no cutting short the time of preparation. When David was anointed his time of preparation began. And there were opportunities for him in the spirit of hastiness to cut the time of preparation short.

He has at least two clear opportunities to kill Saul his archenemy and king of Israel (1Samuel 24, 26) and take over the throne. But he did not. If he had done that he would have had to contend with unrest and insecurity on the throne right from the onset coming from within his own ranks. They will say: since he got to the throne by killing, let me also get the throne by killing him. He would not have known whom to trust, he will be suspicious of everyone, and he would not become great, as you cannot become great without people you trust.

David waited for God to hand the throne to him on a platter of gold, not by trying to get it. God himself cleared the way for him, clearing his enemy from before him.

He waited till the cloud was full. That was after Saul died in the battle ground, together with his most prominent son, Jonathan, and David asked God for direction, which city of Judah to go, after being in exile for a long time.

He was told to go to Hebron, where the leaders of Judah decided to appoint him as king anointing him with oil, and later on the elders of Israel anointed him king, based on the prophetic word that everyone was aware was made over David that he will be king of Israel (2Samuel 5:1-5). David did not try to fulfil the prophetic word. But there was a time when the preparation was over and things fall into place just like that.

When the cloud was full, the prophetic word cannot but come to pass. That is when it is not by power or might but by the Spirit of God that the enthronement happens (Zechariah 4:6).

For Jesus when the cloud was full (when his time of preparation was accomplished, and he was baptised with water, fulfilling all righteousness) the Spirit of the Lord came upon him in the form of a dove, empowering him for supernatural activities.

Then he could fly with the wings of the Spirit, he was set on fire and he set his world on fire, his fame went out life like wild fire across the regions where he was.

Until he was set on fire, he could not set others on fire. He had to wait till he was thirty years for a 3+ years of impact. He had to wait till John started his own ministry to set things in order for him, preparing the way for him (Mark 1:1-3). Without that, he would not have the speed he should have.

Also the disciples, 120 of them, had to wait for some days in Acts chapter 2 for their cloud to be full and down came the outpouring of Holy Spirit on them, and they could go out to take over their world. The heaven opened and there appeared on each one of them cloven tongues as of fire which sat on each of them. And they were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues as God gave them the ability. They did not need to struggle to make an impression on their world. They were fully equipped to bring heaven down to the earth. But they had to wait for the cloud to be full, for the fullness of time.

Growth is the priority. As we pass through the change process of growth, we are made ready, empowered to make an impact. When change comes into us we can bring than to our world. Even Jesus had to change. The bible says that he grew in favour both with God and man and in stature (Luke 2:52). His ministry work was physically demanding, hence he needed to be born in the home of a carpenter where his physical strength was developed. It was all part of his preparation.

In a way we are always in preparation. We cannot stop preparing. The question is how well are we preparing? And the bible says the one who stands should take heed lest he falls (1Corinthians 10:12). Falling is as a result of faulty preparation.

Jesus said that the one who hears his word and obey his words will be like one which builds his house upon a rock, in preparation for when the storm will come, so that the building will still be standing strong (Matthew 7:24-27). A fall is not a mystery. It is a result of faulty foundation, viz. faulty preparation, the cloud was not full, and the rain did not fall as it ought.

It is interesting that the time of testing which comes with the storm is also a time when the cloud is full, but it is another kind of cloud. It is what the Paul called the day of evil, for which he said we should put on the whole armour of God, which is another way of saying: be prepared (Ephesians 6:10-18).



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