Get ready for action

athletics-229808_640Jeremiah 1:12: Then said the LORD unto me, Thou hast well seen: for I will hasten my word to perform it.

God was revealing to Jeremiah that he is ready for action. His “wait and see” posture will be a thing of the past, he was about to shake things up. So get ready for action!

Peter said that we should gird up the loins of our minds, which means we should get ready for action (1Peter 1:13), cut off the distractions and get a razor-sharp focus. The time for slackness is over. Paul said that we should be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord (Romans 12:11).

There is no time to waste. Paul said that we should redeem the time because the days are evil (Ephesians 5:16).

Life is counted in time; but not just by clock, but by impact made, achievements packed into chronological time that gives them real meaning. The value of time is in the amount of things that are achieved in it.

Jesus died at the end of 33+ years on the earth, and his impact is eternally felt because he walked in obedience to God and in the power of the Holy Spirit. There are entrenched satanic forces on the earth, set up to not allow the glory of God to manifest on the earth, the only answer to them is power.

That is why until Jesus walked in power on the earth, the demonic forces did not take notice of him, but when he did he dislodged the forces of darkness, casting out devils right, left and centre, and eventually went to hell to take authority from the devil as the second Adam. And now Jesus is Lord in all realms, saying all powers in heaven and on earth are given to him (Matthew 28:18-20). He has sent us to go into the world with the message of the gospel, accompanied with the expression of spiritual gifts. Power maximizes time. Changes happen in no time with the manifestation of power. So time is contracted.

Wisdom also maximizes time. Solomon said that if the cutting instrument is not sharpened, more time and more energy is expended and eventually it may be a wasted time if nothing works (Ecclesiastes 10:10). The workings of wisdom are about taking the fastest route, and using the least energy to get the biggest result possible.

Time also seems to be contracted (i.e. more gets done in a shorter length of time) when you work with the right people. The bible says that in the multitude of counsel there is safety (Proverbs 11:14). With the needed expert and experienced people on your team, you are well on your way to achieving your objectives in record time, with the least amount of setbacks.

Another time contrasting measure is purity. The bible says righteousness exalts (makes things work faster for) a nation but corruption is the downfall (drag things down) of a people (Proverbs 14:34). Righteousness has a way of moving things faster. When corruption eats at the resources needed for a project then what should move fast starts to move at a snail speed; what can be achieved in a day, then takes forever.

Unity is another time contrasting factor, making great achievements possible in the short space of time. God testified that when the people on earth decided to unite and build a tower that gets to heaven, nothing they set out to do will be hindered even by God, unity being the force for the achievement of purpose. Then God multiplied their language and in confusion the job was abandoned.

The bible says wherever there is jealousy, envy; there is confusion and every evil work (James 3:16). Jealousy leads to infighting and the objectives of the team or the group cannot therefore be achieved, the target is not the goal but one another. They hit at each other, scheming, quarrelling and generally constituting a clog to the wheel of progress because of disunity.

In one of the psalms, we read that unity attracts God’s blessing. It says: how good and pleasant for brothers to dwell together in unity (Psalm 133), adding that in such conditions the blessing of God is released. Unity therefore releases a divine force that makes things happen.

Are you ready for what is coming? When you think nothing is happening, time is ticking, time in which God planned that you should use to prepare, not knowing that every time is “getting ready” time.

Jesus said that we should watch and pray (Matthew 26:41). Prayer should not just be a mindless venture; it should be mixed with the spirit of watchfulness, sensitivity to what God wants to show you in the place of prayer, the new perspectives. As you view the things in your environment you are stirred up to make that a prayer point and the inspiration that you get from the place of prayer you emplace in your day to day activity. Prayer makes it possible for you to gain divine perspective on the things concerning your life.

There is no point praying when you do not expect to be changed in the process, especially in perspective. Habakkuk in practising the principle of said: I will stand upon my watch and see what God will say to me (Habakkuk 2:1). That was a prayer-watch, being with God for the purpose of hearing from him; prayer with the intention of hearing God speak.

But that can be a little tricky, because when we are in deep prayer and feeling really close to God we can actually be trapped by the devil with a suggested action plan that is wrong. Because something occurred to you in the “deep” of prayer and fasting is not a fool-proof way for getting guidance from God.

It may not be the devil but our heart which deceives us. The bible says that there can be idols in our heart (Ezekiel 14:4-7), affecting how accurately we can hear from God; our inordinate desires can affect the divine signal getting to us.

Someone can come down from a 40 fasting and prayer and declare that God has asked him to divorce his wife. Heart deception or satanic delusion? You decide.

That our own hearts can deceive does not mean we should be scared of hearing from God, but we need to understand and be aware of the possible dynamics that can be at play in such seemingly holy time of strong prayer.

So the place of prayer is not where we solely seek certain super-spiritual experiences, because the devil can capitalise on this notion with his deception. What we should seek is the opportunity that prayer gives to be changed in who we are, because it is a changed person that can bring change to this earth. We do not pray seeking a special feeling, but an invigoration of our spiritual essence, for us to live out in life.

Peter said we should be sober minded for the serious business of prayer (1Peter 4:7), a business that demands the highest level of commitment and attention to what God is saying. There is no point to praying ignoring the direction of God. We should pray expecting that God will tell us what to pray about, so that our prayer can be accurate.

We use our physical energy to pray and we also use time. And God has promised to reward us openly when we seek him privately in prayer (Matthew 6:6). I believe he rewards in similar measure (time and energy), but in spiritual terms. He gives spiritual energy (power) (James 5:16). He also arranges things, helping you accomplish more in less time, since you spent time with him. The bible says that we should not be weary in doing good, because in due season we shall reap if we faith not (Galatians 6:9). We reap spiritual power and contracted time with the time contracting factors lining up on our behalf as you we gird up your loins in the place of prayer.

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