7 paths to make yourself relevant to God


3 thoughts on “7 paths to make yourself relevant to God

  1. With all due respect and admiration, I must disagree. We do not have to do anything to be relevant to God. We are relevant to God solely because He created us in His image. There is nothing we can do to earn His grace (Ephesians 2:8-10), nor is there anything we can do to maintain His grace (Romans 8:31-39). Any of those 7 things listed, we do out of our love Him, not because of obligation as if we could ever repay Him the debt that we owe.


    1. I absolutely agree with you. Any of those seven that we express is because he is the one working them in us. The whole point is to get us aware of them when he is working them in us so that we can actively cooperate with him. Paul said whatever he did was because of the grace of God to him, but he added that the grace of God was not in vain in his life because he laboured more than all the other apostles. That means even though we have the grace of God, it can be in vain, if we do not respond to that grace with hardwork, even though that hardwork is also grace. (Almost contradictory, but that is the truth [Philippians 2:13]).

      When Paul says flee fornication, was that not an appeal to self-effort? But the balance of truth is that your righteousness is a gift and you only output what has been imputed in you in the righteousness of Jesus but Paul needed to say that (flee fornication) so that the people will learn how to act out the victory over sin that is already in them in Christ Jesus. He told the Roman Christians, yield your body as instruments to righteousness, and not to unrighteousness, as a form of retraining.

      But i think the misunderstanding is with what i mean by relevant. Relevance does not mean accepted (we are accepted by God only though Jesus). Relevant does not mean payment. It is useableness, and the level of spiritual impact that God can release through you on the earth. Of course it is still by grace as the words of Paul showed, but why did Paul tell Timothy about vessels unto honour or to dishonour?

      Relevance does not mean going to heaven, it means the reward that accrue to you when you get there. We get to heaven only though the blood of Jesus, but we are not rewarded by that. we are rewarded by service. the blood of Jesus is common to every Christian, but spiritual impact is not the same. I hope you get my point. Thanks for your support. I love you.


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