The sword of the Lord: why Christians should not keep quiet

martial-arts-291051_640Jeremiah 47:6: Ah, sword of the LORD! How long till you are quiet? Put yourself into your scabbard; rest and be still!

The “sword of the lord” means judgment. From the focus verse, it is the judgment of God that has gone forth into the land against the wrongdoers and refused to be quiet.

The psalmist says: the saints have a doubled edged sword in their mouth to declare the judgment of God, which he called “the judgment written (Psalm 149).”

The judgment of God is also the will of God and that can be manifested through his people, who are his tools on the earth. We are his manifestation on the earth, the manifestation of the Lord of the warring hosts: Jehovah Sabaoth.

Whatever we release as the judgment of God to those who oppose God in our lives is what will happen. The problem comes when we are too gentle to take “the sword” to war.

Jesus told the disciples close to the time when he would be arrested to be killed, that in view of the danger they will be in, they needed swords (Luke 22:36-38). They said that they had two swords. Jesus then said: it is enough.

Was Jesus really talking about the natural sword or the spiritual sword? Definitely spiritual sword because later we see the church wielding the word of God against opposition.

When the Pharisees threatened to deal with the apostles that they should not preach in the name of Jesus, they declared in the place of prayer: why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing, against the Lord and against his anointed (Psalm 2, Acts 4:23-31).

The Pharisees had their say but the church had their way in the place of prayer. They released the sword for victory over the Pharisees and launched into a greater level of growth.

We bear the sword of the Lord and we should not be quite. In the place of prayer we should oppose those who oppose us. We should not be silent in the name of bearing persecution.

When Herod imprisoned Peter, the church did not keep quite nor carry placards but they fought back with the sword in the place of prayer. We should do all it takes for the advancement of the kingdom of God, we can’t have things that hinder us from the fullness of God.

Rather than confront Jezebel, Elijah decided to run and that was the beginning of the end of his ministry. He allowed fear to cripple him. He could call fire from heaven and it was him who should be feared not the one running away (1Kings 19:1-3).

You are supposed to be feared as Christians, we should not be chicken-hearted. We should express aggression in the place of prayer, even if our physical demeanour is gentle.

Paul stood against one man who opposed the spread of the gospel (Acts 13:6-12). He spoke by the spirit against the one mounting a demonic opposition to the gospel and he became physically blind, so that the spiritual eyes of another can be opened. We must be willing to blind some people eyes (cause them to be distracted, so they will not distract our mission) so that the light of the gospel can go forth.

We wrestle against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this age and spiritual wickedness in high places, using the sword of the spirit which is the word of God, words inspired by the Holy Spirit, which may include the words written in the bible (Ephesians 6:10-18).

We have been silent for too long. Judgment needs to go forth. Release it through your word. The bible says that because the judgment against an evil work is not speedily executed, the heart of the son of men are set in them to do wickedness (Ecclesiastes 8:11).

Things will go on in the wrong direction except someone demands otherwise. The bible says that some people continue to be ensnared and in prison houses because no one said ‘restore,’ no one is demanding a change (Isaiah 42:22). You are not saying anything; that is why things remain the same for you.

The bible says whatever you desire when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them indeed (Mark 11:22-24). That means desire is not enough, you must make a statement of demand in the place of prayer. You cannot remain silent. It is time to begin to shape your world with your word.

The bible says ask and it shall be given to you (Matthew 7:7), we also read that we shall have whatever we say (Matthew 11:23). But that cuts as a sword both ways. For the book of proverbs says that life and death is in the power of the mouth and those who love it eat the fruit thereof (Proverbs 18:21). So you determine the kind of fruit you eat, the kind of experience you have, by your words.

People say negative words to you, but you should not be silent. In their hearing, respond by speaking the opposite of what they say, if you can.

While confronting Goliath, David had his ears full as the giant spewed negativity at him (1Samuel 17). He would not shut up, cursing David in the name of his god. But David followed with his own declaration of victory, demeaning Goliath (he was not going to respect the one who disrespected his nation). God backed up David’s words, ensuring victory for the children of Israel.

It was either David agreed with the version of what will happen as said by Goliath (that he will feed David to the birds of the air) or design a different outcome by his words, which he did.

But the use of the words cuts both ways. The children of Israel while they were in the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land, based on the report of some spies, decided that they will definitely die in the wilderness, because the giant in the land of promise would not allow any successful invasion.

God was fed-up with their complaining ways, and decided that the very words they have spoken will happen. They spewed out negativity, and they experienced it. As they laid their bed they slept on it.

When Jesus saw a fig tree with fresh leaves and wanted to lay hands on its fruit because he was hungry, he became angry and said none will eat from it ever again (Matthew 21:19). That was the creator speaking to the created. In the same way we should unleash the creativity in us by the words of our mouth, the way the Lord made the earth (Hebrews 11:3).

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