daisy-241684_640Ezekiel 46:5: And the grain offering with the ram shall be an ephah, and the grain offering with the lambs shall be as much as he is able, together with a hin of oil to each ephah.

There was no offering in the Garden of Eden because there was no sin. There was no offering because there was no division between God and man. And since the fall every offering has been an expression of the need to connect with God.

When God made man he did not make him to offer Him anything, but to enjoy him in everything. Imagine this: the father made a garden and made you and put you there. The only thing you know is that he is the best dad, he is the source and he doesn’t need anything being self-sufficient. Man did not “experience a need” for God, because God was part of his consciousness (God was there for him), right from his first breath of awareness.

Offering is usually in the context of neediness, to get something from God, maybe a response in mercy, favour, and grace. We sense our need for him now like Adam never felt. Paul said that God is able to make all grace abound towards us so that in all things and at all times, we will abound in every good works. He said that when he wanted the Corinthian church to give and therefore be on line to experience God in a special grace where they will not be found lacking in anything in any way and at any time.

Offerings for the ancient was the means of getting God’s attention, bridging the gulf of sin, if only temporarily, to experience divinity. But in the Garden of Eden, before the fall, there was no need to get God’s attention, there was intimacy with God as a matter of right in their unhindered experience of him.

The first offerings were made by Abel and Cain (Genesis 4:1-12), one involved shedding of blood and the other did not involve shedding of blood, respectively. Now Abel’s offering was accepted in a perpetual statement of the cost of separation between God and man which is death judgment on man, and what will be needed to bridge the gap, the death judgment on Jesus Christ.

Death (a measure of loss) must be indicated in the offering or else it will not be accepted. Cain’s offering was not accepted. Life is in the blood and there is no remission, the covering of sin, without the shedding of blood (Hebrews 9:22). Life was given to deal with the judgment of death, and that life is released through death.

Even if the offering were materials, David said: I will not offer God what does not cost me anything (2Samuel 24:24). The cost is the opportunity cost, the loss, the death you suffer because you gave it.

That is why the offering that was given by the widow who dropped two mites in the offering basket in the temple was so significant that Jesus noticed. She gave all she had to live on (Luke 21:1-4). She had no other hope but her hope was in God. She gave her all.

Nothing can be offered to redeem the soul of man, but the blood of Jesus, which dealt with the issue of sin forever (Revelation 5:9), bringing ultimate atonement to light.

He was the offering on the altar of the cross. He offered himself to the appease God, absorbing the anger of God by carrying our sins on himself on the cross. He was the ultimate offering. Nothing and no one compared to him, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the God (John 1:29). The issue of the sin was totally taken care of and there is no need for any other offering for sin.

Offerings are seed, and the ultimate one was Jesus, who was sown by God to reap many believers, many candidates of heaven (John 12:23-24). Sowing is a form of sacrifice, it is the letting go of what you have in the hope of an harvest.

In the Garden of Eden we see God sowing (offering of himself) his Spirit into man, and with the birth of children, that spirit was supposed to be multiplied, but that process did not continue because of sin.

But in Jesus, who was given the Spirit, the breath of God, without measure (John 3:34), when we are born again we become indwelled, made alive by the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Christ (Romans 8:9). So Christ, in a sense gets multiplied in us. There is the multiplication of the Spirit of Christ, in the multitudes of those who believe. Therefore, every time we give, we take the opportunity to be like God, and to experience multiplication through the same process he took.

Jesus said: give and it will be given to you (Luke 6:38). Somewhere else in the bible we read: he that waters shall himself be watered, the liberal soul will be made fat (Proverbs 11:25).

We are sowing when we give. Paul said that he who sows sparingly will reap sparingly (2Corinthians 8-9). And he who sows bountifully will repay bountifully. Therefore the giving of offering is a means to take charge of our own prosperity process. It is saying that I am like league with God the ultimate sower and a way to express the generous heart of God.

Giving is described as grace in the bile. Paul challenged the church in Corinth to express the grace of giving manifest in the church in Macedonia.

Grace is a manifestation of Jesus Christ. John wrote that Jesus manifests grace and truth (John 1:14), he embodies the two qualities, and through them he makes changes on the earth.

In the measure that we express the grace of giving, we make changes on the earth as channels of Jesus Christ. And when we are faithful in little, we are faithful in much, we can be trusted with much.

Peter said that we should grow in grace and in the knowledge of our lord Jesus Christ (1Peter 3:18). Grace is heavenly ease in a particular area. When it comes to giving therefore, we should increase in the ease of heaven in the area of our finances. And this happens to the limit to which we put our present giving grace to work, being faithful in the little.

Giving does not start when you in abundance. That is deception. Remember the widow who threw in two mites into the offering basket, to the praise of Jesus. She manifested a high degree of generosity of God, a high dimension of the grace of giving. She expressed a high level of love, because love is giving (John 3:16).


There was the offering of Jesus, once and for all made and there are the offerings that we make now, so act out the divinity in us.



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