Signs and wonders

baby-390555_640Acts 2:43: And fear came upon every soul: and many wonders and signs were done by the apostles.

Many means many; it means almost too much to be counted, that signs and wonders happened in regular basis that it was difficult to keep up the count.

When John was rounding up his book about Jesus, he said there are many more things he said and did that if they were to be properly documented the books of the world will not contain it (John 21:25). But now the life of Jesus his works and words are multiplied in us. We are the display of his very life.

Isaiah wrote: me and the children the Lord has given me (in a picture of the divine family), we are for signs and wonders in Israel (Isaiah 8:18). So signs and wonders have been liberalised for those of us who are in God’s family to perform.

Jesus said that many signs will follow those who believe (Mark 16:15-18), but what we find is that people are following sign and that has led to the unhealthy deification of those people who seems to be on the cutting edge of signs and wonders.

Therefore, the people should be taught that they should be all they can be for God and not just make more money. They should not allow the love of the world to drown out the love of God in them (1John 2:15-17), love for the supernatural life that he wants us to live, being like him. What you love you seek to be like, loving God means we seek to be like him, in his supernatural essence. That is the difference between being conformed to this world (the mundane life) and being transformed into God’s own divine essence, through the renewal of our mind, being amenable for the supernatural life of signs and wonders.

People need to be taught to maximise their supernatural dimension, their hands communicating the power of God, there words communicating the words of God, their eyes seeing the visions of God, there ears to hear the words of God.

The bible says we would a voice behind us saying this is the way walk in it (Isaiah 30:21), in a supernatural walk. We are called to be partakers of the divine nature (2Peter 1:4), and therefore bringers of change on the earth as carriers of the glory of God.

The earth, the creature in the earth, the bible says waits for the manifestation of the sons of God (Romans 8:19-20). It is time for the sons of God to show themselves.

There are codes in us about what it means to be like God (since we are his sons [John 1:12]), (put there by the word of God through which we received new life [1Peter 1:23]) which are waiting to be activated. Just as the genes for puberty gets activated at a certain time, the divine nature in us will get activated, blossoming in us, and when that happens, we will fully and truly manifest divinity.

Then we would effortlessly walk as God (fully representing him) on this earth. That is what it means for the earth to experience the manifestation of the sons of God.

For the sons of God, signs and wonders are the normal reality, to regularly suspend the laws of nature, since Jesus said that greater works than what he did would we do because he is going to the father (John 14:12). And from the father he poured out the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit is meant to be the conduit for the divine life. That is why we need to learn to live from our spirit, to release our spirit, overcoming the soul-dependent life we have been used to, allowing the word to divine asunder our soul and spirit, reducing the influence of the soul and elevating the influence of the spirit (Hebrews 4:12).

Our spirit is the place of our connection with God (John 4:24), and to the limit that is emphasised, we will see the power of God. Jesus did not start displaying the power of God before he was endowed (covered) with the presence of the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:18), as an example of what we will all need to manifest signs and wonders, like he did. He did not apologise for the miracles that he did, as he lived in obedience to the father, living to glorify him.

If it is divine then there has to be signs and wonders attached to it. The presence of God is the incubator for signs and wonders. In the Old Testament when the children of Israel were moving from Egypt to Canna, their journey was marked by signs and wonders, as it was marked by the tangible presence of God in the pillar of clouds by day and pillar of fire by night (Exodus 13:21).

Even their deliverance from the bondage in Egypt was by power signs and wonders in the manifestation of God, to crutch the opposition to their freedom.

Before then, God told Moses (whom he would send to the people to lead them out of Egypt) that he has heard the cry of his people and he has come down to rescue them (Exodus 3:7-8). And when God comes down, things are about to change, there is bound to be course correction. Isaiah prayed: oh that you will rend the heaven and come down that the mountains may flow at your presence (Isaiah 64:1). David wrote: by terrible things in righteousness will God answer us (Psalm 65:5).

10 different signs and wonders were wrought in the land of Israel, culminating in the death of the first born of Egypt from the first born of animal to Pharaoh who sat on the throne (Exodus 20:29).

There was the parting of the red sea to allow the children of Israel to pass through on dry land, the whole bunch of them. And if you think that is allegorical, then you have it all wrong; actually it means you do not believe God exists.

Because if God exists then he created everything, according to the testimony of scriptures. And if he created everything, rearranging things so the millions of Israelites can pass through the red sea on dry ground was nothing to him.

Later on God will ask Moses, is the Lord’s hand waxed short (Numbers 11:23)? That is an impossibility because if he is God, his hand cannot wax short. He cannot be confronted with a situation that would nothing but underwhelming to him.

To think otherwise is express stark ignorance of who God is, meaning that the God you recognise and come to is not the almighty mentioned in the bible (Hebrews 11:6). If he is the almighty, and he is, then we believe it when we read that he caused Abraham to have a child through Sarah even when she was ninety years (Genesis 17:17); that he caused forty years of manna to come down from heaven for the children of Israel in the wilderness.

These are not allegorical stuffs, but real facts of history. Note that because it is impossible with man does not means it is even hard for God (Mark 10:27), as if both are in the same league. What we need is to develop a conception of God that is biblically valid and not one that is subjective in our human experiences, and limited perception.

God is great in the infinity sense of the word. There is no limit to his greatness. He is not subject to time, matter and space confinements. But can be manifested in it, in a cross of eternity with time, just as the incarnation of Jesus Christ revealed (John 1:14-17).

Jesus, eternally God came in human flesh and set up a ladder on the earth for humanity to connect back to divinity, so that signs and wonders once again be manifested through us, a sons of God.

But signs and wonders are borne on the back of humility. Jesus the ultimate model of humility (Philippians 2:5-11), said that the signs and wonders should not make us feel special, but we are special because God has accepted us in him, our names in the book of life (Luke 10:20).


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