Full of light

narcissus-6239_640Luke 11:34: Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eye is healthy, your whole body is full of light, but when it is bad, your body is full of darkness.

The body here is your life. The lamp is the guide into the right places, to the right activity, location and action, which is what the eye does.

So if your guide is right, them your whole life will be full of light and like the light causes the tree to flourish your life will also flourish, having been guided aright.

At least two things mark our lives as guides, the relationship we keep and the words we hear, hence the need to prioritise the word of God and scrutinise our associations, which determines the example we follow.

Word of God

For the man in the first chapter of the book of Psalms, what marked him out was the word of God, in which he meditates day and night. The word of God to him was not just a book of advice, nor a book of nice ideas, to gather more wisdom, or an historical monument, but it contains the very life of God and in contact with it he is positively influenced.

His whole body is full of light. He is like a tree planted besides streams of water, bearing its fruits in its season and whatever he does prospers.

Jesus is the word of God (John 1:1-5) and exposure to him as our guide is exposure to life and light. He is the good shepherd who leads us besides still waters for his name sake (Psalm 23). We are helped to see things the way God does, then we will always make the right decision, and live as children of light.

The psalmist prayed: send forth your word let it guide me and bring me to your habitation. The bible says that God sends his word and heal us from our infirmity. The word manifest light that chases way darkness, it is the sword of the spirit (Ephesians 6:10-18), part of the armour of God through which we overcome the onslaught of the enemy.

The enemy stands for the darkness, while the sword of the spirit stands for light which overcomes the enemy.

Paul said that we should not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy (2Corinthians 2:11). As we walk in union with God we walk in the light, and blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sins, and being children of light we are threats to the dark realm.

That we are full of light means we know who we are, and that is a key aspect to victory. John wrote that we have overcome the evil one (1John 2:13), greater is the one in us than he that is in the world (1John 4:4, 5:4). This is the victory which overcomes the world even our faith, John also said. We know who we are by studying the word of God, which James describes as the mirror, the one thing which we do with mirror is to know who we are, sons of God (John 1:12), more than conquerors (Romans 8:37), partakers of the divine nature.


Relationship empowers you, it makes you strong, or it can weaken depending on what kind it is. Relationship is about the channels into our lives. The wrong company corrupts good manners (1Corinthians 15:33). Peter stuck to Jesus because he disclosed that his words were that of eternal life (John 6:68).

Through his connection with Jesus his life was defined eternally for heavenly meaning. The people around us get to influence us and we get to influence them. There is who to avoid and who to be attracted to so that “our whole body will be full of light.”

The man written about in the first chapter of the book of psalm avoids three kinds of people.

The wicked

This group is marked by what they do to others in bad things. The wicked do evil to others. They lack the motivation of love, only fulfilling the lust of wickedness within them. They are after pulling others down. They set traps. They do not obey the commandment which says love your neighbour as yourself (Leviticus 19:18), rather, they follow the multitudes to do evil (Exodus 23:2).

The sinner

The sinner is defined by his acts against God which may tally sometimes with what the wicked does. The wicked, the sinner and the scornful, are three ways the wrong king of association is expressed. This will not cause our light to shine fully.

The sinner expresses a disregard for God for his holiness. The bible says that the fool has said in his heart there is no God (Psalm 14), and because of that they do abominable things.

The sinner defines his own “light” which actually is darkness and seeks to follow his own ways which leads to destruction, though right in his own light (Proverbs 14:12). He does not seek help from God, but follows the evil imagination of his own heart (Genesis 6:5) as God leaves him to follow his own ways (Romans 1).


The scoffer mocks those who do good. This is the dimension of the wrong doer which is about the attitude to those who do good. They are the mockers. They do not do the will of God and they try to stay on the path of the ones who do. The tell those who are in pursuit of God that they should not be so ardent. They set out to dampen the spirit. This kind of person is particularly poisonous.

The scoffers said about Jesus said that he casts our devil by Beelzebub, allowing themselves to be the mouth piece of the devil (Matthew 10:24, 12:24), calculated to dampen his story.

David’s first wife, the daughter of Saul, was a scoffer. When David brought the ark of God to Jerusalem, and he danced his heart out, in the most extravagant way to mark the occasion, Micah thought David was disgracing himself (2Samuel 6:13-23).

She had a problem with his expression of devotion to God, and mocked him. But he did not allow her attitude to dampen his enthusiasm. His God was more real to him than the words of his wife, the goodness of God was more impressed on his heart that a thousand mockers. And he would not repent from being an effusive worshipper regardless of what Micah said, or how close she was to him.

This was unlike what Adam did in the Garden of Eden, where he yielded to his wife and shifted from his commitment to the word of God, his commitment to light (Genesis 3).

Mockery is a form of persecution, it is psychological warfare; an attack that even Jesus had to deal with. It is an attack on what you think is true about yourself, towards injecting self-doubt and at least to slow you down.

Job’s continued stance of commitment to God in the face of the severe disasters that came upon him was mocked by his wife, who told him: curse God and die, what do you gain or what have you gained now for all your devotion (Job )? Job did not fall for the trap, and till now he remains an example of a light bearer.


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