Bring my people out of Egypt

chain-297842_640Exodus 3:10: Come, I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring my people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt.”

Egypt at the end represented different negative things for the children of Israel. They went there thinking it was the best thing to do in view of the famine that was ravaging the world at that time. It was the place of refuge but it later became a place of pain, as they became the refuse, trampled upon in severe persecution.

The people of Egypt, instead of dealing with the children of Israel in the spirit of good neighbourliness, saw them as rivals as the spirit of oppression manifested through them (Exodus 1-3).

Their friends became enemy, their benefactors became tormentors. There was a change for the worse.  Instead of being able to spend their time the way they wanted for their own profit, they were conscripted to build as slaves for the Egyptians.

Pharaoh wanted his ego fed by putting up lofty edifice and the Israelites were handy. With no military might to help them resist, they were easy target for conscription, and enslavement.  It was a situation beyond their power. After many years, God set out to deliver them through the ministry of Moses.

Egypt could represent for us in the 21st century different things, for which Jesus is our deliverer. Everything that Jesus needed to deliver us from can be linked to the sin bondage that Adam and Eve brought us into.

Egypt of ignorance

To be ignorant is to lack light and the light of God is linked to life from God. But of Jesus it was said that in him was light and the light is the life of men (John 1:1-5).

When man was cut off from the life of God through sin, his heart became darkened (Ephesians 4:18), the devil blinded his heart so that the light of God will not fall on it. It is in the same way that now the devil blinds the heart of people not to be receptive to the gospel (2Corinthians 4:4).

Before, there was limited light coming from God to man, but with the coming of Jesus there is massive light released through the preaching of the gospel.

With the gospel we enter the door of knowledge, and as we continue in the truth we move on into more and more of God. God loves all his children the same way, but he reveals himself in different levels to each.

But it was because Eve wanted of know more. wanted to be more that was why she became prey to the evil machination of the devil. She had an hunger that she did not seek to meet in God. Hence she was blinded from the truth to embrace falsehood. She was blinded from the right way and so went the wrong way. There is a way that seems right to man but the end is destruction (Proverbs 14:12).

Every fall starts with an area of ignorance, and with a need met in a wrong way

Every fall starts with an area of ignorance, and with a need met in a wrong way. The bible says that pride comes before the fall. Pride is a chink in the armour, making us an easy prey. Pride is the presumption of knowledge. It is false knowledge because it rejects dependence on God.

In humility Paul said of Jesus: that I may know him (Jesus) and the power of his resurrection (Philippians 3:10-14). He did not presume to know everything, but was willing to be guided into deeper levels of knowledge. It was because of that the Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of truth (John 16:13). He is to lead us into all truth, he is also called the Spirit of revelation (Ephesians 1:15-18), empowering us to know God, ourselves, the devil and people around the more. And light is in Jesus (John 1:1-5).

Egypt of bondage

Bondage comes in many forms. There is spiritual bondage, and mental bondage and physical bondage, all having their source with the devil. A woman who was bent over for eighteen years that Jesus freed was in physical bondage (Luke 13:10-17). A man whose hand was withered experienced restoration through Jesus (Mark 3:1-5).

Mental bondage is bondage to sin, Jesus said that it is where the heart goes that the life will go. Freedom from mental bondage, bondage to the lies of the devil comes when we are exposed to the truth. Jesus tied freedom to the coming of truth into us, describing freedom as a progression (John 8:32).

Spiritual bondage is death, the rule and operation of sin and death in the life of men (Romans 8:1-2), and Jesus as come with his life.

Egypt of helplessness

A critical look at the situation the Israelites found themselves in the land of Egypt showed they were as helpless as helpless can be.

They were really in the valley of the shadow of death. As a people the prognosis was dire, the possibility for a respite was remote in the natural sense. There was no friendly nation to come to their aid, they had no one talking favourably about them in the household of pharaoh. They had no way of escape.

Their case was all but closed. But there is a God in heaven, a covenant-keeping God who came down because of the commitment he had with Abraham their forebear to stand deliver them. For some time it seems that the situation was going to remain the way it was, but by calling on God, they received help from above and that made the big difference.

Egypt of servitude

Egypt, at the end, would not have been unbearable for the Israelites to stay if they had been allowed to live their own lives, develop at their own pace, develop their skills and live to their own advantage, build their own buildings, for their own benefits, and not just what they do for others.

They were being used to fulfil another man’s vision and use of force, compulsion, and they did not have the time to cultivate develop and actualise their own dreams and visions.

They were supposed to be beasts of burdens, unthinking, robots, only good for obeying orders. They are only meant to be used but others and not be useful to themselves, they were meant to be chained to the will of another and not pursue their own purpose and rise to the highest level of their individual expression.

Know that Jesus has come for the liberation (2Corinthians 3:17) of humanity from whatever binds, whatever limits them, makes them unfulfilled.

Jesus has brought the possibility of eternal fulfilment not just temporal, the possibility for everyone to serve God who is love. That is designed to be the most liberating existence. Plugged into the divine power source, we are enabled to be all we can be, and that in union with Christ.


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