Restoration: from redemption to dominion

Leviticus 25:48: After that he is sold he may be redeemed again; one of his brethren may redeem him:

gull-285183_640Redemption means buy back. It is the first stage in the process of restoration. It is followed by transformation, which is followed by manifestation, towards domination.

Redemption and transformation

To be redeemed is to be cleaned up. There was a mad man in Gadara, who encountered Jesus and was freed from the demons which were messing up his mind. He was saved from that situation and he was given a mission from Jesus (Luke 8:27-39).

He asked to follow Jesus but was told to go about his region and tell people what God has done for him. That was restoration for him.

He earlier had the reputation of being a dangerous man. He was isolated, and he had his house in the graveyard. His image was battered.

But after he was healed, he was asked to go around talking to people and got a fast track from his past. He was isolated, now he will be celebrated. He was an object of pity who became a source of joy.

He used to tear himself with stone, the wounds turned to scars, and there was no more wounding. He was redeemed from cutting himself, and restored to a respectable state in the society. He was a curse, turned to blessing.

The people gave glory to God on his behalf. While before he was an object of fear, he is a now a point of praise to God. He was not only redeemed from demon-infestation by the power of the Holy Spirit, but he was transformed, given a mission a purpose for living. Without a purpose for living he can regress and may even kill himself, when the devil try to overwhelm him with different situations. He was given something to pour his energy into, something to make what he went through worthy while, as God glorified himself in it.

When Paul was saved he was immediately intimated with and integrated into a divine mission (Acts 9:11-22). He was immediately given a mission which he immediately embarked on. His boundless energy was channelled to something profitable.

Here was a man who was tearing the church apart, now turned to one who is talking wounds for Christ. Before he burned with hate when he heard the name of Jesus, he is now on a mission, burning with passion for Jesus. The endpoint of transformation is the pursuit of a mission for God.

Remember that before when the world fell to the devil man went about the mission that God gave him (Genesis 2:15), with sin man lost the job, and now when man is redeemed from sin, he is transformed to carry out divine assignment again.

When people are saved they should immediately have their eyes opened to the grace of God for service. This is because restoration is not complete at the point of redemption. It is not just enough to get to heaven, man’s purpose is more about this earth than heaven. When we get to heaven it will be like vacation, but the purpose of God is that the meek will inherit the earth. We will come back here.

Also transformation is not just about the mission, it starts with redemption, which is a change of spiritual state, since those who worship God (inclusive of service to him) must worship him in spirit and truth, since God is Spirit (John 4:22-24).

And it is to the limit that we are internally transformed that we can carry out our mission. Jesus constantly said: let it be to you according to your faith (Matthew 9:29). You cannot experience more than you have been transformed into. The transformation starts with the thought, which is termed the renewing of the mind. It is not so important what is happening to you as what is what you are changing into.

While redemption is more God’s effort than yours, transformation is more your effort than God’s at least in an obvious sense.

While for redemption, Jesus did all the work in dying for us, and we only have to believe, transformation is what we do from that point on. It has to do with being hungry for the sincere milk of the word that we might grow thereby. It is about exposure to the right words, right association, right presence, right spiritual practice of prayer and lifestyle patterned after Christ. It was the extent of the transformation that had taken place in the life of the believers, the disciples, which made observers to name them Christians.

Manifestation and dominion

After redemption and transformation, we have manifestation. Paul said that the whole earth is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God (Romans 8:16-23).

Manifestation is about turning the divine codes loosed in the believers. While transformation is a process after redemption, domination is a process after manifestation of sons of God.

Manifestation starts when we are baptised in the Holy Spirit and it is the manifestations of spiritual gifts that makes it seem when we are God on the earth. The intensity and spread of it is what Paul meant by the manifestation of the sons of God.

It is something beyond the norm in his time. Note that he said that the whole world waits for the manifestation of the sons of God, meaning it has not happened in his time.

The manifestation as sons of God is the increasing of the tempo of the spiritual gifts, and the supernatural signs and wonders through God’s people to a deafening level. And it is not just about one or two spiritual stars, it is a whole company of people, manifestation the supernatural like never before.

It bears repeating that it is the expression of divinity in humanity in ways that are beyond imagining, in supernatural signs and wonders. It revving up the spiritual tempo up in the way you have not seen before. And it is not the manifestation of a son of God, but the sons of God (a collective), whether you are a male or a female.

And manifestation is not an end in itself. It leads to domination. Remember that when God made man, it was to have dominion on the earth (Genesis 1:26-28) and man will not be fulfilled until that happened in the fullest measure. That is the end of the journey started by redemption. If it is not total dominion then we are not at the end of the road, we are still in process.

Jesus was born son of God (akin to our redemption) and he experienced growth (akin to our transformation). After his baptism in the Holy Spirit, he was activated and he became a manifested son for over three years displaying stupendous level of signs and wonders, healing, words of knowledge, wisdom and unprecedented expression of the glory of God to change people, dominate the demons and the elements of the earth like wind and water. He now dominates in the spirit and on earth through the church which is his body.


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