Iconic Moses

Exodus 19:9: And the LORD said to Moses, “Behold, I am coming to you in a thick cloud, that the people may hear when I speak with you, and may also believe you forever.” When Moses told the words of the people to the LORD,

The circumstance of his birth were dire (Exodus 1-3). Pharaoh had orderedmoses-145721_640 the killing of all new born males in Israel. He escaped by the miracle of God and grew up in the palace of the arch enemy of Israel at that time.

He did no grow up with a slave mentality, so he was different. He must have believed that there was something special about him, that he was somehow meant to deliver Israel (Acts 7:20-40). And when he was forty years, he felt a nudge to do something about it, and he killed an Egyptian while he was at it.

He had to run away because of that, becoming a persona non grata in Egypt, somewhere he had known all his life to start all over again.

He began his wilderness experience to taste something of the difficulty that the children of Israel went through, having been cocooned from such by his privileged up-bringing.

He started on a bed of roses and landed on a bed of thorns, and the difficulty he went through worked humility, meekness in him, so much so that when God wanted to send him back to Egypt to deliver the children of Israel what he had always thought was his call, he felt unqualified. He stopped holding such high opinion about himself and was usable in God’s hands because of that.

But there was a king in Israel who started out meek and ended up proud, full of himself- Saul. And a similar thing happened with Moses.

Moses was the deliverer, the prophet, he was more than a prophet because God said that he speaks with him face to face (Numbers 12:1-8). However, he started thinking too much of himself and at a point he allowed the children of Israel to get under his skin and he disobeyed God.

God told him to speak to the rock to get water for the children of Israel but he struck the rock. And that cost him the Promised Land.  The disobedience of Saul cost him the throne. Therefore it does not matter how iconic you think you are, how special, you will undo yourself if you do not humble yourself. With pride you dig your own pit. Jesus said that he that would be great will have to be the servant of all. Greatness in the kingdom of God is about being the greatest servant.

In the New Testament, the people said that Moses fed their fathers with bread in the wilderness. Jesus also identified a seat in Israel called the seat of Moses.

That was how God strongly identified himself with Moses, so much so that even though he struck the rock instead of speaking to it, God caused the rock to bring out water anyway, even though he punished Moses.

Moses did not follow through with the commandment of God and he was not allowed to go to the Promised Land, what he lived his life for. He did not fulfil his purpose because he treated lightly the word of God.

Moses loomed large in both the old and the New Testament. He laid the foundation of the nation of Israel. While Jacob was the father of the nation naturally, in a spiritual sense, Moses was. The theological and social-civic foundation for the nation was laid through him. He was God’s project manager (agent) to turning the people of Israel from a ragtag group of slaves to a formidable nation, taking territory.

He was the “mediator” of the old covenant (Galatians 3:19). God put his awe on him, and through the amazing words he gave and how they came to pass, there will be no doubt about the height of authority invested in him.

God testified about him that he was faithful in all his house (Hebrews 3:5-6). Moses wrote the first five books of the bible. How did he know what happened at creation? That can only be by revelation. The books are not mere documents, but divine oracles. How did he know that the earth was without form and void before he was even born? He saw beyond the veil of time.

When proving the authenticity of the ministry of Jesus, the Peter said that Jesus was the one Moses spoke about when he said that God will send a prophet like him who must be listened to or else the people will perish (Acts 3:72). And the bible says, if we do not believe in Jesus we are condemned already (John 3:16-18).

Jesus is greater than Moses as the creator is greater than the created, as a Son over his own house, while Moses was a servant. He was a type of Christ. He led the people from the house of bondage to the Promised Land just as Jesus leads us from the hold of Satan to heaven (Colossians 1:13).

While they ate the manna from heaven in the wilderness and still died (John 6:31-58), Jesus said that he is the bread of heaven that people will eat and not die.

Just as Moses came to Israel with signs and wonders, Jesus also came with that.  Just as Moses was helped in his assignment by Aaron his brother, Jesus was aided by his cousin John, who was his forerunner.

Around the birth of Moses, there was an order by Pharaoh to kill all the male new-borns, to arrest the population growth of Israel, because he was afraid they will grow so big and would no longer be content to be subservient.

Similarly, around the time Jesus was born, King Herod commanded the killing of those who were two years and younger in Bethlehem of Judea (Matthew 2:1-18) where Jesus was prophesised to be born a messiah. He saw Jesus as a risk to his throne, and he did all he could to destroy that threat. But just as God preserved Moses spiritually, Jesus was also preserved, with an angel coming informing his father of the risk to the child and he took him from harm’s way (Matthew 2:13).


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