A king to fight our battles

1Samuel 8:20: that we also may be like all the nations, and that our king may judge us and go out before us and fight our battles.”

white-bengal-tiger-406994_640While what the children of Israel asked for was not wrong, the fact that they wanted to be like other nation was. They did not appreciate their specialness, that they have God, through the book of the law, as ruler. They decided seek for a natural king, not appreciating that God was their true king, with whom they should walk by faith.

The first king they got was after their own will. Saul was a man given to his own ways and will. It was a reflection of the fact that the children of Israel displayed a collective self-will, rejecting the will of God. That was something prominent in the life of Saul.

God chose another king- David.

David was God’s kind of king, while Saul was the people’s kinda.  David did not look like a king, but he had the heart of a king, a heart for God (Acts 13:22), who is the only true king. But Saul “looked” like a king, being, from the shoulder up, taller than all others in Israel (1Samuel 9:2). He had the physical qualities but eventually it was discovered that he did not have the inner qualities.

Where Saul failed, David succeeded. And he became a forbear of Jesus, who bore the title – Son of David. When a blind man sought the attention of Jesus in need of healing, he said: Son of David have mercy on me (Luke 18:35-43).

It was Jesus the King who is designed to fight our battles. Our greatest battle is against sin and Jesus was on the cross with no natural weapon on his hand, but nailed to sticks; with no armour on him, but stripped of his cloths, dealing with sin (Romans 7:23-25, Hebrews 9:28). He shed his blood and through death destroyed him who had the power of death, death being our enemy (Hebrews 2:14).

He deals with our ignorance-enemy, becoming our light (John 9:5). He deals with our sickness-enemy by becoming our healing (1Peter 2:24).

He is called the King of kings and the Lord of lords (Revelation 17:14). In him we are more than conquerors. He conquered for us and gave us the trophy. And we are in him as kings in our own right. That is who he made us to be.

To be a king means you have authority; it means you are able to rule by the words of your mouth. Remember that when God created man he gave him dominion (Genesis 1:26-28), and dominion is about power and authority. While authority shows that we are in charge, power is the enforcement of that reality.

While a president is appointed a king in biblical terms is anointed.  The anointing is a mark of divine approval. Even when King Saul was out of favour with God, David still respected the anointing on him (1Samuel 24:6). The anointing confers honour.

And the oil stands or the Holy Spirit. David received the anointing to be king long before he became king in the ultimate sense. He received anointing three times over his life time (1Samuel 16:1-13, 2Samuel 2:4, 2Samuel 3:1, 5:1-5), heralding his entrance into new phases in his life.

This we also see in Jesus. Jesus was nothing without oil which came upon him as the Holy Spirit when he was baptised in water by John and that oil led to his death on the cross. It corresponds to the oil that David received that first resulted in him coming into prominence in Israel, but which eventually led to his running away from his motherland.

Remember Jesus was led out of the city to be crucified, so David running away to foreign land was a form of death, death to his dreams, and relationships in Israel.

The first anointing for both David and the man who will along the line assume the title Son of David, Jesus, led to some form of death. Both died because of actions of the person they were meant to replace. Jesus was meant to replace the devil as one with authority on the earth, while, David was meant to replace Saul, who persecuted David, as king of Israel.

The second anointing on David brought him to be king of a part of the whole he was meant to. He started leading one tribe of Israel, while his call was to lead all the twelve tribes.

How does this second anointing of David relate to Jesus?

When the Holy Spirit came down in Acts chapter two it came on the body of Christ, the church. That is the second anointing that Jesus experienced, like David did. And through the church Jesus now has a limited reign as king, it is not yet absolute, i.e. over all the affairs on the earth.

So while the disciples were thinking that surely after the resurrection, this was the time for you to take over, it was not to be so. Just as you would think that after Saul died, David should immediately be king of all Israel, but he was first king of Judah.

And just as eventually David was handed the control of all Israel, Jesus will rule the earth, through a third anointing on his body which will make all of us have immortal bodies. Now we have the deposit of the Holy Spirit (), then a full expression.

Between those two seasons in the life of David, the bible says that the house of Saul grew weaker and weaker while the house of David grew stronger and stronger.

That can also be applied to Jesus. At this time, when two kingdoms (the devil’s and God’s) still exist side by side, and it seems the old kingdom of Saul still continues in most of the world, the house of  David, the church,  is meant to grow stronger, gain the upper hand, be on the front foot.

The third anointing on Jesus will come up when he will be fully king on the earth as all contrary powers are done away with, except his for 1000 years (Revelation 20:4).


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