Build me a house

1Chronicles 17:12: He shall build a house for me, and I will establish his throne forever.
large-home-389271_640This is the first time God is talking about a house. Before them he had “lived” in tents starting with the tabernacle in the wilderness, then to Shiloh. But David after he had built himself a house felt an ordinary tent was no longer good for God (1Chronicles 17). He felt God deserved an edifice greater than any on the earth.

The temple became central to the identity of the nation of Israel. After foreign armies demolished it twice, it was rebuilt. Now the rebuilding of the temple on the very place where Solomon David’s son build the first one, is still important to the nation of Israel.

The temple is the symbol of identity, worship and community. The physical structure at that time is now the church at this time. The church formed the identity of the believers, defines the context of their worshipping God and offers the essence of community. The temple is the place God chose to be identified with him.

God rewarded David bountifully for even having such thoughts of building him a house. However God did not allow David to build it, citing his identification with warfare, since God wants the building of his house to be marked by peace, which he promised will be in the time of his son Solomon, as an eternal lesson.

He wants to display that after warfare in this world there will be a time of peace on the earth, in the millennial reign (Revelation 20).

But because of his love for God and his generous heart, David said set out to make preparation for the temple that Solomon whose name means peace will build.

Not only did David design the building, Solomon leveraged on the relationship David had built with the king of Tyre to get a supply of timber and a skilled man to head the construction of the temple in all its details. David therefore created the platform for the building of the temple (2Chronicles 2).

Both David and Solomon are types of Jesus.

Jesus on the earth was hounded to death, “chased” from the land of the living, just as David was chased from the land of Israel by King Saul.

David lived in a contradiction, he was anointed to be king of a people but spent years away from them.

Jesus was called the king of Israel but killed by the same Israelites. While David felt frustrated by his experience Jesus knew everything that will happen beforehand because he is God.

Now after his death and resurrection Jesus declared that all powers in heaven and earth are given to him (Matthew 28:18-20). Now Jesus reigns, yet it is warfare time, just as there was warfare throughout David’s time as king, so much so that when he was getting old and he was almost killed in a battle, he was told by his subordinates not to go with them to battle with them again (2Samuel 21:16-17).

Earlier he fell into sin, when he was at the right place at the wrong time. He was in his palace when kings normally went to war (2Samuel 11). He might have wanted to change who he was, what he was called to, he wanted to have some peace, when God has said that his best is manifested when he engages in warfare.

Similarly, at this time God has said to Jesus, sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool, in the day of your power your people shall be volunteers (Psalm 110).

There is no need for power except if there is an opposition. Jesus said he will build his church (the people who will be willing) and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. That means in the building of the church there will be the enemies around (Matthew 16:18).

And that is David’s time. Though David fought many battles he was not overcomed. And the church will do well to learn from David the secret of his success in different wars. He had the habit of asking God for direction about how to approach a battle task. In the same vein, the church will win to the extent that it yields to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

The bible spoke about Jesus before he was born that he will root of Jesse (Isaiah 11:10) and will branch out from where he is and build the house of God (Zechariah 6:12).

While at the time, we have the building of the church, which is the house of God, but when compared with what will be in the New Jerusalem, the future expression of the house of God, this will be like mere sketches.

The New Jerusalem is the house of God coming down to man from heaven to the earth (Revelation 3:12; 21). The beauty, the complete perfection that will represented there will not be unimaginable. It is described as a bride prepared for his groom.

And in the writing of Paul the groom is Jesus and the church is the bride (Ephesians 5:22-33). The New Jerusalem is the picture of the church in his perfected state. So now the church is being prepared, leading up to that ultimate day after the millennial reign of Jesus, when the New Jerusalem will be unveiled. It will mark the beginning of the new earth and a new heaven where evil will be done away with.

The phrase: build me a house is the divine charge to Jesus. In the thousand year reign of Jesus will be the setting up of the church, in a time of peace. Now we are seeing the outlines of it, the pillars are being set (Revelation 3:12), the stones are being shaped.

The people who will be the stones that will be form the building of the house are being shaped. Peter said we are lively stones (1Peter 2:5), Paul said we are being built into an habitation for God in the spirit (Ephesians 2:19-22), but a time will come when that be in will be tangible, will be physical in the New Jerusalem, the epitome of spiritual symbolism and unity between the physical and the spiritual, the union between the world of man and the world of God.

The glory that will be revealed in us is much greater than the glory we presently experience (Romans 8:18), just as the beauty of the prototype is less than that of the real building. Right now in our little ways and places we are being prepared as the bride of God, being shaped into the right stones for the building.

We are being worked on, we are being prepared. This earth is a preparatory zone for the future public display. The stones for the building in the in the temple of Solomon were prepared out of sight (1Kings 6:1-7). It does not matter how obscure you are now you are being prepared for prominence in the New Jerusalem. As the divine master craftsman, Jesus is working on you now.


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