2015 is the year of…

2015 is the year of fine-tuning what God has been building in you for sometime for a delivery to your world.

The opportunities that have opened up last year will yield there full potentials this year.

Help is on the way from unusual sources.

2015 is the year of the presence of God. God will manifest in unusual places, in unusual ways, through unusual people. When God breaks out, new theologies will have to be created to accommodate him. New wineskins will have to be set up.

2015 is the year rapid changes. You are about to be set of fire like never before to set many others on fire. It is the year or divine wildfires that will manifest even in a physical sense.

It is the year of revival, especially of those who have lost faith in the church. As they are restored to faith in God, they will come back and help others to gain a renewed perspective of God who met them when they are not looking for him. Like Moses they will help get the church out of the rot of religion, sinfulness and powerlessness. The church will truly be on the way to the Promised Land.


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