Promise and performance

water-525421_6402Chronicles 6:4: And he said, “Blessed be the LORD, the God of Israel, who with his hand has fulfilled what he promised with his mouth to David my father, saying, (ESV).

In the book of Genesis the Lord made a promise that the seed of the woman will crush the head of the serpent (Genesis 3).

In the book of Revelation the identity of the serpent which deceived Eve in the garden was unveiled, He was called the devil (Revelation 12:9).

That divine declaration showed who really was in charge. Though the devil temporary usurped the authority of man in the Garden of Eden, the ultimate authority still lies with God.

But that was not the first time the devil will try to get authority, position and influence, beyond what God gave him. He tried to war with God in heaven and take his place. What effrontery.

Because of the pride in the heart of the devil, he presumed that his familiarity with God meant the limitation of God. He was mistaken.

But the proud are always blinded. They see only things that fit into their preconceived notion, their pre-conclusion.

When the devil became an issue in heaven, Michael with some other angels fought and defeated him. He was kicked down to the earth.  There was no place for the devil in heaven and he found place on the earth becoming the god of this world (2Corinthians 4:4).

But the promise was fulfilled that the serpents head would be bruised (that means his time of his dominion which the head symbolises typifies, will start to come to an end) by his encounter with the seed of the woman- Jesus.

The devil’s encounter with Jesus through the cross bruised the head of the serpent.  The bruised heel of Jesus was shown in his flowing blood.

As the god of this world, he controls kingdoms. And as seen in the dream shown to king Nebuchadnezzar, God is going to set up another kingdom in the time of these kingdoms through a “stone” cut without human hands which stands for divine operation. It would happen by the power of God. That is a promise and it is being fulfilled in our eyes. The stone is Jesus, and he is setting up a kingdom that will last forever (Hebrews 12:28, Daniel 2).

Isaiah wrote that a virgin will be pregnant and give birth to a child and his name shall be called Emmanuel (Isaiah 7:14). That promise was also fulfilled in Jesus as noted by Matthew (Matthew 1:22-23). God promised to give that sign and he fulfilled it in the birth of Jesus through an unassuming young girl, Mary.

Jesus gave the promise of the coming of the Holy Spirit. And it was fulfilled when Jesus’ disciples were in the upper in Jerusalem, some days later. So a promise can be fulfilled within days or after thousands of years as the birth of Jesus as the seed of the woman showed.

The Holy Spirit told Simeon, an old man that he was not going to die until he saw the Christ (Luke 2:25-26). That was a promise followed by a performance.

God made the promise to Abraham that he was going to give him the land where he sojourned, the land of Canaan. But that promise came to pass hundreds of years later in the time of his sons. God had his way. He says it and it happens. His promises and it stands firm.

God promised to provide meat in the wilderness for the millions of the children of Israel. Moses did not believe that was possible. He though God was limited. God told him is there anything too hard for him and fulfilled his word.

The promise comes in words, the performance comes in acts. The word creates the act. So we should not border with the acts as we would with the words. The word is the divine raw material for creating what is seen. It communicates the power and the presence of God.

Our obedience is tied to the word of God, which also gives us direction. Success in our undertakings is tied to mediating day and night on the word of God (Joshua 1:8).

There are different options, different paths many take. That is why at Jesus said that there is a broad road that leads to destruction and many are on it, but the path of life is narrow, is it delimited by the word of God (Matthew 7:13-14). It is the narrow path of the will of God which is good, acceptable and perfect. It is the path of progress and blessing, where you hear the words: the blessing of the Lord makes rich adding no sorrow to it (Proverbs 10:22).

While Solomon kept to the word of God, he experienced the blessing of God, the unalloyed blessing. He was blessed with wisdom and riches beyond any other king on the earth, but when he stopped being guided by the word of God, he lost the kingdom. Though it did not happen in his lifetime, but the word of judgment that God sent to him created in the time of his son, Rehoboam (1Kings 11:1-14).

Eli, a priest was warned about the behaviour of his sons, how they treat the things of God, but he chose to ignore it. And the word came that his lineage will be removed from the priesthood and that God was going to raise up another priest. The ultimate fulfilment of which was found in Jesus who was declared a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek (Psalm 110). You cannot hold God to ransom. With his word he can shift the goalpost.

God removes one and established another (Psalm 75:7). He removed Saul and established David, all by his word.

Samuel told Saul after he acted contrary to his word that God has replaced him with a man after his own heart, with David (though his name was not immediately revealed). David became king many years after the promise was made.

The word formed the reality that it represents. God said his word is like rain that falls to the ground, and does not return to him void but performs his purpose, it prospers in the thing for which it is sent. It determines the course of history.

The bible says God does nothing unless he tells his servants the prophets (Amos 3:7). And when they declared it on earth it is the agreement of earth with heaven. The word becomes the ladder through which the will of God is manifested on the earth.

When we declare the word of truth, our world begins to be aligned to it. And when your words align with the word of God, it attains creative power. God told Jeremiah: I have put my words in your mouth, and what you say have effect among the nations, bringing changes there, bring my will to pass (Jeremiah 1:9-10).


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