Transformation by the Spirit

white-tailed-doe-599829_640Psalm 107:35: He turns a desert into pools of water, a parched land into springs of water.

There is no transformation that matches the Lord’s. Our spirit has been transformed, our body will be transformed, but our soul is being transformed. It is being overhauled spiritually. What God is doing on our inside is like turning desert into pools of water and parched land into springs of water. Pools of water speaks of salvation, i.e. the resident presence of the Holy Spirit, while springs of water speaks of the flowing presence of the Holy Spirit. That is the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the immersive experience of the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit is the divine agent to transform us. In its association with the word of God, he brings the reality of heaven, where a river flows from the throne of God, into our life (Revelation 22:1-2). The throne of God speaks of his dominion and it is in that contest that the river flows, forming the pool and also generates the fountain, the springs of water.

Therefore, transformation journey starts with acknowledging the dominion of God, having his throne come into our heart, when we recognise the lordship of Jesus.

Paul said that when will confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in our hearts that God raised him from the dead we shall be saved (Romans 10:9-13). In his death, he transformed our desert, our parched land and leads us to the place flowing with milk and honey, taking us to his father.

He leads us from bondage to freedom, from weakness to power, from emptiness to the fullness of the presence of God, from blindness to seeing, from sin to righteousness, from hopelessness to change unrelenting.

We are transformed, we are new creatures (2Corinthians 5:17). We are offered new beginning, a new place, a new family- the church, a new location- the presence of God, a new purpose- the fullness of God, becoming like Christ.

We are introduced into a relationship with the Holy Spirit our guide, helper, the director of our life and purpose.

The water of the Spirit brings healing. The water flows from the threshold of the temple in the book of Ezekiel was for healing (Ezekiel 47). But beyond healing is the building work of the Holy Spirit, which is associated with the word.

Jesus says that the word that he speaks are Spirit and life (John 6:63), showing us the association of the word with the Spirit. The word gives the intention and direction, the Spirit gives the function. He creates the reality that the word presents.

The water of the Holy Spirit represents our journey, as we move in the water or as the water moves us. He transforms us. He cuts us into the right shape.

At creation, the Bible says that the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the Spirit was moving there (Genesis 1:1-3).

Though the Spirit was there, nothing was happening, unless the word was declared which channels the energy of the Spirit. The Bible says that faith comes via the word of God (Romans 10:17), and faith gives force to the Spirit. The word channels the Spirit like a laser.

The dry place is a condition of being emptied of the presence of God. The presence of God is associated with refreshing with Peter saying that times of refreshing will come from the presence of God (Acts 3:19).

Dryness is also associated with the lack of the word of God. In the time of Eli the Bible says that the words of God, who is the fountain of living water (1Samuel 3:1-5), was scarce and there was no open vision. It was like the gate of heaven was closed.

The valley of dry bones, in the vision that God showed to Ezekiel, was by definition, a very dry place. But it did not remain so, as the word of God was released there (Ezekiel 37). The change which ensued was unbelievable.

God said Ezekiel should prophesy (speak the word of God) to the dry bones, that bone be joined to bone, and that the bones be covered with flesh sinews and skin.

So from the bare bones we got fully formed bodies but they were lifeless. So God gave Ezekiel the final order which was to prophesy to the wind, which is the Spirit, to enter the people. And they stood up a mighty army.

That is definitely parched land becoming springs of water. From emptiness, we have an army able to do great things. It was coming from the dead, by the ordering and the infusion of the Spirit of God.


Paul says God is not the author of confusion but of order in all the churches (1Corinthians 14:33). Order is about alignment with the truth of God. The experience of the word of God, is described as having something laid line upon line, precept upon precept (Isaiah 28:13).

Jesus asked the disciples that they should make sure they teach the believers all he had taught them and in the starting of the church, the new disciples were said to have continued in the apostles teaching (Acts 2:42). Coming into Christ, they were to be ordered aright in his ways.

The apostles taught the people from house to house, setting in the people the truth of God. Paul said that he left Titus in the land of Crete so that he will set in order the things that are lacking, things not ordered, things not in alignment with the message of the Lordship of Jesus (Titus 1:5).

Paul warned against those who walk disorderly, saying that they should be avoided (2Thessalonians 3:6-11). The word of God is meant to be complied with. When Moses went out of order, though he was a first-class prophet he was not spared (Numbers 20:8-12). We cannot in the name of being guided by the Spirit jettison the control of the word of God, it will lead us nowhere.


As stated before, the Spirit is about function while order is about form, and you cannot totally separate one from the other. Jesus gives the form of the church, we are his body and he is the truth. The Spirit provides for the dynamic functioning of each part, animating it. The body is animated by the Holy Spirit, as a living, breathing structure, as the conveyor of the transforming presence of God to the world.


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