There is no wisdom against the Lord

lion-588144_640Proverbs 21:30: No wisdom, no understanding, no counsel can avail against the LORD.

The psalmist said: why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing, against the lord and his anointed (Psalm 2)?

The ability of God is incomparable, unlimited, that is why he is God. But in the context of salvation, God has limited himself to come in the form of sinful flesh to destroy sin and to give us the victory (Romans 8:3).

That there is no wisdom or counsel against the lord was shown in the cross, where the devil arranged for him to die and he did.

But the bible says that had they known better, the princes of this world would not have crucified the Lord of glory (1Corinthians 2:6-8). They thought that to get rid of Jesus they only needed to kill him, and that will be his end. That was the devil’s best strategy.

He tempted him before then, but that did not work; he also sent the Pharisees to try to trap him with what they thought were difficult questions.

Jesus was once asked to decide if a woman caught in adultery be stoned (John 8:1-11), he was also asked about the validity of paying “taxes to Caesar” which the people were against it but he sent them off by his wise and impregnable answers (Luke 20:19-47).

The devil said that since Jesus could not be trapped by his appetite (temptation in the wilderness [Luke 4:1-12]) or by sly questions, he thought he will definitely he kill him using he calling from God which is to heal the sick and raised the dead and preach that the kingdom of God has come near (similar to what happened to Daniel [Daniel 6]).

The devil stirred up envy in the heart of the Jewish religious hierarchy against Jesus as he was fulfilling his mission from God (John 11), and they arrested and tried him, and tele-guided the roman authority to nail him to the cross, to the utter disbelief of his disciples who had thought that he was the Son of God.

The devil was the one described as working through the power of death (Hebrews 2:14), which is the last enemy that will be destroyed (Revelation). But the “weakness” and “foolishness” of God in the cross turned out to be stronger and wiser than the devil. The devil was looking forward to singing a victory song on God’s account after the cross, but it was not to be.

In the second bible psalm, the bible says the kings of the world set themselves in array against the lord and against his Christ. But the reaction from God was to break out in laughter, adding: ‘what are these thinking. Do they even know who I am? Do they think they can resist me? How preposterous!’

He is a great God. It is either you bow to him or you bow out. It is either you knee to him or you get knocked out. You cannot be wiser than God and the best is to allow him to teach you wisdom. David prayed: teach me your ways oh lord and I will walk in your truth (Psalm 86:11).

Wisdom means how to achieve specific aims, building on the foundation of knowledge and understanding. Knowledge is the awareness of the facts, understanding is about how the facts relate to each other.

God is the ultimate in these dimensions. He creates the facts, he set them in motion. They can only effectively make sense in his context since he creates and allocates functions to them.

He made the sun to rule over the day while the moon was made to rule over the night, both assigned to their courses (Psalm 136:8-9), to achieve their specific purposes.

He assigned the times and seasons. And Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for being able to predict the weather but were clueless when it comes to divine timing. They did not know the ways of the Lord (Matthew 16:1-4).

They thought they were wise and became fools. Because they did not have the wisdom of God they were found opposing God and they took steps to crucify Jesus who represented what God was doing on the earth at that time, because it you are following the wisdom of God, you are foolish.

Even after the resurrection of Jesus and his disciple were going all over making that announcement to the people in Jerusalem, the Pharisee were still opposing the work of God through them. But one Gamaliel, among them, said that they should avoid opposing God, presuming to be wiser that he, so they stopped the persecution (Acts 5:33-42). The more they were persecuted the more they spread, like the children of Israel, God’s people in persecution in Egypt, who still increased in population even in persecution, because there is wisdom against the Lord (Exodus 1:12).

By his wisdom, God has chosen the weak to shame the wise (1Corinthians 1:23-31). He is associated with the humble, not the proud.

Jesus, describing the wisdom of his kingdom (wisdom means how to get things done) said that the kingdom is about the greatest being the servant of all (Matthew 23:11) and that this was different from what happens in the world, where the “great ones” lord it over others. And Wisdom means how to get things done.

The Sermon on the Mount contrasts the wisdom of God with the wisdom of the world. Jesus said that blessed are the meek, the poor in spirit, those who are persecuted for righteousness sake (Matthew 5:1-12). He did not say blessed are the popular, the famous, the rich and the well-known, the politically connected, and the well-educated.

And the things that are highly rated by men are disgusting to God (Luke 16:15). His measuring standard is different from men’s.

James made a distinction between the wisdom of God, which is called the heavenly wisdom and another wisdom which he calls demonic (James 3:10-17).

He calls the wisdom that does not come from above earthly, demonic and sensual. It is wisdom derived from tradition, from activity of demons and from what appeals to the flesh. This is wisdom based not on achieving the agenda of God, but man’s agenda.

We are told to look out for the approval of God and not be like some who seek for approval from men, who wants to fit into the standard of men and therefore reject God’s standard, who seek to conform to the world and are not transformed by the renewing of their minds (Romans 12:1-2).

Jesus asked a man to follow him but he responded by saying that he needed to bury his father first, to which Jesus said he should let the dead bury their dead but he should follow him (Matthew 8: 21-22), being the wisdom of God for him. But the wisdom of man will say: try to please others as much as you can. The kingdom of God does not run on pleasing all men but on pleasing God.


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