beautiful-16736_640Mark 9:39: But Jesus said, “Do not prevent him, because there is no one who does a miracle in my name and will be able soon afterward to speak evil of me. (LEB)

A miracle is a work of power. It is a radical change coming within a short period of time. A widow going along a road to bury her son, her only son, met Jesus on the way and her story changed (Luke 7:11-16). He turned her mourning into dancing, put a new song in her mouth, a song of praise to her God.

The raising of the dead occurred in the ministry of Jesus even for someone who had died for four days (John 11).

He cleansed the lepers, walked on water, multiply bread and fishes to feed thousands. He met all the physical needs of men through his miracles, so much that some people wanted to forcibly make him king (John 6:1-16).

It was a favour he did not want them to do for him. He was not interested in an honour that comes from men because he had his eyes on the honour that comes from God (John 5:41, 44). He was not interested in a physical position but in a spiritual position. He was not interested in a throne set up by men, but one set up by God.

While his miracles met the physical need of men, freeing people from demonic oppression, and sickness, his word, brings people to peace in their minds.

He said that the people should come to him, and learn from him to have rest for their soul. He taught the people, giving them the right direction for their life, opening their eyes into the dynamics of the kingdom of God, helping them to differentiate between what is important and what is not. Peter said that he has the words of eternal life (John 6:68).

But it was in his death on the cross that he did the miracle in our spirit. That is why he said that it was beneficial to the disciples that he goes because then he will be able to send the Holy Spirit and they will begin to live a new life (John 16:5-7).

Because while the Holy Spirit was with them while Jesus was present, he will be in them after he was gone (John 14:17). Jesus was will not go by taking a trip to another country, he was going to the spirit world and he will go through the path of death, the painful death on the cross, to set the captives free.

With the spirit coming into us we will be able down the ages to repeat the same miracles of Jesus, since the person who was responsible for the heavy miracles witnessed in the life of Jesus was the Holy Spirit.

Peter told Cornelius and his household that God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and power and he went about helping others with it (Acts 10:38).

When asked to come and attend to a need, Jesus was always willingly. The only time he initially expressed reluctance was in the case of the daughter of a Syrophenician woman who was grievously oppressed by a demon (Mark 7:24-29). Jesus told her that he had not been sent to any in the house of the Israel, but eventually when the woman persisted, with a word, the child was set free. That was the greatness of the power Jesus operated in.

Miracle is about the interphase between heaven and earth, it is the earth reintroduced to the power of God, to manifest his greatness in the kingdom of men.

The miracles Jesus did generated different reactions. For Nicodemus, it means that Jesus was a man sent from God (John 3:1-2). He said no one can do the numerous miracles he does without God being with him. The disciples said, “What manner of man is this, that the wind and the strong obey him,” when he a words he stilled the strong wind that was threatening to swallow them up (Mark 4:41).

For some of the others, because of the miracles, he was associated with famous prophets of the past, like Jeremiah, Elijah, John the Baptist (Matthew 16:13-16).

But when the Pharisees make their own comment, they said that since he does miracles on the Sabbath it means that he is a sinner, since, according to the law, no work should be done on that day (John 9). See how blinded they were. Jesus called them blind leaders of the blind (Matthew 15:12-14).

They could not be farther from the truth. This was God himself, the one called the holy one brought forth without a taint of sin (Luke 1:35). But they said that he cast out devils by the means of the chief of demons, Beelzebub (Matthew 12:22-24).

The miracles were a point of attraction to Jesus and the people started suspecting maybe he was the Messiah, he was full of goodness, he came with abilities never before seen.

However Jesus did not say that the ability to do the miracles was to remain exclusive to him. He said to the disciple that the only thing they need is faith to replicate what he does (Matthew 21:19-22), faith to uproot what had lasted for a long time, faith to dry up the work of the enemy.

He said he gave them authority to trample on snakes and scorpion, and they should use it by faith. When they asked him to increase their faith. He said, “if you have faith as small as mustard seed, you will say to this mountain be uprooted and he cast into the sea and it will obey you.”

He told them to use the authority by faith, believing that as he said it, it is so; believing in the reality of the unseen and how the word of God is everything in the realm of the spirit. By speaking words of command whatever situation that needs to be changed will hear and line up with because when the God made the heaven and the earth it was by the means of the spoken word, and with Jesus who is God, we have God, he highest ruler, in us.

Everything hears the word of God and lines up because the words carry power. The bible says that where the word of a king is, there is power, and Jesus has made us kings (Revelation 1:6) and we are imbued with his word, and thus with power (Ecclesiastes 8:4). The Holy Spirit is within us, that means God has his throne in us, and we can speak the words of God to change things around us, to command transformation, miraculous transformation.


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