Online Global Ministry Course (3 months free) 

Jehiel Prayer and Bible Training Institute Online Global Ministry Course (3 months free) 

Why Jehiel?: 1 chronicles 27:32b- Jehiel…tutored the king’s (David’s) sons. (NASB) 

Cornerstone verse: Acts 6:4: But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.” (ESV) 

Duration: 12 weeks (almost three months); Time: 9am to 12noon 

How many times a year: twice in a year (September-November and March-May) 

Cost to student: No payment required; Venue: Strong Tower Hotel, Ijapo, Akure, Ondo 

Model: it will follow a one lesson one week model, with the first ten weeks (Thursday-Friday) each 

focused on the following topics:  

Week one: The principles and dynamics of prayer; Week two: Who is Jesus?; Week Three: The power 

of God; Week Four: Purpose and motivation; Week Five: Life in the Spirit; Week Six: Holiness; Week 

Seven: Spiritual Identity; Week Eight: Spiritual growth; Week Nine: Emotional healing; Week ten: 

Ministration of the Word. 

Week eleven: Online writing and preaching (how to having a free blog and post video and audio 

messages online) 

Week twelve: Authoring a book online free with free book cover design.   

Mid-session break- Monday of the seventh week.  

Lesson pattern: first ten weeks, from Monday to Wednesday, will be strictly prayer (starting with 

30minutes of worship) (or evidence of doing it privately) (prayer pointed and verses projected), 

focused on the week’s theme, and Thursday – Friday for Bible Training (five one hour messages 

preceded by test) (or bring a flash to copy the recorded message) (and test done via email). 

Week 11 and 12: preaching practice for all students from Monday to Wednesday on two topics 

(15minutes each) from the ten above, recorded for online viewing. (Or record it [both video and 

audio] and bring the soft copy). 

Thursday and Friday practical session on the last two week can be done on Saturday for those not 

ZThe last Friday is for commissioning and giving out of certificate  

Added requirement for the first ten weeks from Monday to Friday: Read through the New 

Testament (five chapters for a day) and each day write down your thoughts (commentary, 

observation, analysis) in not less than 200 words on a verse or a passage for the day, of your own 

choosing. This is compulsory.  

Requirement for the practical class: a laptop and 1gig of data  

Kayode Crown 

Director of Studies 



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