The power and purpose of God’s word

study-862994_640Joshua 1:1: Moses, the LORD’s servant, was dead. So the LORD spoke to Joshua son of Nun, who had been the assistant of Moses. The LORD said: (CEV)

There are two things we can learn about the word of God: the “Power of His Word” and the “Reason for His Word.” The power of God’s word captures the ability inherent in it, and the reason captures the purpose the word is supposed to accomplish.

The Power of the Word

In the work of creation, we see the power of the word of God. While the earth was empty and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep according to the testimony of scriptures, things changed by reason of the word of God (Genesis 1:1-3). There is nothing too hard for God to do, and the instrument of his action is his word. The bible says that the lord sent his word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction (Psalm 107:20).

There is power in the word. Jesus said that the words that I speak are Spirit and life (John 6:63).  He puts a premium on his words and he wants us to do the same with our own word. He said we should let our yes be yes and no to be no, adding that anything else comes from the evil one.  He said every idle word will be judged.

The word of God is so powerful that it is the means for people to be saved. When a man in the book of Acts, a gentile, a roman soldier, was chosen to be saved, God asked him to send for Peter who  will tell him words by which he will experience salvation (Acts 10).

Paul said that he is not ashamed of the gospel which he said that it is the power of God for salvation (Romans 1:16). When writing to the church in Rome he said that for people to be saved they have to believe, and they cannot believe until they hear the word of the gospel, and they will not hear except people are sent to deliver the word of the gospel (Romans 10:9-17).

When Jesus said that we shall be his witnesses after the Holy Spirit has come upon us, he was saying that we will speak for him, and through that many will be saved (Acts 1:8).

The gospel is beyond information, it carries the ability to impart faith for salvation. Paul also wrote that faith comes by hearing the word of God.  When the gospel goes forth, faith becomes birthed in the heart of people to believe and they are saved. The word of God creates saving faith. It creates the platform for the Holy Spirit to do his work of convicting, illumination, for people to realise that they are in darkness and walk into the light.

An encounter with the word of God is an encounter with the divine transformative power. The process of the renewing of the mind includes encountering the word of God, and that creates internal changes in us (Romans 12:1-2). The bible says that we should not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of the mind.

The reason for the word

The bible says that the word of God is like rain that comes from heaven and does not return to him void without accomplishing the purpose for which it was sent (Isaiah 55:11). But when we do not know the reason the word was sent, we would not be able to cooperate with it. We lose out.

Jesus is the embodiment of the Word. He is the Word. The bible says that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the word was God. The Word became flesh and dwelled among us (John 1:1-17).

But that was not all, he appeared to his own and they did not recognise him for who he was. They rejected him, hanging him on the cross outside the city of Jerusalem. But John added that the one who receives him to them is given the power to become sons of God.

The way you receive the word will determine how you experience it. When we receive Jesus as the son of God, as the saviour, we become sons of God (Matthew 1:21) and we become saved from our sins and we receive new life. When we receive him as light, we experience light and move from darkness, and the bread of life, we have life, as the baptizer with the Holy Spirit, we move from the dryness to the experience of the Holy Spirit.

That was what John the baptiser said about Jesus. He said though he himself baptises the people with water, there is one coming after him who will baptise them with Holy Spirit and fire (Luke 3:16).

At that time, the people did not fully grasp what that means, but those of us reading the account now, have more understanding of what John meant.

We know that Jesus is the baptizer with the Holy Spirit and fire as we read that cloven tongues as of fire appeared to the disciples in the upper room in Jerusalem as 120 people experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit in the second chapter of the book of Acts.

They were told by Jesus that they should go to Jerusalem to wait for the promise of the father, which is the Holy Spirit. They received and believed that word, and waited as Jesus said they should, moving in the right direction.

When we understand the purpose of the word, we will allow it to direct our step. When we realise that obeying the word of God is for our good then we will willingly do it, when we know that it is by following the word that we please God, we will take it seriously.

When we know the purpose of the word, we can respond to it the way we should. When we see it as the word of God and not just the admonition of men, we can really move at its frequency, it will connect us with the purpose and power of God to the level that we have passion for it.


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