Prophesying falsely

I have not sent them, declares the LORD, but they are prophesying falsely in my name, with the result that I will drive you out and you will perish, you and the prophets who are prophesying to you.” – Jeremiah 27:15 (ESV)

The prophets were influencing the people wrongly by the falsehood they were feeding them in the name of the Lord.

This is a call for you to carefully chose the influence you come under. Jesus said it this way: be careful how you hear because the measure with which you hear shall be measured back to you (Mark 4:24).

Remember Eve (Genesis 3). She was not careful about what she was hearing. She heard enough to yield to the influence of the devil and she sinned against God.

Paul said that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17). If we did not hear the gospel we will not believe, and if we did not believe we will not be saved (Romans 10:14-17).

Words are powerful. Jesus himself is God the Word (John 1:1-3). God created the world with his word (Hebrews 11:3). So the best thing is to choose to hear the right things.

But the bible says that people in the last days will not want to hear the right words, sound doctrine, but they will have itchy ears and because of that heap for themselves teachers who will a tell them what they want to hear, pander to their fancy (2 Timothy 4:1-4). 
They want to continue in sin and still regard themselves as being candidates of heaven. They deny the fact that the gospel doesn’t just give you something but it changes you. It is the gateway to becoming new creatures, not just for passing from hell to heaven. The gospel delivers much more than just getting your name registered in heaven.

In the focus verse, the false prophets preaches that the status quo was alright, while the people were living wrongly and God needed that to change. They were promised that they will not be moved no matter what, while God was saying that if they do not turn they will become captives and be exiled to another land.

The moral of the story is that because someone says that they are speaking from God does not mean they are. We have personal responsibility to know the truth ourselves and move in that direction. It is not enough to know the right thing, are we living the right way?

The bible says: if you know these things blessed are you if you do them (John 13:17). 
To really know something is to do it. James said it this way: be not hearers of the word only, deceiving yourself, but be doers, and that it is a doer that will be blessed, not a forgetful hearers (James 1:22-25).
You are not blessed just because you hear, you need to do the word. In the first Psalm, we read that a man who is blessed in everything he does, that he does not just meditate on the word, but also rejects the wrong influences.

The bible says that evil communication corrupts good manners. Therefore, if you seek to embrace the word of God and at the same time maintain your attachment, association to the falsehoods around, it is a contradiction.
James said: love of the world is enmity with God (James 4:4). There is no way to mix the two. God wants you totally. Jesus said we should love God with all our hearts, soul, might (Mark 12:30). In that case, nothing must distract from it. Absolute commitment is all we need.

The least in the kingdom of God is the one who ignores the word of God and teach others to do the same (Matthew 5:19). But the greatest is one who upholds the word of God, live by it and teaches others the same, will be called the greatest. It is not enough to know, you must do the word. That is actually the real test of the fact that you know.

God tested Abraham when he asked him to sacrifice his son. At the end of that test, God declared that now he knows he Abraham fears him (Genesis 24). 
It is not enough to sing: “I fear you Lord”, we must exhibit it in our lives. Sacrifice was also demanded from Jesus, the sacrifice of his life. He cannot just say that he will make the sacrifice, he had to go through with it, pain and all.

The book of Psalm says that the man who will stand upon God’s holy mountain swears to his own hurt and does not change (Psalm 15). We see that in Jesus who followed through with the divine mandate to shed his blood for humanity.

And Peter enjoined us to follow in his step, saying that he has laid an example for us to follow (1Peter 2:21). He is out Shepherd and he should lead while we follow. He is the word of God, he is the full manifestation of God in the bodily (Hebrews 1:1-3). He is the light and in him we do not walk in darkness, but we have the light of life (John 8:12).

When we read the Bible, it is an encounter with him that we should seek. He told the Jews: ye search the scriptures, thinking that in them you have eternally life, but they speak of me, but you will not come to me so that you might have life (John 5:39-40). 
If he said that while he was on the earth, how much more now that he has been made a life-giving Spirit (1Corinthians 15:45).
Before his death and resurrection, he said that he was the resurrection and life (John 11:25). How much more now that he is given all the powers in heaven and on earth?

Anything that leads away from him is false. The bible says that no one can say Jesus is Lord, expect by the Spirit of God, and no one can say Jesus is accursed speaking by the Holy Spirit (1Corinthians 12:1-3). If it is about the exaltation of Jesus, then God is in it, if not, he is far from it, it is false, it is deception, and should be avoided.


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