To see Jesus

white-bengal-tiger-406994_640Luke 19:3: And he was seeking to see who Jesus was, but on account of the crowd he could not, because he was small in stature. (ESV)

To see Jesus, Zacchaeus needed something extra (Luke 19:1-10). But there was nothing that was strong enough to stop him in his quest. He did the extraordinary, climbing a tree. He had a social standing, but he yielded to the hunger in him and ran, climbed, to see Jesus.

He was short, so he had a physical restriction to seeing Jesus. What would hinder you from seeing Jesus to the fullest? Is it the pursuit of worldly things? The point is you cannot love God and Mammon (Matthew 16:13).

You cannot be focused on the world and on God at the same time. Jesus said that we should love God with all our strength (Luke 10:27). It takes the exertion of power, strength, time, effort, and aloneness. The top of the tree is a lonely place.

The choice Zacchaeus needed to make to see Jesus cannot be made by consensus, it has to be made alone, he could not discuss with anybody about it. Nobody can understand his hunger to see Jesus, no one can identify with his drive.

There are barriers to seeing Jesus all around us. We must be brave, we must be resolute, we must be undeterred, unbending in our resolve to see Jesus, gain more of his knowledge, wisdom and power, to see his glory manifest in our lives and through it.


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