Proposal for the establishment of Apostolic Training School in your area

Proposal for the establishment of Apostolic Training School in your area*Your area could mean city (cities) or town (towns).

Purpose: The Apostolic Training School is for the fulfilment of Acts 6:4. It is designed to help people give themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word.
Pattern: It is non denominational, but pentecostal and devotional in orientation. It does not include fasting. 
Cost: Cost should be minimal, considering what people would freely pay for it around the area, vizaviz the operational cost. Suggested cost: full time- 15 dollars, five dollars a month; part time: 25dollars, averagely 4dollars a month. Things must be run without recourse to the international office, self sacrifise is needed from the organisers.
A. there is the three months, Monday to Friday, 9am-12noon (3hour), three months (March-May, June-August, September-November, December-February) full time version. This maybe for school leavers of any kind, church leaders and church workers etc.

B. There is also the 6-month (June-November, December-May), Saturday only, 12noon-5pm (5hour), part time version. This is for workers, business people, privately employed, government workers, church leaders and workers etc. 
People: there is an administrator who is paid to serve the school (salary must be sustainable). It is a Not For Profit Organisation. There is need for a location for the school, and there should adequate publicity. There should between 2 to five teachers to handle the bible classes, on a volunteer basis (no payments); they must also be students of the school, striving alongside those they teach to seek God in prayer and in the word. 
Sessions: two sessions: 10/2weeks for the full Time; 20/4weeks for the part time. 
The first session has a different theme every week for the full time, and fortnightly for the part time.

They form the basis of Prayer and Bible class activities in those weeks. They are: 1. Prayer 2. Jesus 3. Power of God 4. Motivation and pursuit 5. Controlled by the Spirit 6. Holiness 7. Emotional Healing 8. Spiritual growth 9. Spiritual identity 10. Ministration of the Word
Curriculum (Full time)
A. Prayer: Monday to Wednesday, 30mins music time followed by 21/2hours prayer. One prayer point for 30minutes, making 5. Altogether 75hours of prayer. Minimum requirement -30hours. Prayer should be written on a board, with the time duration, so that people can pray for long without interruption. 

B. Bible reading and writing: Read from Matthew to Revelation, 5 chapters a day, five times a week, making 25 a week. Pick a verse from the reading for the day, give it a topic and write a minimum of 200words on it, to be submitted daily, for record keeping (record the topic and verse). The bible reading and writing is done individually and privately. Minimum is 22 write ups, from 110chapters of the New Testament.

C. Bible class: Thursday and Friday; five lessons, each followed by a test of five objective questions, with pass mark being 4/5. Minimum requirement is 20 passes out of 50.

[A-C is what the first ten weeks is about]

D.Preaching practice: involves each student preaching between 3-5 messages (5-10 minutes each) from his/her daily writing, for the others to ask questions and critique. 2 or 3 will be recorded in audio, and 1 or 2 video. Device: camera of phones etc. 
(This will happen Monday to Wednesday of the last two weeks)

E.Internet ministry: 

This involved 1. setting up a blog (with WordPress) where the daily writings will be put)

2. self-publishing an ebook (with from the daily writing, with cover from

3. publishing audio message on (from the recorded audio message)

4. posting video on (from the recorded videos) 

(this will happen Thursday to Friday of the last two weeks.)

Minimum requirement for the internet ministry training is one blog post from one daily writing on WordPress. 

Flexibility: try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate different peculiarities of the people’s availability, payment can be broken into monthly or weekly payment and people can upfront, with receipts given.
Curriculum (part time, Saturday only)
For the first twenty weeks, 15minutes of music ministration, 2hours 15minutes of prayer, then 21/2hour bible class. Weekly prayer assignments of 1.5hours each, to be submitted weekly, with the record of prayer points taken (made available from the school) and duration. 

2weeks of part time= 1week of full time. 

Bible reading and writing: three a week, submitted each class time.

The last four weeks, focused on preaching practice and internet training for Ministry. 
Adequate record of each student’s activities need to be taken. 
Note: 1. the prayer points, bible lessons and questions will be supplied from the international office and should not be changed, amended, replaced, or ignored, and the time allotment adhered to strictly.
2. This is not a school just to train church leaders, but every believer is welcome. It is all about devotion to prayer and the word of God. 
3. Holy Spirit Baptism evidenced by speaking in tongues, must be encouraged for everybody, so that the prayers are mostly done in tongues. 
4. Apostolic Training School is an arm of Jehiel Prayer and Bible Training Institute. The other arms are the God Chasers Conference (once a year, to emphasise devotion to God) and Gloryreach crusades to reach to unbelievers through the strategy of prayer evangelism. 
Further questions can be directed to: Kayode Crown, CEO, Jehiel Prayer and Bible Training Institute , +2347060921007,,
Picture is a sample of publicity material


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