Angel song

Good lord,

If there is no human being that can help me,

Then send an angel

If the sons of men do not fit the bill

Then send an angel


I am weak

send an angel

past my peak

then send an angel


If no human can do the job I need

Then bring an angel

If there are no angel like that around

Then create another angel


Winged things

I love the winged things

Strong, invincible, capable

They can do big thing


Heavenly, enchanting

Swift, the worship of God, they chanting

Angels speak of the presence

They carry our word sentence


Intense beings

Eons ago they have been

Untainted by sin

These heaven things


Guardians, messengers

Warring beings

Bringing supplies, carrying out divine anger

They are gifts and they bring gifts


I need an angel

Make me an angel

I will name him mabel

With the mandate to bless and elevate


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