The thief, the joy of the Lord and the door

I just had two revelations (to back to back) I want to share with you.
One is audio and the other is audio visual.

The audio visual involved a Christian woman telling another person that for a long time she had not been happy. It seems that she is in perpetual depression. She puts on the smiling face but with a sad heart.

In that revelation I was just overhearing that conversation and I told the lady to share everything with me (I know this lady in real life), but since we will be going to her backyard where she was telling her friend what I mentioned earlier, I asked her first to close the font door (so that a thief will not come in in the process.)

In the second one which was audio. I had sat down on my bed after the first revelation, when I heard someone speaking behind me, to my left the word “poverty,” (it was spoken to my spirit but it seems to come from behind me, my left side) I opened my eyes and (this is the dead of the night, with quietness everywhere) looked behind me to see no one.

The first dream could be about the bride of Christ who is in the midst of serving God, putting up appearances; had lost the joy of the Lord, in the midst of pleasing men, had lost the sight of her lover, Christ.

The door that needs to be closed was not to allow the thief to come in when we are busy doing the will and work of the Lord. An unmanned door, the door of our imagination, becomes the gate for the devil to steal the joy of the Lord.

This message that emphasises over-weeping as a sign of repentance is not of God, because it brings too much focus on self, rather than the cross.

I will tell you what I mean, tell you how Nehemiah dealt with the issue of sorrow in God’s people in his time, how he did not allow repentance to grow into depression.

It was around chapter eight of the book. Verse ten has the famous words where he said to the people when they were weeping about how far they have gone from the will of God, how much they have lost…Rather than saying: as some minister would that: why don’t you weep more, maybe then…..

He said: stop weeping, starting rejoicing, start a party. When religious establishments become anti joy, you cannot laugh in church etc, we have a crisis of joylessness in our hands.

Sadness dries the bones.

When people don’t know that the joy of the Lord is their Strength, they have opened the door of their heart to the thief and there goes their joy away with him.

Another thing that Nehemiah said to those people of God after the scripture was read and they saw how wrong they and their forebears had been, was that they should send food to each other.

Nothing breeds depression more than being self-focused. Service to others, out of the abundance you have, out of love motivation, not out of religious obligation, will multiply joy.

The enemy steals joy by activities that are motivated by guilt, not a sense of joyful giving of yourself to be a blessing to others. Guilt motivation forces you to try deliver in an area where Christ has not graced you and both you and the recipients of your gifts are dried. While like Jesus you should say that your meat is to do the will of the father, Spiritual service borne of guilt makes your joy meat to the devil.

Somebody may say: does not goodly sorrow lead to repentance? Yes it does, but after leading to repentance should you not be led to other things again? Must you be perpetually repenting, and perpetually self-focused and perpetually depressed, feeling useless, worthless, and those being your overriding sense of personhood?

That it is a door that needs to be closed means, what we think will come from there is actually good things (as opposed to the Windows where we expect the thief to come through, John 10). How can bad thing come from repenting (some even fast in the process of repenting, how despicable, has the blood of Jesus become underrated?) how can bad things come from repenting or service?

When faith is removed from the equation, it does. The just cannot love expect by faith, otherwise, it all tends to death.

Remember the book of Galatians, where the charge is that when you yield to certain persuasions that diminishes the sacrifice of Jesus, make it seem inadequate, you have fallen from grace. When grace is flowing, joy is flowing, because grace is about divine ability in operation and therefore stresslessness.

The two revelations are linked. That lady in my dream which represents the church is like the first brother in the parable of the prodigal son we find in Luke 15. (It is interesting that the revelation also had two sisters talking together).

The older brother was the epitome of service and self denial. But he was joyless. He could not stand the party, and the lavishness of it, that was set up for the younger brother who repented. In that story, if the older brother had his way, the repentance of the younger one would have lasted indefinitely. But the first thing the father wanted to restore with the repentance of his boy was joy. There is something called the joy of salvation, for goodness sake.

In the midst of plenty, the church as described in that revelation was pitifully poor in the joy of the Lord (at least the woman was not homeless). Read Proverbs 22:17 in different versions. Anything that steals your joy steals your life. When service is guilt driven them we have a good thing opening the door for the thief to steal your joy. When repentance is overly long drawn, then a good thing is allowed to lead to joy depletion. In service and repentance we may be tricked into looking at ourselves and away from the cross. The cross is a point of sorrow but a gateway to joy unspeakable.

If the thief continues to steal, then it leads to poverty.


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