What to do when you are really angry

What to do when you are really angry? Enjoy the anger while it lasts, because it will not last forever. Lol. It is a privilege to feel anger. Nobody tries to make an insignificant person angry. You were made angry because you are important and they cannot do without you. Period.

What to do is nothing, because anger lies in the bosom of fools. Just enjoy the feeling of being alive that anger gives you.

It’s like this, the one who makes you angry meant it for evil, ala Biblical Joseph’s experience, but the feeling of anger, if it makes you think deeply about things, can really help you.

What if you are angry at what your kid did, should you latch out in anger? You should ( with some measure of self control, of course). Expressing anger shows you to be an authentic person, and they are better able to know their limits.

Expressing anger does not just mean physical beating, but it can be withdrawal of privileges.

Beware of trying to control adults, in a volunteer context, with anger, it might backfire. In that case, quietness is better, and you should tell the offender, on a case specific basis, of the offence, that is if the two of you will continue to relate at any level of mutuality, in which you are contemporaries.

What if you are angry with your boss? Own the anger first and refuse to feel guilty because you are angry. This is the time to enjoy your anger,as it gives you a feeling of power, the power to determine how that anger will be expressed.

Getting angry at your boss can boost your creativity, since your creativity will be stretched in how to think about your feeling, how to act on it considering the fact that you don’t want to lose your job.

Don’t be angry with yourself that you are angry, it will only make things worse. Give vent to the feeling, in a controlled context or else you might burn yourself out. #seriouslyspeaking


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