Why you MUST attend the Apostolic Training School -2

Wisdom, the bible says, is profitable to direct. It is wisdom for you to come to the Apostolic Training school. It starts Nov 7 (next Monday). It is three months. If you know what is good for you, you must come to this school. So that you have no excuse there is Apostolictrainingschool.teachable.com . enroll in that online school. If you are in Akure, the venue is Full Gospel Hall, Ado ekiti street, ijapo estate, akure. Time: 9-12noon. Monday-Friday.
How should you think about the Apostolic Training school because how you think about something is the way you will treat it?
You should see it as your life line. It is a do or die affair. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. I am like John telling you that Jesus is the Saviour, but you can be like the Pharisee and think you are okay. The Laodecian church thought it was okay, but the truth is that they were blind, naked, and wretched. Open the door today in your heart by agreeing to come to the Apostolic Training School because Jesus wants to sup with you and you with him.
the online platform is: ApostolicTrainingSchool.teachable.com
Or you can join the onsite course next Monday Nov 7. see the pic for further info.
if you really like someone tell them to not miss the Apostolic Training School. It is like nothing you had ever seen. It is a spiritual grinding mill, to process you into the shape God wants you to be. If you think someone is precious to you, you do them a disservice if you do not tell them about this school. It was through the Samaritan woman that her whole town came to experience Jesus. The Apostolic Training School is an experience like no other. Online: Apostolictrainingschool.teachable.com check the picture for info about the onsite version starting next Monday
I am not joking with you. You must come. Do i have an ulterior motive? Yes I have, my ulterior motive is the ulterior motive of a watchman, seeing danger coming your way and wants to spear you. My ulterior motive is to be free from the blood of all men, including yours. 
Online: Apostolictrainingschool.teachable.com
the time for play is over, the gloves are off. the times have changed. don’t be a sitting duck, come and be processed, come and be cooked, fortified, prepared. 
see the pic for the onsite info. It starts next Monday: 9am
Let’s go to football to tell you what the Apostolic Training School means. Have you seen a midfielder make a long pass to an attacker? Correct me if I am wrong, but in about 99.9percent of the time, as the midfielder kicks the ball, you can see the attacker moving very fast into position. He is not positioning himself for the fun of it, it is all about scoring a goal. He needed to position himself to both connect with the long pass, defeat the opposition and score the goal. 
The apostolic training school for now is the divine package to move you into position because of the long pass of the ball of your destiny that has been released from the throne room of God. Are you going to move into position or be flat footed while you waste the chance to score the goal of your destiny? 
You may score another goal or you may not, (another opportunity may come or it may not) we do not know. But as every football team knows, you are shooting yourself in the foot if you do not make use of all your chances, because the opposition is not brainless. 
The online school: ApostolicTrainingSchool.teachable.com
The Akure school: see the pictures. It starts next Monday. Ijapo Estate.


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