The Apostolic Training School phenomenon :New spiritual development protocol


Why you should attend now
If enough people attend the school, which is unlike anything you have ever seen or read, then the church will experience what happened in the book of Acts.

It is Apostolic because it is based on the words of Peter that we would give ourselves to prayer and the ministry of the word. (Acts 6:4).

So let’s start a revolution.

Prayer is serious business, and you get to spend 75hours doing it at the Apostolic Training School. Bible reading is a lot of work, you get to read 5 chapters a day and write a minimum of 10000word commentary on it.

Bible knowledge is important. You get to learn topics like Jesus, holiness, power of God, etc.

Let’s start a revolution. With enough people taking the course, the church will never remain the same. We will be back to the intense fervour witnessed in the Acts of the Apostles church.

The apostles were getting distracted in Acts 6, when in verse 4, Peter said they will rededicate their lives to Prayer and the word. We are still feeling the effect of that decision even now, we are feeling the effect of their intense dedication to prayer and the word even now.

The school is intense. It’s going to give the devil rashes. If enough people take the course, the church will become radically changedseriously.

Help Get the word out. It is for your own good. This is what God has established for now to take the church worldwide on a leap of change.

If you can come to this school, but you do not come, then you are working against your destiny, you have allowed yourself to be blinded. If you do not come then you have everything to lose and nothing to gain. Don’t become the enemy of your own progress.

Don’t let history repeat itself
That was how Jesus came around for 3.5years of ministry but the people did not know the day of their visitation and were judged because of it.

Not attending this school is very dangerous. When Jerusalem did not attend to Jesus as it should, Jesus wept. Don’t allow Jesus to weep because of you. Jesus did not come in the shape they wanted, that did not make him less Jesus. You should be like Andrew who tells others about the school. This school is God’s visitation on the church. You would not say you did not hear.

You have no excuse not to attend the school, whoever and wherever you are

Alright. Let’s say you live in Brazil or Saudi Arabia, do you have access to the internet? So don’t waste time to attend the school on the online platform dedicated to it.

This opportunity will not be there forever. Again you only harm yourself for not coming. It’s like nothing ever.

The Spirit standard against the enemy’s onslaugh
Have you read in the Bible that when the enemy comes like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise a standard against it?

The apostolic training school is the standard being raised at this time. You joke with it to your own peril. Allow me to be blunt, so that I can be free from the blood of all men. You won’t accuse me of lack of seriousness.


Wisdom, the bible says, is profitable to direct. It is wisdom for you to come to the Apostolic Training school. You can start immediately. It is two, three, or six months in duration. If you know what is good for you, you must come to this school.

So that you have no excuse there is . enroll in that online school. It’s free.

How should you think about the Apostolic Training school because how you think about something is the way you will treat it?
You should see it as your life line. It is a do or die affair. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

I am like John telling you that Jesus is the Saviour, but you can be like the Pharisee and think you are okay. The Laodecian church thought it was okay, but the truth was that they were blind, naked, and wretched. Open the door today in your heart by agreeing to come to the Apostolic Training School because Jesus wants to sup with you and you with him.
the online platform is:
There are other formats we will come to later.

If you really like some people, tell them to not miss the Apostolic Training School. It is like nothing you had ever seen. It is a spiritual grinding mill, to process you into the shape God wants you to be. If you think someone is precious to you, you do them a disservice if you do not tell them about this school. It was through the Samaritan woman that her whole town came to experience Jesus. The Apostolic Training School is an experience like no other.


No joking
I am not joking with you. You must come. Do I have an ulterior motive? Yes I have, my ulterior motive is the ulterior motive of a watchman, seeing danger coming your way and wants to spear you. My ulterior motive is to be free from the blood of all men, including yours.

The time for playing is over, the gloves are off. the times have changed. don’t be a sitting duck, come and be processed, come and be cooked, fortified, prepared.

The Apostolic Training School and the analogy of the long pass

Let’s go to football (soccer to tell you what the Apostolic Training School means. Have you seen a midfielder make a long pass to an attacker? Correct me if I am wrong, but in about 99.9percent of the time, as the midfielder kicks the ball, you can see the attacker moving very fast into position. He is not positioning himself for the fun of it, it is all about scoring a goal. He needed to position himself to both connect with the long pass, get past the opposition and score the goal.

The apostolic training school for now is the divine package to move you into position because of the long pass of the ball of your destiny that has been released from the throne room of God. Are you going to move into position or be flat footed while you waste the chance to score the goal of your destiny?

You may score another goal or you may not, (another opportunity may come or it may not) we do not know. But as every football team knows, you are shooting yourself in the foot if you do not make use of all your chances, because the opposition is not brainless.

The online school:

It’s a “doing” school

It’s not so important what you learn as what you do. It is not the learner that will be blessed but the doer. There are some people described as ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth.

The point I am making is that the Apostolic Training School puts a strong emphasis on doing. 75percent of the time, it is about you doing something. That is a learning model that I have never seen before.

What you do impacts you more than what you have learnt. That is why this school is different and can be a shocking experience for many who are hooked on the learning models we have all around.


Apostolic Training School: what about my job, my travelling, my pastor?
Yes you work full time, but you know what you did when you wanted to develop yourself more? You know that you spoke to your bosses about it and they supported your desire to develop yourself. You said you wanted to go to school, no boss in his right mind would want to hinder someone making the effort to better himself.

But what about spiritual development which the Apostolic Training School offers? Don’t you think it is worth it, to make the necessary adjustable in your time and schedule to accommodate this program?

Maybe you travel a lot. That should not hinder you from attending the school online.

Maybe you rethinking what will my pastor think about it. Then talk to him/her about it, you will be surprised at his level of interest. It is not like you want to break away and start a church. You are going to be ten times better than you were after the school and be a better blessing to him and the church.

3 reasons you should be part of the Apostolic Training School

1. Your spiritual life depends on it.
You might be asking what does this school have to offer me?But I hope that is not being asked in the spirit of the Laodecian church who said they were alright, but actually they were naked, poor, and blind and wretched?

With the right spiritual diagnosis of their situation they were invited by Jesus to come to him, to have eye salve for their eyes, white garment for their nakedness, and true riches.

That demands that they do something, that they come to Jesus. COMING TO THE APOSTOLIC TRAINING SCHOOL IS COMING TO JESUS. You have to take a step, leave your excuses behind, leave your comfort zone, leave your “I too know” attitude, leave your self-sufficiency attitude, shake off the lethargy.

2. Your spiritual destiny depends on it.
Paul said that eyes have not seen, nor ears heard what God has prepared for those who love him.

But because something is prepared does not mean you will experience it. A greater destiny awaits you beyond your wildest imagination but you will get their by sacrifice, making the sacrifice to come to this school is the way to go.

You will be coming to the spiritual heat chamber, to refine your crude oil into the different dimensions of usefulness for your generation and the generation yet unborn.

3. Your spiritual change depends on it
If you are tired of being stagnant, you have not really backsliden but you are not really going forward, if you are in a flat zone, you are not bursting forth with strength but merely marking time, you are merely maintaining the status quo, not breaking new grounds, then you will do yourself a great injustice if you do not come to the school.

online platform:

-Apostolic Training School: we don’t want to make you a pastor or whatever

If I say I care about you more than God does, I am only deceiving myself. Even if I care so much for you I would be doubly deceived if I say I know what is good for you, to say I know the direction your life should go. That is between you and God.

But the Apostolic Training School is like a fuel for you in whatever direction God wants you to go. The fuel does not ask the driver of the car: don’t carry me to Lagos oh, I don’t like the Lagosians.

Please wake up, nobody is trying to force anything on you. What if someone wants to force something on you, you should be able to say no. If someone can force you to become something at this your age, then you have not started.

But what if we teach heresy?
The Bible did not teach us to fear heresy, we are told we have an heresy detection equipment in us. That was what John meant when he said that we have an anointing from the Holy one and we know all things, and that same anointing teaches us. But out of respect for persons many in the church have deactivated this equipment and there is possible mass delusion. But that is a topic for another time.
Wake up.

You have need for boldness

For many people reading this what stands between you and your destiny is boldness. But before you came to the earth God already settled the issue of your destiny.

The Bible says: whom he (God) did foreknew he predestinated to be comformed to the image of his dear Son.

Not only that: you are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works which he prepared before you came on the scene that you should walk in.

If in your logical mind you are aware of the big things you are meant to accomplish, you may not know how to start.

Fear will stop you, just as it stopped the children of Israel from going to the promised land. Because fear will stop us, Paul admonished that God has not given us the spirit of fear.

To deal with your fear, you need to shift to another gear of operation. Those who have attended the Apostolic Training School have different testimonies to share, yours may be next. I believe the school is meant to infuse you with so much boldness, you might not be able to recognise yourself afterwards.

The pharisees wondered at Peter and co, with the fearlessness with which they did things and said it was because they have been with Jesus.

Jesus wants you to be with him these two/six months, which will look like three years because a day with the Lord is like a thousand years. Note that it is a day with the Lord, WITH the Lord.

Come and be with the Lord for the duration of the school five days a week. Meet me online at

Come to be equipped spiritually

Coming to the Apostolic Training School will change your life. It is retreat for equipment, just as Jesus equipped the disciples for three and half years. It will sharpen your vision.

It is like climbing the mountain to be able to see far. God will be giving you strategies. It will be like you are in a spiritual incubator for what is locked up in you to burst forth.

It is an engagement with the Spirit in this hour, as you move from where you are to where you ought to be.

The name of the game is sacrifice, commitment. If you are ready to give the required commitment, God is ready to give the required equipment.

Though it is a school, it is also one on one with God.

The experience you will have will be like Moses who saw a burning bush and turned aside, and that changed the course of his life forever, he became a force to be reckoned with.

He thought he will die as a shepherd but he died as the one who midwifed the birth of a nation. The Apostolic Training School is the burning bush at this hour. Will you turn aside from your pre-planned life arrangement, your mundane engagement, to this burning bush so that you can hear the call of God and move into a different dimension entirely?

Angels of God are assigned to this school to bring all these things to pass. In the school you will experience the heaven opened and the Spirit of God coming upon you afresh and the voice of the father speaking to you. Everything is ready. Hear the matching call of heaven.

We read from Hebrews that if you hear his voice do not harden your heart (). Do not act as if the Holy Spirit is not tugging at the sleeve of your consciousness to act on this information.

In the last day of the feast Jesus cried out: if anyone thirsts let him come to me and out of his belly shall flow rivers of living waters.

The point is: your role is to come, his role is to cause rivers of living water to flow from your belly. But the latter will not happen before the former. You have a choice to make, to come to this school or to act as if you are not aware of it. But, if you hear his voice, if there is a little quickening in your heart concerning the school, do not ignore it, do something about it.

Many people are not hearing from God because they are not praying long enough. Please read that last statement again.

I will also add that some people at intervals devote long time in prayer because they want to hear from God. And they claim at the end that God is not speaking. The speaking God is alive and well, but he wants relationship first.

He wants you to come not even because you want to hear from him but because you want to be with him. He wants friendship, fellowship.
Hearing from God is not magic, it yields to fellowship. It is the Holy Spirit who speaks and there is something called fellowship of the Holy Spirit (), not business with the Holy Spirit.

In a business arrangement there is an agenda of what is in it for me, what is in it for you. If there is no immediate return then we may not engage in the transaction. Prayer should not be business with, it should be fellowship with God.

Fellowship is about enjoyment, you enjoying God and he enjoying you, he enjoying you that you are in his presence with no agenda but him and him alone. The Apostolic Training School is to train us into that shape of fellowship consciousness. It is in the midst of that that God speaks in profound ways.

Do you remember what happens in Acts 13, where we read that certain prophets and teachers were ministering to the Lord and fasting?

They did that because they are hungry for God. Period. And that birthed a earth changing mission of Paul and Barnabas.

Something big is coming your way, God has been telling you, that thing is packaged in the shape of the Apostolic Training School to ignite the whole process.

So join the school. Today if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart.
The online platform is

It is time
I hope that you are getting ready, you have arranged your schedule. Don’t say maybe I will take the course. Decide and commit to it.

The bible lessons and prayers cover eight/ten themes of the bible: holiness, Jesus, emotional healing, prayer, motivation and pursuit, power of God, controlled by the Holy Spirit, ministration of the word, spiritual growth and spiritual identity, 40/50 lessons (5 lessons per theme). (2 months, 40 lessons)

Someone in your circle of friends needs this information. So kindly share, someone’s spiritual destiny may depend on it.

You share all manner of things, share this also. It may be the most important thing you have ever shared.

Training a spiritual army

The Apostolic Training School is nothing if not an army training camp. You need training, I need training, even those who have been trained need retraining. Even those who have been trained in a style need to check out other style. Nobody is an island of knowledge. What one training will give you another will not.

I want to say it for the upteenth time that this is more of a training of your spirit, your heart than of the mind. There will be demands made on your spirit that will stretch it.

In the Apostolic Training School, your preconceived notions will be laid to rest as real truth dawns on you. Jesus himself will be your teacher.

Sometimes ago we had a student who obviously had a prophetic calling. As he delved into the word of God as required in the school, many times he could not contain himself due to the discoveries he was making.

He would start with a preconceived notion, but by the time the Holy Spirit was done with him, he would see things in a new light. He was on his own learning curve different from everybody else’s and that is a exactly the point of the school.

It is a training school, and it demands a lot of focus. The disciples of Jesus were trained for three years, and we are still feeling the impact of the training even now.

The effectiveness of an army is largely due to its training. The Apostolic Training School is a spiritual boot camp designed to meet the training need of the church at this time. Don’t miss it.

Free is the cost.

The eyes of your understanding
I pray that the eyes of your understanding be enlightened so that you may realise how much you need to attend this school. You don’t want these words to be used to describe you: having eyes they do not see, ears they do not hear.

A lot of things are shouting for your attention at this time, but how about allowing God to catch your attention to come to this school?

Don’t allow the words of the bible that: I have stretched out my hand all day to a stubborn people, be true in your case.

Noah made a call for many years for people to come into a boat to save them from the coming flood but they could not care less. I am trying to show you that anything you allow to stop you from coming to this school is your enemy, and you should be ruthlessly with it.

Paul said I put my body under. There are certain things you need to put under so that you can make the school, certain things you need to be blind to so that you can see properly.

Paul prayed for the Ephesians church that the eyes of their understanding be enlightened, I pray a similar prayer for you, that you may know the hope, the possibilities tied to this Apostolic Training School.

Turn aside
For many people reading this: you need to turn aside. Moses turned aside to see the burning bush, Jesus asked the disciples after a time of ministry to turn aside. You know yourself that you are running on reserved oil, your connection with God is not as it was, the oil is running down, why not get some oil before the bridegroom comes at midnight.

The Apostolic Training school is the oil replenishing station for your next destination.

The heavens are opened on the Apostolic Training School and you might as well take advantage of it. Those who have come to the school can testify about it, those who came meaning business.

What that means is that certain quick works will get done in you that could not have happened otherwise or might have taken longer or be more painful.

Now things are getting more serious. The heaven is even more opened. Angels are already getting their assignments for the people who will come, but you would not know about it if you were not there. The sessions we’ve had left reference making marks on the lives of some of the people. Yours is next.

A preemptive strike
A preemptive strike is good, and that is what the prayers you will be praying in the apostolic training school will be about. You are going into your future preparing the ground for yourself. They are shaped to be personal.

You are storing up prayer for yourself which becomes part of the raw material for God to create your desired future. Prayer is about cooperating with God and the Apostolic training school gives the platform for you to do it extensively.

We are talking about 75hours (max) over a period of eight -ten weeks covering eight- ten areas of your life starting with your prayer life.

You will be praying about praying among other things. We will be saying to God in different ways: let your will be done in my life as it is in heaven.

As each prayer point is copied and pasted from the bible, that is about 70 prayer points from about 70 verses in the bible. It is serious business. You will be ignited even if water is poured on you. Come are try it and see.

The bible reading and writing sessions of the school are equally intense.

Seven reasons you should not come to the Apostolic Training School
1. It will wake you up from your spiritual lethargy
2. It will become hard for you to be spiritually stagnant
3. You will develop depths of seeking God
4. You might get to teach others as much as you are taught
5. You will need to be totally focused on it
6. You may become spiritually restless, hating the status quo
7. God may speak to you

Join others as they step things up on the seeking God dial. It is the Apostolic training school. It’s a few months journey.

Are you ready for the adventure of a life time? Those who lack focus will not last. I have seen many people start but did not finish it. It’s not enough to start, you need to be a finisher.

You may need to “fight” to finish. For those who have decided to go through with it, you have crossed the first huddle. The question for you is, do you have the grit to last?

The journey is not friendly to the feelings at all, it a bitter pill for the emotion, but we are training soldiers here. This not a jamborine.

Need for training
The difference between raw talent and the gold medal in the Olympics is training. You see the gold medal in the hand of the athlete with a smile on his face but you were not there when he was going through the pain associated with training.

Some broke their bones in the rigor of the training, recovered and still continued to train. The elite athletes invest thousands of hours and years of daily training, from when they were less then ten years of age. You cannot just come from anywhere and want to challenge them. Where do you want to start? Their conditioning is matchless.

People understand training when it comes to sports or music, but when it comes to spiritual things people expect you to fend for yourself without a trainer. Ok Oh.

I was speaking to a young man the other day who is good in table tennis, and I told him that the difference between him and the one representing his country is his lack of a trainer. He disagreed and said that if he trains everyday he could be as good as anybody. I said he just made my point, because the trainer will ensure he trains everyday, either he likes it or not.
Come to the Apostolic Training School to be trained.

Collaboration Collaboration Collaboration
Akure Apostolic Training School seeks partnerships for the school in 3 categories
1. Higher Institutions
A Student in higher institutions can take the program to his/her school, running two “three-hour” sessions a week, for 24 weeks (6months). He or she should look for at least one person of like mind and get a location. Your lives will never remain the same.
2. Churches/assemblies
For churches it will be special spiritual development and Internet ministry program. Church members can sign up for this intensive training lead by the pastor or someone appointed by him also for two “three-hour” sessions a week, for 6 months. Expect revival in your midst like never before and spiritual seed sowing for serious level harvest.
3. Bible Schools
Among the courses offered can be added “Spiritual development and Internet ministry course.” Course Code: SIM/SDI/SDV
It will be a twice a week, three hours per class, running for two semesters. Students who complete the course will get Pass/A. Pass mark is 100 percent. The Director of studies of the school or someone appointed by him or her will administer the course.The quality of your graduates will radically increase
1. It should be noted that the school/class is more of practice than lecture. The lecture part can be modified by the leadership of the church and Bible Schools to better fit into their agenda, while still maintaining the thematic structure of the course/program.
2. The anchor verse for the school is Acts 6:4, where Peter said we will give ourselves to prayer and the ministry of the word. The school is 50percent prayer since prayer was mentioned first. We are encouraged to speak in tongues a lot. (Check my (Kayode Crown) book: ” catch the fire” available online for free.) The prayer, as every thing else, has an arranged format since it is a school and not an extension of our morning devotion.
3. A part of the school that some people find difficult at first is the Bible reading and writing segment. Five chapters to be read and 100/200 words written on a verse from there daily, starting from Matthew to Revelation. I tell people, just write whatever comes to your head and that usually solves the problem.
4. The prayer time should be treated as an endurance trek
5. Interested students should register and attendance register signed at every class.
6. For the higher institutions and churches, certificate of participation can be issued for those who finish for a token.
For information : 07060921007

let’s get serious.
Join the Apostolic training school near you or start one.
Go to the online version at for two months of intense things
tell your pastor to bring the 6-month version of the school to your church with everyone partaking
Take the 6-month version to your higher institution, taken by you and your colleagues, alongside your school stuffs
Ask your bible school proprietor to add it as one of the courses to run for 2 semesters
Are you going to serve as a Corp member soon or already there? Take the school to your state of deployment, and run the 6months version, together with some of colleagues.
Conduct a school with your family and friends
Cost: NIL

What somebody said about the online version of our Apostolic Training School @
My husband and I…truly appreciate the training. It is inspired by God and this is exactly what we’ve been needing. My husband and I have this new desire to learn and grow spiritually, this desire has come upon us God alone.
It’s interesting how I came upon your website. I was on a webpage and clicked the back button to go to the previous page and this is the page that actually came up:…/what-is-the-blessing-of-abra…/amp/….
I started scrolling through and saw “Smith Wigglesworth”, who my husband has studied in good detail. I clicked on that part of the page and it took me to the online training. God brought this about because I was certainly not on that page previously. I are so thankful to Him for intervening like that! So now we’re in our first week of your training and are loving it!
I also want to thank you for making this a free training since God says freely we have received so we need to freely give. You will be blessed for that (I’m sure you have been already!)
You are a blessing to me and my family!
-Z M

Get in touch for further enquiries

The school is organized by Jehiel Prayer and Bible Training Institute of which I am the CEO


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