I have about 160 books published as ebooks. I have made each of them $1.
Where to get them:




Apple Ibooks

Barnes and Noble 


And the “almighty amazon”
My next project is to make them available in print on demand formats. So help me God.
The books are divided into two main parts, the series and the standalone.   
The series covers ten themes in the Bible including prayer, Jesus, holiness, power of God, Controlled by the Spirit, spiritual growth, spiritual identity, ministration of the word, motivation and pursuit, emotional healing. 
From Genesis to Revelation, I analysed verse after verse on the themes. So e.g we have a book titled : Unveiling Jesus from Genesis. The series covers over 150 books and is an extensive compendium.
The standalone books include

Catch the fire : all spoke in tongues in the new testament church 

The three dimensions of the Word

21 days to a vibrant prayer life 

Behavior modification: God’s way

Intercession : key to the next move of God 

Way to wealth: God is able to make all grace abound towards you

The Apostolic Training School phenomenon: new Spiritual development protocol 
The books lack one thing: reviews.
If you promise to review any of the books in the different online sales outlets, I will send you a soft copy of the book free. Try me.