The 21-day spiritual journey series 

Some years ago, when I (Kayode Crown) was still learning to blog, I went to a cyber cafe once a week, when there were cyber cafes (in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria), to post a blog post once a week. I posted a weekly piece on prayer, just a little over 200 words each. I had a bible verse for meditation, the topic and at the bottom : further readings.

After some months I stopped not really knowing why.

After years, I checked it out and I found out that they numbered 21 postings in all.

Whao. I love the number 21. It’s a cute number. I read somewhere that to make something an habit, you should do it for 21 days.

I compiled the posts and it formed a book I titled 21 days to a vibrant prayer life. Each post stands for a day.

I will be writing 20 more books like that in the next few months tackling different issues in a 21 -day devotional format per issue.

At the end we’ll have 21 books in the 21 days journey series, written by me.

From April 2017 we’ll start the journey, one devotional a month. We are starting with 21 days to stop a bad habit.

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The point is there won’t be a book until after 20 months from now, but the devotionals will roll in one 21-day journey each month. I don’t know if you’ll be interested.

For each piece, there’ll be a focus verse, a 300-word discuss on it, then action to take and declarations to make.

As I said for April, we’ll have 21 days to drop a bad habit. In May it’ll be 21 days to a life of joy. 20 months, 21 days a month, just subscribe to the newsletter via this link days

21 days is supposed to be a journey for you to move from where you are to where you can be using the devotional pieces as a catalyst. The word of God has the power to transform. Let it transform you, one day at a time for the 21 days, it is a journey with the Holy Spirit. It is about changing you to change your world.

The total number of days will be 420 days over a period of 40 months.

The title to look forward to once a month from April 2017 are

21 days to

1. Drop a bad habit

2. Become joyful

3. Greater effectiveness

4. Better relationships

5. A life of evangelism

6. Healing and health

7. Financial wisdom

8. Peace of mind

9. Love unlimited

10. Embrace the word of God

11. Holiness

12. Administering Holy Ghost baptism

13. Saying the right words

14. The Knowledge the Holy Spirit

15. The Knowledge the Father

16. Know yourself

17. be a bountiful giver

18. Living without fear

19. Understand the sacrifice of Jesus

20. Transformational Leadership

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