Of junk and fake grace (2)

Do you know you are not saved by faith but by grace through faith? Grace is a change agent that gets applied to you inwardly when to become a believer.

I know you are justified by faith, which goes from you to God, but you are saved by grace which comes from God to you.

Both happens at the same time. But if you mistakenly think you are saved by faith you are in error.

It means you don’t have to produce the fruit of a changed life since just believing in Jesus, which is a one-time event, is the only factor involved in your salvation.

If the grace comes, Jesus comes into your heart, the Spirit of Christ comes, life, light comes. Justification is only one side of the coin. It makes you right with God, grace is the other making you live like Christ. Grace does not make you right with God, it makes God right in you.

It is not called the grace of our Lord Jesus for fun. Note that it is not grace FROM our Lord Jesus (as if it is a one-time event), but grace OF. That grace carries his essence. It is not just a statement. People confuse justification with grace. It needs to stop. It presents grace as a past tense, but grace is present continuous.

Let this confusion stop, please.


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