Of junk and fake grace (3)

Grace and truth came through Jesus, so treat grace the way you treat truth. Truth is something you live by so also live by grace, don’t make it an excuse.

When it comes to truth, you know you are not there yet, you are seeking more, make grace like that. Grace is not a trophy that you display, it’s a tool that you use.

Truth is a person we know and you are committed to discovering more of him, make grace like that, not something to come and prove to people, but what you are discovering and walking in, seeking to grow.

Do you know you can grow in grace, (present continuous) but you can’t grow in justification (history)?

Grace is all encompassing, it delivers the faith that is even the basis of your justification. If you know chemistry, you know that is what a precursor does.

But grace after generating faith that leads to justification is what that justification also attracts into our lives. It is grace grace all the way, but not Junk, half-conceived, half-baked, still born, jaundiced, dim-witted, half-witted , no-witted grace.


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