Of junk and fake grace (4)

Grace starts the job and ends it. Paul said that I am what I am by the grace of God. Not I was what I am. He acknowledged grace as ubiquitous, pervasive, present and continuous.

He said the grace he received was not in vain, but he laboured more than the other apostles, but he quickly added, but not me, but the grace. That means he put the grace to work, and that work has yielded you, a fake grace exponent. Do you know that his being able to put the grace to work was still grace? Grace is all encompassing, I tell you. But not junk grace.

Can you see how the grace of God starts it and ends it? But the junk grace exponent focus on how grace starts things, encouraging us to leave grace behind us as if it is an accomplishment. No, it is an accompaniment.


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