Of junk and fake grace (8)

Grace is the divine factor that makes God able to touch man, and with which he touches man. God is so holy that because of sin he CANNOT have anything to do with man. But grace from God through Jesus created another platform for God to relate with man where sin is a non-issue. The law came through Moses, but the law was not enough, Grace and truth came through Jesus who on the cross said it is finished. Grace is defeated if it is reduced to what you can get away with, it is actually about what God can make sinful man become.

We are trophies of God’s grace. That is why the church becomes a display of the manifold wisdom of God to principalities and powers.

It is God saying: see what my grace has turned these people into, I now have many Jesus. And not “see what a joke these people have become, becoming more corrupt than the world, their latter part worse than the former because they bought into junk and fake grace. But they have themselves to blame because they have itchy ears and have heaped for themselves teachers who minister to their lust.”

When grace touches you, when you receive grace, there is an end in view.

Grace incubates your destiny so that it becomes hatched into glory. But the fake and junk grace won’t do that.


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