Of junk and fake grace (11)

Grace is the touch of heaven. And if you think heaven will touch you and you will remain the same, you are joking. Grace is the divine catalyst to speed up the reaction of our lives to becoming like Jesus. What did God sow? His Son. What will be reap? Sons. Not jokers touting some fake grace. Grace was released in the incarnation, humiliation, death and resurrection and ascension of Jesus. From that all that is needed for the emergence of sons was released. If grace falls short of making you a full-blown Jesus, it has really fallen short. In his incarnation he released how we should live, the grace for living (remember that it is called the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ). In his humiliation, death and resurrection, he released victory in every way including victory over sin sickness and poverty, (when he died his very cloth was shared). In his ascension he released grace for service. Again, if you think that the grace of God will touch you and you will remain the same, we should change your name to lol. You much be joking. But the fake grace exponents won’t tell you this? Why? Because they have an agenda or they are deceived or both.


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