How to make a difference with $1/month

Hello. My name is Kayode Crown and I am a Christian author.

I occupy the Office of a Teacher in the body of Christ. That means through me knowledge gets released by God for the benefit of the church of Jesus Christ as a whole.

I have a project I want you to contribute to. It is to make all my present and future books free for all, increasing their reach and impact across the world.

Based on the grace of God, given to me, I have written over 150 books already (check, And I am ready to release two books a month in the foreseeable future.

I have opened a Patreon account @ so that people like you can contribute as low as $1 a month to my project to meet the monthly goal of $1000.

With that, I can make my books free and multiple thousands can read them.

It’s a win-win situation in which my books get to reach millions, more books are written and your monthly contribution makes that possible, so people everywhere in the world get to experience them. Make use of this opportunity to multiply your own spiritual impact. You can click on the button below. God bless you.



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